Wahfuu Rant: The Nukige Effect

How’s it feel know­ing that peo­ple look at this and Bible Black as the same thing?


Oh boy, have I want­ed to do this one.

I’m prob­a­bly going to offend some­one here, and if I do, I at least slight­ly apol­o­gize. I just can’t much take this any­more. I real­ly get more and more annoyed every time this seem­ing­ly stu­pid sub­ject comes up when­ev­er the top­ic of VNs comes up. It’s dri­ven me to the point of mad­ness here, and this is at least a slight release for some­thing I’ve want­ed to say for awhile.

Nukige. What is it? Well, it’s fap mate­r­i­al. Still-framed hen­tai. CGs with voice-act­ing. What­ev­er you want to call it, it’s VNs that you fap to fero­cious­ly until poor lit­tle jim­my can’t stand up right with­out some sort of aid from a cast or your equal­ly-as-bro­ken fin­gers. Every­one knows what this is. It’s the thing that every­one thinks of if you try to rec­om­mend them a VN if they haven’t played one before. It’s frus­trat­ing some­times, but hey, it comes with the ter­ri­to­ry. It does­n’t go away, either. As nukige is trans­lat­ed more and more, we get peo­ple think­ing that we all love ten­ta­cles and oth­er weird… well, weird­ness. Seriously.

I can’t exact­ly go around telling peo­ple what they should­n’t fap to, or what they can’t fap to, or what­ev­er of the sort. That’s sil­ly. And igno­rant, and bla­tant­ly dis­re­gard­ing one’s need to fap. I can’t be so cru­el, can I?

The tune, how­ev­er, is get­ting pret­ty damn old.

I’m get­ting pret­ty tired of being com­pared to the same peo­ple who read Vio­lent Semen Infer­no and Suck My Dick Or Die. Why? Because I only read that crap to laugh at it nowa­days. Note, I say read. That is typ­i­cal­ly what you should do with a VN: Read it. And it’s the same tune every time. 99% of the time, the H‑scenes just come in damn fre­quent­ly — and are not qual­i­ty. An H‑Scene in a nukige is fre­quent­ly worse then any H‑scene you will find in most sto­ry-dri­ven games, just a hell of a lot more in num­ber with a ton more weird fetish­es cater­ing to cer­tain peo­ple, who like extra slime or rape on top of their fap-mate­r­i­al. Once again, not judg­ing, just describing.

And I’m get­ting pret­ty pissed with the amount of defend­ers it has. Most specif­i­cal­ly, accord­ing to a lead offend­er and my focus of my ire, Man­gaGamer, and their recent attempt to shove every sin­gle sex game on the mar­ket into the throats of any will­ing passer­by. Why? Well, accord­ing to the defend­ers, it’s because sex sells. Lit­er­al­ly. Man­gaGamer appar­ent­ly gets — not good, not great — but decent sells from its nukige that it releas­es, where­as sto­ry games are… hit or miss. See, I don’t like this. Why? Because it implies that some nukige are actu­al­ly on the same plat­form as some sto­ry games. You want to tell me one nukige that even comes with­in the same *galaxy* as some of the god-tier VNs like Muv-Luv Alter­na­tive, Clan­nad, Lit­tle Busters! or G‑Senjou no Maou?

Nukige will always be a part of VNs. Just like porn is to movies and hen­tai is to Ani­me. Peo­ple like vari­ety and are will­ing to pay for it, and as such, more will keep flow­ing out. That is fine, and of course will hap­pen. But it should­n’t be a pre­dom­i­nant focus. Ever. It should nev­er over­cloud the orig­i­nal sub­ject mat­ter, but it has. So much so that you can actu­al­ly see peo­ple not will­ing to read Lit­tle Busters! because it has no H‑scenes. WHY?! I did­n’t exact­ly think Ter­mi­na­tor was bad because Arnold did­n’t decide to shove his throb­bing met­al gen­i­tals into Sarah Con­ners’ await­ing mouth-pussy, so why the hell do VNs have to enjoy this ban­quet of stu­pid stereotyping?

Fuko in an odd moment of aggres­sion and dominance.

Do note, this does­n’t include Illu­sion’s 3D games and the like. Sex­u­al pro­duc­tion val­ue is a dif­fer­ent bag all togeth­er which char­ac­ters and sto­ry are frames, not sec­ond-banana to rapid-sex scenes.

I can’t exact­ly go out and expect offi­cial com­pa­nies to get deals with Key. The rights to VNs are hon­est­ly hard to get and a very time con­sum­ing process. And I under­stand that, but I hate the excuse of sto­ry games being hit or miss and that barf­ing up some­times well-drawn and most of the time bad­ly-writ­ten is a great way to get VNs pop­u­lar in the west.

Oh, no. They did do a good VN. Ef. That was great, besides the fact that it was fuck­ing trans­lat­ed already.

Dear Man­gaGamer,

I like you guys. I real­ly do. I under­stand the pain and annoy­ance you must go through on a day-to-day basis try­ing to get deals and great VNs, and I don’t blame you for want­i­ng to make a quick buck. How­ev­er, the more point­less nukige you throw at the com­mu­ni­ty, the more the stereo­type is rein­forced, the more times we have to be called weird by peo­ple who haven’t read the good stuff, and the more faith we lose in a great prod­uct ever being licensed. You guys have good titles, yet no amaz­ing ones. Da Capo 2, which is good, feels incom­plete and some­times unsat­is­fy­ing with­out the mil­lions of sequel/­side-plot­s/­ex­pan­sions that come with it, and Koi­hime Musou is a sim­ple shad­ow of the much greater Shin Koi­hime Musou that every­one hopes you will translate.

