Duel Savior: Kaede (Puppies are adorable!)


Qui­et, Calm, Dead­ly. The Nin­ja, Kaede.

The dark types are such fun some­times. The evil looks in their eyes, the dark sto­ic dead­pan in their voice, the ungod­ly fear that she might just kill you before you man­age to break through the evil fog of emo­tions. All this goes into a rather intense emo­tion­al expe­ri­ence as you work stone by stone, piece by piece and tear by painful tear to get to her heart, leav­ing you with a lot of sat­is­fac­tion and man­ly( or wom­an­ly) tears at the end when you final­ly see that smile you’ve been yearn­ing for.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about some­one com­plete­ly different!


I total­ly lied.

Kaede, every­one! Nin­ja not-so-extra­or­di­naire, loy­al pupil of Taiga with the most absurd­ly high pho­bias of blood ever seen. It’s played for laughs ear­ly, espe­cial­ly when you first meet her. She’s all sto­ic, dark, and pret­ty evil until you actu­al­ly see she’s a lev­el 90 on the wuss meter when it comes to blood. Even a dead rat freaks her out, as seen above. This, of course, has an incred­i­bly dark and super-seri­ous back-plot regard­ing it, because if it just… well, was there, it’d be super bor­ing. Want to know it? Of course you do. That’s why you’re here, after all.

Her father got killed in the most grue­some fash­ion pos­si­ble when she was a kid, dying her whole body red when she showed up just in time to see the mur­der take place. Appar­ent­ly her mom was raped too, so that was a thing. That’s why she want­ed to be a sav­ior can­di­date. Her father’s killer appar­ent­ly just… well, used tele­port. The only thing she can think of, as most log­i­cal peo­ple would assume, is that the mur­der­er went… between… dimen­sions! So, she seeks revenge. Leads me to won­der how exact­ly you plan to kill some­body if you pass out as soon as you see blood, but, you know. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, Kaede as a char­ac­ter is at the very least pret­ty amus­ing and pret­ty con­sis­tent, too. I do wish I could grab onto more then just her obsessed revenge with Mudou and her fear of blood, which in turn is because of Mudou, but I digress. I don’t real­ly want to write any­thing bad about Kaede. Maybe it’s because I have a fond­ness for pup­pies! Ugh. I can’t be wai­fu­ing. I must remain unbi­ased, damnit!


Blush­ing makes every­thing better.

The Romance!

So! The romance of this route did­n’t feel forced, but maybe it’s because every time I think of a com­par­i­son I keep remem­ber­ing try­ing to fuck the sense into Beri­o’s twist­ed oth­er per­son­al­i­ty. Either way, I enjoyed it. The fluffy roman­tic bits were pret­ty nice and I could­n’t help but at least think a few times that she would make a pret­ty rock­ing wife. Although, Taiga’s lech­er­ous ten­den­cies did make an appearence a few times. I’m start­ing to get used to it, but it does make me won­der how exact­ly the Des­tiny por­tion of Duel Sav­ior plays out with­out all this. I can’t say it’s bad or good for the sto­ry, but it does make Taiga seem a lit­tle unlike­able at times. How­ev­er, it’s not near­ly as bad in here. Kaede seems to be… almost eager for it. Welp.

It goes into a bit more depth than just boyfriend/girlfriend here, too. At first it’s stu­den­t/teacher-ish, but… hm. I’m not exact­ly sure how to put it, but basi­cal­ly, Kaede starts call­ing him “my lord.” Where she’s from, this is appar­ent­ly more than just a big deal, as they will only ever serve one in their entire life. I don’t want to say it’s like lord/servant, despite how it may seem, but appar­ent­ly it’s implied it could be like that, just not in the case of Taiga and Kaede. It gives the romance a bit more depth than sim­ply “I like you and you like me” sort of stuff.

It prob­a­bly could be off-putting for some peo­ple, though. At first you could hon­est­ly make the argu­ment Taiga is just abus­ing Kaede’s pup­py-like loy­al­ty to him, but when it goes into her route it actu­al­ly takes off from that, at least. Any­ways, I enjoyed the romance between the two, espe­cial­ly after the hor­ror that was Beri­o’s route.

The true def­i­n­i­tion of Rape Face.

The Vil­lain!

I’m not sure what to say about Mudou. He’s far more of a believ­able vil­lain than Shezar was, that’s for sure. In the scene where Sel dies, he actu­al­ly uses an art to con­trol Sel into fight­ing Taiga, mak­ing the choice between run­ning away and leav­ing him in the hands of Mudou to endure what­ev­er the hell knows, or killing him as per his wish. It was far more evil then Shezars sim­ple stab, but I can’t say it did­n’t feel just as gener­ic when it hap­pened. I don’t think it is quite as gener­ic, but I don’t think any­one would­n’t think it was some sort of dia­bol­i­cal scheme out of the ordinary.

If Mudou is any­thing, he’s vul­gar, that’s for damn sure. The things he talks about con­sist of rape, then death, fol­lowed by more rape, fol­lowed by anal rape, and then final­ly for some­thing new and excit­ing, death. I swear I could start guess­ing what Mudou was about to say next before he actu­al­ly said it.  I can’t say I cared much for it, and it did­n’t real­ly sell me any more on him being this real­ly bru­tal bad­die either. After the tenth time, it starts get­ting a bit drea­ry. I don’t mean to make a mock­ery of the sever­i­ty of rape, mind you, but I think the peo­ple who wrote Mudou are wav­ing around the ‘HE RAPES PEOPLE’ thing as a huge stick that I’m sup­posed to want to fetch.

I need to stop with the dog references.

