Duel Savior: Berio! (.….……)


The… writ­ing of this route.

Okay… so. I must say, the begin­ning is a bit odd. Espe­cial­ly with how much sex hap­pens almost imme­di­ate­ly. By the by, if sex freaks you out, aban­don ship. Right now. There is quite a bit of it. Way freak­ing ear­li­er than I had ever expect­ed. I think part of this can be attrib­uted to Taiga being a mix of awe­some and quite pos­si­bly the high­est lev­el of lech I have ever seen. Seri­ous­ly, you thought Jun from My Girl­friend is the Pres­i­dent was hard­core? Has got absolute­ly noth­ing on Taiga. Holy hell. Okay. Yeah. Describ­ing what hap­pened. Plot and stuff. Right, right.

Who is Berio? Berio is the stu­dent-pres­i­dent (I LOVE THOSE TYPES NOT REALLY AT ALL!) of the sav­ior-class of the school you got freak­ing port­ed into. She’s got the whole work-hard and all-work-and-no-play thing going for her solid­ly. I want to blame her and not like her for how she treats Taiga at the begin­ning but… I can’t. He’s seri­ous­ly a bas­tard. Almost to the point where I dis­liked him. Almost.  Any­ways, Berio is a nun.. sort-of. She’s devot­ed to god at the least and helps the church a lot, so for the sake of con­sis­ten­cy, we’ll call her the nun.

Do note that I’m try­ing to do route by route here so some things might be con­fus­ing. A lot of the details seem to come from Rico’s route. Any­ways, onto Beri­o’s side of things.

Defile then Pro­file, Taiga’s full-proof method to get YOU the nun you want.

So. Sav­iors. Sav­iors are brought in any world in order to attempt to become the Mes­si­ah. The Mes­si­ah is the hero that will have to save the world of Avatar, as the cycle that appar­ent­ly comes to wipe Avatar from exis­tence every thou­sand years or so, to the point where there city is not actu­al­ly very tech­no­log­i­cal­ly advanced despite being rather smart. Also, every sin­gle Sav­ior and Mes­si­ah for about 20+ gen­er­a­tions has been a female. Taiga is now an excep­tion, which makes the whole school either hate him (Lily) or are inter­est­ed in him (every npc-female and Sel). Now, Taiga has this habit of… well, I can’t say this enough, he’s a lech. And being a lech, the nun dis­ap­proves. This is pret­ty much the same sto­ry until the fight.

Fight, you say?

Yeah, so, appar­ent­ly the rank­ings of the sav­ior class help deter­mine who’s ready to be the Mes­si­ah. So, Berio and Taiga fight. I believe it’s pos­si­ble to lose this and get some­thing extra, but I won. In doing so, she must obey you for the entire day of her defeat. I was actu­al­ly kind of expect­ing Taiga to change char­ac­ter here and say he did­n’t want to force her, but.. well. He kin­da want­ed to. They com­pro­mise a bit… but… they… well. Do I need to say it?


Now, before, you learn about this… well, putting it light­ly odd crea­ture called Black Papil­lon. Said crea­ture wears some sort of BDSM out­fit and goes around steal­ing from every­one and every­thing. Not mon­ey or even things that could sell for a lot though. Things that the peo­ple real­ly like. Valu­ables. Impor­tant items, etc. Why do I bring this up? Well, soon after the whole thing with Berio hap­pens, Black Papil­lon shows up and prompt­ly beats the hell out of you then takes a pic­ture, say­ing how she’s going to spread it pret­ty much every­where, ruin­ing Taiga’s rep­u­ta­tion entire­ly by los­ing to a com­mon thief. This is obvi­ous­ly bad. So, chase chase we go! Before.., you know, noth­ing. She los­es you entire­ly. What to do? WELL, KEEP SEARCHING OF COURSE! Since the doors inside the school close at 6 and the thefts only hap­pen at night, Black Papil­lon must be a mem­ber of the school, which nar­rows things down a bit.

Now, where could her hide­out be? Well, much to the dis­may of Berio, pos­si­bly under­neath the school in some absurd­ly run-down… what­ev­er-the-hell. Berio is appar­ent­ly death­ly afraid of ghosts and this place seems to reek of it. So, what’s a pro­tag­o­nist to do? Well, tell her to man the hell up of course! This leads to Berio get­ting trau­ma­tized by an unknown ghost and wak­ing up… out­side the ruins on the street? How the-… Huh? Why? Either way, what­ev­er. They did­n’t find Black Papil­lon, so. Mov­ing on.

