Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 03


TWINTAILS AS WEAPONS? That’s my equiv­a­lent to a nor­mal guy’s reac­tion to using breasts as a pair of shields. Glorious.

First thing I’m treat­ed to after recov­er­ing from my surgery is this? AWESOME.

The dark powers have failed her

Who knew an eye­patch and Asperg­ers could be so frig­gin’ cute?


Rik­ka and that umbre­al­la… I mean, Schwarz ZX Pro­to­type Mark II.

At least she isn’t coerc­ing peo­ple into join­ing her club like Haruhi. 😛

all my uguu?

Why isn’t the MC in love with this?

The Dakimura collectors are going to have fun with this

The Dakimu­ra col­lec­tors are going to have fun with this.

The nap club is some­thing I could have used in high school. Hell, I could use it in college.

eyepatch thigh highs cheerleader

anime chuuuuuuuuuu

Unlike the whole Kyon/Haruhi/Mikuru thing, where Haruhi would be the obvi­ous choice (per­son­al­ly, but I’m not in Kyon’s shoes so I don’t have the “I’M GONNA DIE” bias), the choice here looks pret­ty difficult.

If I were Yuu­ta, though, Rik­ka would have all my ugu­us. Would­n’t care how hot Nibu­tani is, eye-patch moe is where it’s at.

These twintails are not normal

The most “What the fuck?” scene of the month. You know your twin­tails are crazy when you get tan­gled in them.


How could you say “no” to this face? MC, you are obliv­i­ous as fuck. ):

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