Until you guys get a great VN that every­one loves and reads, nobody will ever take Man­gaGamer as a seri­ous trans­la­tion com­pa­ny that we can rely on. You see, the VN com­mu­ni­ty is an arguable bunch, but we are pret­ty close-knit, and the demand for VNs that don’t revolve around how many women you can screw with­in the hour only seems to get high­er and high­er. Fan-groups break up eas­i­ly and projects are dropped some­times week­ly, it’s hard to trans­late all the stuff every­one wants to read in a time­ly fash­ion. The mar­ket for seri­ous VNs and awe­some epics that leave every­one cry­ing bitch-tears and man­ly-tears alike is there. It real­ly is, but you seem con­tent on ignor­ing them in favor of what? This?

Nukige games come with­out offi­cial licens­es. But amaz­ing sto­ries cement lega­cies. Think if Man­gaGamer had the stamp on some­thing like Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shou­jo, or the upcom­ing Rewrite? I want Man­gaGamer to step to the plat­form and stran­gle the offi­cial VN mar­ket­ing and trans­lat­ing, and as much as I rip on you guys, you are all we have. Look at the mess Saya no Uta has become over at JAST.

No com­pa­ny should be play­ing sec­ond-fid­dle to the fans of the product.

(Note: I am not bash­ing on nukige, and I am not say­ing that qual­i­ty-nukige for every­one’s fap­ping need does­n’t exist. I’m most­ly say­ing that it’s frus­trat­ing get­ting bom­bard­ed with this cheap, mediocre stuff from offi­cial com­pa­nies that enforces a stereo­type, while the fans give us all the epics.)

9 thoughts on “Wahfuu Rant: The Nukige Effect

  1. Wow. Your arti­cle real­ly comes close to how I feel and dras­ti­cal­ly short­ens how long this com­ment could have been but I am a per­son of many words so there is still more.

    In my hum­ble opin­ion, nukiges are some­thing that are there for a good time and are quick­ly for­got­ten soon after. The nov­els that real­ly stuck with me the most though are the ones that focus on the sto­ry and have as few H‑scenes as pos­si­ble. Nov­els like Clan­nad, Ever 17, Steins Gate, and Nev­er 7 to name 4 are amaz­ing titles and it is annoy­ing that I can­not men­tion them with­out some­one think­ing about tentacles. 

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Visu­al Nov­els, as well as video games, suf­fer from being devel­oped by com­pa­nies that are look­ing to make a prof­it, which they have a right to do, and the fact is that sex sells con­sis­tent­ly. For a com­pa­ny that can take years to pro­duce one nov­el it is very dif­fi­cult to jus­ti­fy mak­ing some­thing that is fresh and new but could poten­tial­ly not sell and lead to them going out of busi­ness. As a result, com­pa­nies will always tend to drift more towards sex and oth­er tried and true meth­ods of mak­ing mon­ey instead of tak­ing a risk and doing some­thing real­ly amaz­ing because medi­oc­rity is the “safer” thing to do.

    If Visu­al Nov­els are ever going to pull out of the hole they are in now I per­son­al­ly think that it will be from non-prof­it sources. Katawa Shou­jo, which is the only exam­ple I can think of right now since I fin­ished it 2 weeks ago, was a real­ly good Visu­al Nov­el and even though a lot of the clas­si­cal arche­types were present in the sto­ry it turned out to be sur­pris­ing­ly enjoy­able. I won’t go into fur­ther detail, since this com­ment is long enough, but if a few more nov­els like this appear on the radar prof­it based com­pa­nies are going to be forced to see that there is so much more out there they could be doing and it is only a mat­ter of whether they are will­ing to do them.

    1. I find it amus­ing how much of our VN-Con­tent comes from fan-trans­la­tions and fan-groups, despite how often they break up and the projects are dropped. Like Amat­era­suT­L’s, who looks to be fin­ish­ing Rewrite before the end of the year. We don’t get that though. We get Slave Witch and Harem Par­ty, because fuck qual­i­ty, get money.

      Man­gaGamer, JAST, there all turn­ing into jokes now. Sub­ject of mock­ery among peo­ple who read VN’s as a form of media. And it’s kind of depress­ing that a com­pa­ny just wants to be a medicore com­pa­ny rather then a suc­cess­ful one. Guess It’s not right to hope for alot right now, though. The demand for VN’s isn’t as high as it is for the oth­er media forms (a lot due to the sheer unknown of it) and as such there’s only so much con­tent you can put into it.

      Real­ly wish the rare con­tent we got was­n’t ass though.

  2. This was a pret­ty good arti­cle in my opin­ion. Do you mind if I post this on the forum that I am on. We were hav­ing a dis­cus­sion relat­ed to this top­ic and I was hop­ing I could use you as a source.

    1. @someguywithaname: Own­er of the blog here. I’m sure Wah­fuu would­n’t mind you using his post as a source, espe­cial­ly since his rant is meant to shoot down mis­con­cep­tions about visu­al nov­els. Spread­ing it around in any way is most appreciated. 😀

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