…Well, not real­ly. Remem­ber the unknown ghost? Well, turns out it’s actu­al­ly an unknown zom­bie. A zom­bie that appar­ent­ly fell in love with Taiga at first sight. Which Taiga does­n’t real­ize until… pop. The arm comes off entire­ly. The holy-shit-I-just-pulled-off-this-wom­an’s-arm func­tion of Taiga’s brain imme­di­ate­ly reacts and he runs so fast out of his room it’s insane. You have the option to let this girl chase you around for a real­ly long time before you go to the church, which is actu­al­ly hilarious.

I've angered it.


Now, when you get to the church, Berio is there of course. Zom­bie woman who wants Taiga con­tin­ues to chase the hell out of you all the way there. You prac­ti­cal­ly beg for Berio to help you… I dun­no. Is she real­ly that ter­ri­fy­ing? Any­ways, what­ev­er. Point is, appar­ent­ly the shock of see­ing this zom­bie-girl, the one who scared her to a near-death expe­ri­ence before must have done it again. Why do you say that? Well, let’s just say Berio isn’t exact­ly all there any­more. And by that, I mean not at all. And by that, I mean not even the same per­son. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yes. The damn class pres­i­dent is freak­ing Black Papil­lon the thief.


Appar­ent­ly, Berio had grown up in an extreme­ly rich house before being sum­moned as a Sav­ior can­di­date. How­ev­er, this rich house was­n’t… well, done the right way, appar­ent­ly. Her fam­i­ly mem­bers were some extreme­ly hard­core thieves. They had stolen pret­ty much all their entire prof­it. Entire­ly. Every. Freak­ing. Cent. This was harm­less at first until Beri­o’s broth­er was involved. Beri­o’s broth­er appar­ent­ly did­n’t like just steal­ing, appar­ent­ly he took plea­sure in mur­der. So, her dad would steal, her broth­er would kill them, and they would live in rich­es because of it. After the reveal, Berio ran away before being found by one of the priests from a near­by town, where she decid­ed to live to atone for the sins her broth­er and father had committed.

This is appar­ent­ly why she com­plete­ly lost her mind when you had sex with her. She enjoyed it and that just does­n’t hap­pen when you are sup­posed to atone for it.

So… appar­ent­ly, thiev­ery is some sort of genet­ic trait now. I did­n’t know that, but hey, argu­ing log­ic in the mid­dle of a myth­i­cal world on the brink of destruc­tion by some sort of dark evil seems a bit point­less. Point is, Black Papil­lon is the thief part of her that had passed on. What she steals is pride. That’s why she did what she did to you and why she only steals valu­ables accord­ing to per­son, not accord­ing to wealth. Taiga agrees to not tell any­one, but she has to stop steal­ing. That does­n’t fly with Black Papil­lon. So, they appar­ent­ly have to decide this like how nor­mal peo­ple do.

With swords!

And whips!





Okay, so. I’ll list this just in-case some­thing changes in between arcs. So, the sum­mon­ing cir­cle, the thing that port­ed every­body here, was blown up. By what? Nobody knows, but Rico feels it’s her oblig­a­tion to fix it and send every­one home. Mia com­plains that all she wants to do is be with Taiga, Lily gets super pissed at this and bitch slaps her to the next cen­tu­ry. A lot of chaos hap­pens, most­ly because the “Book of Guid­ance”, the ancient book that tru­ly tells every­body how to become the Mes­si­ah and the secret to it and Ruin is in the base­ment. Of course, we are going to go get it, but we got to get it stylishly.