Any­way, I did­n’t real­ly believe Mudou was any­thing but a giant evil bas­tard, which may have been what they were going for, but it all seems to run a bit thin with­out any sort of clear moti­va­tion besides being a real­ly big dick. Appar­ent­ly, he was look­ing for the Hiira­gi ancient pow­er that Kaede had writ­ten on her back, which is about as much depth as you get from this guy, which led to the whole killing (and rap­ing, can’t for­get that.) of Kaede’s whole fam­i­ly. I don’t know. He does his job as a real­ly big twat that you want to punch in the face because he sounds and looks so stu­pid and he clear­ly has done some hor­ri­ble shit to our green haired girl­friend and her fam­i­ly, but I wish he had done some­thing besides just scream about how fan­tas­tic his dick was. He just felt a bit incom­plete, is all.

Now, mov­ing on!

Tru­ly the worst time for an awk­ward erection

The Sto­ry!

ONCE AGAIN, EVERYONE! The giant war of ruin is solved, again, by the biggest “fuck you” but­ton ever con­ceived in fiction.

To high­light most of the dif­fer­ences between this and Beri­o’s route… well, there isn’t many, besides the girl and the vil­lain. Mudou even pulls the same “Oh-my-god-there’s-a-seal-on-the-door” shock-val­ue move that Shezar did at the end of Beri­o’s route. One big change that I liked was that Kaede’s pro­tec­tion from the whole life-drain­ing canon of fuck-you turns out to be the art that we had heard so much about dur­ing bits and pieces of Kaede’s route.

At the end, Mudou reveals that sim­ply killing Kaede’s whole fam­i­ly (and rap­ing!) was­n’t enough to fill his ass­hole quo­ta of the day, so he used his mind con­trol art on her, expect­ing her to come and find him after she had “filled out” so he could, you guessed it, rape her lat­er! Kaede beats the holy shit out of every­body under this art except Taiga, who sees that Kaede had some­how turned her sword on her­self despite being con­trolled by Mudou. Remem­ber­ing Sel, he jumped in front of it, get­ting stabbed through the side, which makes Kaede get a nice view of all­l­ll that blood. How­ev­er, there was no pan­ic attack. Kaede instead… well, starts… lick­ing it and wip­ing it on her face like some sort of ser­i­al killer.

I prob­a­bly should men­tion that Taiga also licked her fin­ger which had blood on it, mak­ing it more of a blood-oath to each oth­er, but I don’t know if that would make it any less weird.

From what I gath­ered, the art to pro­tect one’s lord, Lucent Sanc­tu­ary, has been passed down for a real­ly long time. You man­aged to see the Tatoo which supp­pos­ed­ly explains the detail behind the art on Kaede’s back after you have sex (sur­prise!) for the first time. As I said before, this is sup­pos­ed­ly what Mudou was after when he came down and chopped his way through Kaede’s fam­i­ly. So, what bet­ter time to use this, aye?

This gets pret­ty damn dicey for a sec­ond, with every­one attempt­ing to help Taiga and Kaede hold off the blast by giv­ing them their ener­gy but only to fail, as the ener­gy that it’s absorb­ing is appar­ent­ly the spir­it. Except for Taiga, who is appar­ent­ly such a fuck­ing B.A.M.F that he does­n’t care about the nat­ur­al order of things. Every­one is saved… sort of. The blast seemed to have removed almost all of her thoughts and ener­gy, leav­ing her fair­ly drained and pret­ty much a com­plete shell of a per­son. Now, I won’t lie to you guys, I did kind of shit myself here for a sec­ond, think­ing I was about to get a pret­ty sad and unsat­is­fy­ing as fuck end­ing, but fear not, every­one! After attempt­ing to send every­one back to their home world, which does­n’t go as planned at all, Kaede seems to have recov­ered, and we get some hap­pi­ness and implied con­grat­u­la­to­ry bang­ing between the two!

No rape in this end­ing, yay!

Final thoughts!

Hon­est­ly? I’m not sure. My bias for how much bet­ter Kaede was than Berio might be cloud­ing my judg­ment here. The sto­ry was still a bit sil­ly, with the whole Mes­si­ah thing being tossed out the win­dow in favor of a giant laser like the last time, with the same cri­sis near the end as Beri­o’s route. As I said before though, Kaede’s char­ac­ter is far more enjoy­able on almost every spec­trum. And Taiga’s crown­ing moments of awe­some were actu­al­ly far more sat­is­fy­ing this time around. Maybe it’s because I actu­al­ly believed he want­ed to pro­tect every­one rather then just make Berio feel okay about incest, but I’m not sure.

Mudou was forced at an absurd­ly high lev­el, but he was still a bet­ter vil­lain than Shezar was. I’m not sure if it was the writ­ing or if Mudou’s con­stant talk about his long shlong of the law actu­al­ly had irri­tat­ed me to the point of dis­lik­ing him. I don’t know if me say­ing that he’s bet­ter than Shezar even proves any­thing. That guy was awful. I guess what I’m try­ing to get at is if I did­n’t enjoy the Kaede fluff and char­ac­ter as much as I did, I prob­a­bly would­n’t have liked it any more than Beri­o’s route.

I heard Rico’s route is a huge bon­erkiller, though. I am part­ly scared and part­ly real­ly curi­ous, as I feel Rico’s part will be a huge expla­na­tion on a lot of the sto­ry I’m miss­ing out on. I hope I’m right, anyways.

Maybe Mudou rapes her.

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  1. FYI, Rico’s route is very short and almost just a sub­set of Nanashi’s. Their routes fol­low a dif­fer­ent flow of events than Berio/Kaede’s though, and like­wise, Lily/Mia fol­low a dif­fer­ent flow from the others.

    1. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been real­ly curi­ous on Nanashi’s route though, so if any­thing it helps.

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