So, I’m not real­ly sure how to explain this sec­tion. A lot of this is based on Rico’s path and I think it’d be a bit out of place here. For main sto­ry pur­pos­es, basi­cal­ly, the book is the thing that tells every­one how to be the Mes­si­ah. It tells you the secret of Ruin… it tells you every­thing, real­ly. It’s not said but implied who­ev­er reads it is going to become the Mes­si­ah, so nat­u­ral­ly every Sav­ior can­di­date is all over it. How­ev­er, get­ting to the base­ment reveals that the entire place has very near­ly gone to absolute hell with mon­sters every­where. Every­one gets injured and sent back, except for Taiga and Rico, who they meet up with. They make it to the base­ment to, well, find Rico’s insane twin sis­ter who is also screw­ing around with the book! Appar­ent­ly, a thou­sand years ago, the sav­ior can­di­dates had all tried to… well, kill each oth­er, over who want­ed to be the Mes­si­ah. Rico did­n’t want any­one else to suf­fer for this, so she would­n’t let any­one read the book, there­fore, no Mes­si­ah. After a fight with the sis­ter and an insane amount of wtf I won’t explain yet (till Rico’s route, any­way), we get the book!

Around this time is when prover­bial shit begins to hit the prover­bial fan. Ruin is start­ing to get incred­i­bly ball­sy. Mon­ster attacks are fre­quent, the vil­lages are either turn­ing to Ruin’s side or dying, and they even splayed a giant freak­ing holo­gram-thing of them­selves on the sky and called every­one pan­sies. So, the big fight has start­ed. Ruin’s attack is begin­ning. So, hey. No Mes­si­ah, no prob­lem! We got this. So, the team heads out in order to calm the attack and… well. Some­thing bad hap­pens. We meet one of the Big Bads named Shezar. Berio absolute­ly flips out and gets absurd­ly depressed over see­ing Shezar. If you remem­ber what I said ear­li­er, this is prob­a­bly as obvi­ous to you as it was to me, but just in-case, I won’t say anything.

My mask be poppin.

Super-cliche tool says what?

So. Beri­o’s incred­i­bly depressed now, and it’s up to our man-whore Taiga to go save the day. This time with­out the use of his shlong, though. He actu­al­ly just talks to her and tells her about how he’s going to pro­tect her and he’s not doing all this just for Mia. Berio cheers up and kiss­es him, which appar­ent­ly makes our BDSM-friend Papil­lon come pit and say hi. They almost get caught by the super-dick teacher Downy. Haven’t men­tioned him yet. More on him later.

So, any­ways, the Ruin appar­ent­ly pops mon­sters out at an absurd speed. This, as you can imag­ine, is awful for the future lives of our group of heroes. Luck­i­ly at the retreat sign, every­one man­ages to get out alive, but the prin­ci­pal is roy­al­ly pissed. This even­tu­al­ly leads into this game’s ver­sion of Mis­sion Impos­si­ble. Appar­ent­ly there is a gate on the land that is lit­er­al­ly suck­ing the entire world dry, which in turn lets it sum­mon out mon­sters from Ruin end­less­ly until the world looks more like a scene from Fall­out. Taiga, and Taiga only has to some­how burst through the giant army pro­tect­ing the gate, destroy it, then come back and have all the ple­beians bow to him and his awesome.

This does­n’t sit very well with any­one, real­ly. And right­ly so! How­ev­er, Taiga notices how odd Berio has been act­ing late­ly, so he man­ages to get the prin­ci­pal to let her come along with him. They agree, every­one is still slight­ly pissed, but we move on. There’s a nice scene where Berio actu­al­ly comes look­ing for com­fort. I was half expect­ing some more ran­dom and unnec­es­sary sex, but nope. This was actu­al­ly kind of a nice interaction.

Must be her hair.

Yes, Boo‑I mean, Berio. I’m listening.

You know, I must say. Shezar is awful­ly cliché, even for a vil­lan. I’m half expect­ing for him to die while mono­logues after our heroes look like they’re about to die. Any­ways, the mis­sion! On the way to the gate, you hap­pen to find some pris­on­ers. After prompt­ly beat­ing the hell out of them, one of them is your token idiot-best-friend Sel! This does­n’t seem impor­tant, but it is. Why? Well, Shezar shows up again and sends a bunch of mon­sters after you. Appar­ent­ly, a lot of mon­sters. And since Shezar is too busy being cliché as hell to go help the mon­sters fin­ish you off, this ends up fail­ing. Why? Well, Sel shows up. What does Sel do? Well… he… uses… a vision­ary stone to show a video of two les­bians doing ter­ri­ble 18+ things to each-oth­er, which makes the stu­pid mon­sters for­get that they are the sol­diers of all that is destruc­tion and want some sex instead.

The great escape, ladies and gentlemen.

Good thing that con­ve­nience is a thing in this game. I fig­ured that when you run away from the mis­sion you were assigned to do with­out any sense of direc­tion, you’d prob­a­bly end up lost. Not here though. You pop up RIGHT next to the damn sum­mon­ing cir­cle because fuck log­ic, you don’t got­ta explain shit. Time to go butch­er all the mages who are keep­ing the sum­mon­ing cir­cle alive, right? Yeah, see, no. Shezar does his stu­pid cliche thing and sends a mag­i­cal rope to tie up you and Sel. Berio then pro­ceeds to be use­less and get her ass kicked by Shezar, which makes her stu­pid split-per­son­al­i­ty come out. This gets awk­ward, because appar­ent­ly Black Papil­lon real­ly likes her broth­er. She is the thief-ver­sion, after all. After Taiga breaks loose and goes to get him some of Shezar, Shezar retal­i­ates by stab­bing Sel.

Okay, I actu­al­ly give a shit now.

Okay. I won’t lie. I did­n’t real­ly care all that much about this dra­ma with Berio and Shezar until this. Now I care. Sel was awe­some. This pissed me off. I now want to shove Shezar’s stu­pid mask some­where between his throat and his blad­der. I feel like I should have cared about Berio and how much she suf­fered, but… well, I did­n’t. Now I do. So, now with a rea­son to beat the liv­ing hell out of this goon, we con­tin­ue forth. Well, sort of. We have to go play explo­sion with the mag­ic cir­cle there.  That goes much smoother then you’d think. Some absurd­ly dra­mat­ic run­ning ensues, since appar­ent­ly Ruin does­n’t like it when you blow up their shit. Of course, we can’t die yet. There’s like two more chap­ters or some­thing. So, we escape!

Aaaaaafter nar­row­ly dodg­ing a giant Kame­hame­ha by Ruin.

Giant Kame­hame­ha? Well, yeah, appar­ent­ly Ruin has some­thing called the “Fuck You” but­ton.  Said “Fuck You” but­ton appar­ent­ly launched said wave of death at us. It’s okay though, because we have a big “Fuck You” but­ton too! Appar­ent­ly, it’s right under­neath the school for… dis­turbing­ly unex­plained rea­sons. Any­ways, every­one goes to sleep and gets ready to fire the beam and appar­ent­ly end the war (SOMEHOW WITHOUT THE FUCKING MESSIAH) with Berio telling Taiga that she’ll be up lat­er for more com­plete­ly unnec­es­sary sex. Instead, Mia comes up to his room. This leads to an awk­ward con­ver­sa­tion (Mia is still shook up from Sel’s death) because Taiga decides for the sake of plot-sell­ing to ask her how it’d be if she had a broth­er that went apeshit and real­ly loved killing peo­ple. That ends, we go to sleep… but not before we see our res­i­dent douchebag teacher Downey come up, who appar­ent­ly knows about Black Papillon.

Next morn­ing, appar­ent­ly Black Papil­lon kid­napped Princess Cera. This is hor­ri­ble. Why? Appar­ent­ly she’s the cat­a­lyst that is nec­es­sary to start the “Fuck You” but­ton.  Off we go! Noth­ing real­ly hap­pens besides some fight­ing until we get to the weapon. We see Cera com­plete­ly tied up/merging with the weapon. Before she gets to fire her laser, Shezar appears! Papil­lon makes a huge bar­ri­er around every­body and then Shezar knocks him the fuck out. And does­n’t do any­thing. Every­one wakes up tied up. That’s it. Shezar real­ly is as cliche as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, no. We got­ta go deep­er. Shezar has to up the cheesi­ness by about twen­ty. The big sin that Berio has been hid­ing? The one that made her split off into twin per­son­al­i­ties? Appar­ent­ly… they had sex. Like every­thing else in this route, it’s fair­ly stu­pid. Basi­cal­ly, Shezar got found out, and found his way over to the church Berio had been hid­ing at. Berio, instead of turn­ing him in, hid Shezar away in the church. And then they did it. Boy did they ever. And… Shezar then did the fash­ion­able thing of killing every­one in the church before leav­ing. Some melo­dra­ma and redemp­tion speech­es lat­er, we final­ly get into the final boss fight with Shezar, who turns out to be a total bitch as far as game­play goes.

Oh no, says I! The weapons about to go kaboom! This means that every­thing with­in a../ well, real­ly big radius, is going to get sucked dry in order to fire the damn thing. And stu­pid Shezar had to lock the door with a mag­i­cal trap. Berio decides that twen­ty hours of bitch­ing about redemp­tion isn’t enough, so in one more stu­pid act of it, she goes and intends to sac­ri­fice her­self. She almost fails before Taiga bails her out of the whole thing.


So, good guys win! (ONCE AGAIN, WITHOUT THE MESSIAH, SOMEHOW) and the war is over. Downey’s betray­al is com­plete­ly out­ed, turns out he ran out, and every­one’s alive! For some rea­son though, the prin­ci­ple wants to send every­one back. So, yep. After the sum­mon­ing cir­cle is repaired, they go ahead and grab Taiga, Mia and Berio while they are asleep and toss them in the cir­cle and throw them away. Even though I’m pret­ty sure a few chap­ters ago they were talk­ing about how they could­n’t do this exact damn thing because they had no idea where they would end up, fuck you, it’s the end­ing, they appar­ent­ly do what they feel like.

Back at home now, we get a repeat of what opened the whole game. Kids steal­ing books, Mia and Taiga on part-time work try­ing to scrape through, until.,. Beri­o’s here! Appar­ent­ly she prayed her way into Taiga’s world. I don’t even know any­more. Here’s a freak­ing CG of the ending.

Taiga got some weird ass shoulders.


It was a total freak­ing mess. I think it would have been about a hun­dred times bet­ter with­out the incred­i­ble amounts of unnec­es­sary sex between the two. I end­ed up think­ing I was play­ing a nukige through her route. I under­stand that Taiga is a seri­ous lech and she’s seri­ous­ly vul­ner­a­ble, but holy hell, not every­thing needs to be solved by his damn dick. Hon­est­ly, if it was­n’t for the fact that I was actu­al­ly pret­ty inter­est­ed in the main sto­ry as a whole, I don’t know how I would have made it through this. Ugh.

Speak­ing of the main sto­ry, that got rammed out, did­n’t it? The oth­er two lords of Ruin van­ished and instead of the leg­endary Mes­si­ah that’s been in lit­er­al­ly every sin­gle war for thou­sands of years, we instead decide to say fuck you and fire a giant laser? And sup­pos­ed­ly that ends the whole war? No Mes­si­ah? Rico’s insane half-sis­ter part, which was one of the most inter­est­ing parts, just ends up mean­ing noth­ing? Really?

Also, what the hell? I under­stand redemp­tion. I do. I swear though, every oth­er scene was filled with Taiga cheer­ing her up about it ever since Papil­lon showed up. And then it dropped down to every scene when Shezar showed up. That can’t be the only point.

Pret­ty much: Too much sex, plot end­ed up branch­ing into bat­tle of fuck-you-and-your-leg­end weapons, and boy it got irri­tat­ing on the ears. Did­n’t like it. Hope Kaede and the rest of the girls gimme a bet­ter show, cause man, that was dreadful.

7 thoughts on “Duel Savior: Berio! (.….……)

  1. You men­tioned that it was hard on the ears and there was too much sex?
    That’s because you’re play­ing it on Jus­tice. Jus­tice has dif­fer­ent* voice act­ing and the sex scenes are removed. Play through on Destiny.
    *vast­ly superior

  2. And yeah. Beri­o’s route sucks. Just slog through them until you get to Lil­ly’s. Kaede’s route is kin­da nice though. Main­ly because I have a soft spot for puppies.

    1. I actu­al­ly am play­ing on Jus­tice because I heard that Des­tiny’s voice act­ing was hor­rid. I’ll prob­a­bly try it though to see, espe­cial­ly since theres appar­ent­ly 1 more route besides Harem in there.

  3. well,the full sto­ry actu­al­ly gets explained along all 7 routes,with harem being the most awe­some. Beri­o’s route was the first and the worse.

  4. Thanks for reviewed about her. I’m play­ing in her route until ch 6. When I want to play again… I LOST MY SAVE DATA ABOUT HER.… ( `д´) ケッ!
    Any­way, your review is so nice (^o^)/. Please review Da Capo 3 (ノ´∀`*) ホホホホホホ。

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