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Depressed Rikka makes for a depressed anime blogger

Today’s episode of Chuu2Koi was a real­ly good one. On an emo­tion­al lev­el, I thought they did a real­ly good job on it.

I still find it high­ly amus­ing that I start­ed watch­ing this show because I fig­ured it would give me a good chuck­le, and now here I am, con­nect­ing to it on a deep­er lev­el. I’m not so sure I would give it an award if I were in a posi­tion to give one, but I will say that this show has proven to be very pow­er­ful in terms of char­ac­ters. I find the char­ac­ters extreme­ly lik­able and mem­o­rable, and at the very least I’d give it an award in that regard.

Rikka is cute whether chuuni or non-chuuni

Non-Chu­u­niby­ou Rik­ka still a man­ages to be extreme­ly cute

In con­trast to how the rest of the episode played out, the begin­ning bits of the episode man­aged to have the stan­dard Chuu2koi “HNNNNG”-level scenes.

It’s nice to know that it was­n’t her delu­sion­al syn­drome that made Rik­ka cute — she just is. See­ing her strug­gle try­ing to be a “nor­mal” high school girl was extreme­ly adorable and once again rein­forces my stance that she’s one of the most endear­ing ani­me char­ac­ters this sea­son, aside from the Lit­tle Busters! cast. She’s def­i­nite­ly become one of my favorites and left a mem­o­rable impres­sion on me.

Dat coloring

Also, the ani­ma­tion in this episode seemed to stand out a lot for me com­pared to the rest of the series. Who­ev­er was in charge of the light­ing effects deserve pat on the back, it looks extreme­ly well done.

I lol'd a bit

Oh god, this made me laugh so hard.

Dat Dekomori face

As expect­ed, Dekom­nori is the one that rejects Rikka’s “jour­ney to the land of the nor­mals” the most.

And under­stand­ably so, see­ing as Rikka’s her best friend and all. If your best friend sud­den­ly start­ed chang­ing on their own accord just to please oth­er peo­ple, and the dan­ger of drift­ing apart becomes a high pos­si­bil­i­ty, would­n’t you do what­ev­er it takes to stop them from doing so in the first place?

Yeah. That's dangerous.

Um, yeah, if you don’t get hit by an incom­ing vehi­cle, you’ll most like­ly die from the impact alone, bal­anc­ing on the ledges of these bridges…

I Have Many Friends! Take that Kodaka!

I Have Many Friends! Take that Kodaka!”

Rik­ka escap­ing the Chu­u­niby­ou realm cer­tain­ly had a few pos­i­tive aspects to it. To name a few, it allowed her to take the first step in mak­ing friends, allowed Tou­ka to prop­er­ly relo­cate her­self for work, and she is able to some­what rec­on­cile with her moth­er and is able to talk to her now.

We’ll get onto the neg­a­tives later.

Time to take on a motherly role...

Obvi­ous­ly, Shin­ka can see the neg­a­tives in this despite hat­ing Chu­u­niby­ou, Rikka’s sim­ply chang­ing too fast and it’s com­ing off as forced (because it is!).

Under­stand this, Rik­ka has been liv­ing with the Chu­u­niby­ou syn­drome from a very young age, ever since her father died. It pret­ty much grew on her, she gen­uine­ly seemed to enjoy it, and it became a part of her. Try­ing to change your­self out of the bllue so sud­den­ly and con­stant­ly try­ing to be some­thing you’re not is quite unhealthy.

Your chuuni is showing!

…It’s pret­ty evi­dent here. Heh.

Also note that Rkka is in no way embar­rassed by her “past” Chu­u­niby­ou inter­ests like Yuu­ta and Nibu­tani were shown. I think at this point, she’s not real­ly cur­ing it at all — she’s just repress­ing it in the most unhealthy way possible.

Aw, daaw

Well, this is a change of pace!

Nibu­tani hug­ging Deko­mori when she was hav­ing a fit over Rik­ka dis­band­ing the club was such a sweet scene. Despite her irir­tat­able atti­tude, I like how the ani­me shows her car­ing side dur­ing these past few episodes. She’s real­ly tak­en a big sis­ter role to the club and it real­ly shows here.

Also, proof for me that Shin­ka is total­ly tsun­dere for Dekomori.

Yuta has some chuuni left in him

This is where it real­ly gets appar­ent to me that Rik­ka is try­ing way too hard to force her­self to become “nor­mal.” Yuu­ta, despite claim­ing to have left his chu­u­niby­ou self behind, he still shows pass­ing inter­est in things that are fan­ta­sy-like. That, in itself, is nor­mal, and also applies to real life.

This is where “nor­mal” Rik­ka stops being cute and becomes an extreme­ly depress­ing sight. She stops her­self from being inter­est­ed in any­thing and in return, comes off a liv­ing corpse for the lat­er half of the episode.

IT’S NOT HEALTHY. And it’s very clear that Yuu­ta has been notic­ing this and is clear­ly both­ered by it. But he still push­es Rik­ka for­ward to become “nor­mal” because he’s afraid he’s going to come off as irre­spon­si­ble and hurt Rik­ka by not allow­ing her to final­ly accept the real­i­ty of her father’s death. He has good inten­tions, but the poor boy obvi­ous­ly can’t find a bet­ter solu­tion oth­er than forc­ing change on the girl he loves. To be hon­est, I don’t hate him for it, and I’d hate to be in his shoes.


Is Yuu­ta in the right or wrong? In all seri­ous­ness, I’m not entire­ly sure myself. On one hand, forc­ing change on her will dam­age not only their rela­tion­ship (he fell in love with the Rik­ka who was “real”, not the Rik­ka who is a depress­ing attempt at being “nor­mal”) but also Rik­ka as a per­son. On the oth­er hand, let­ting her run wild with her delu­sions and cling­ing onto the child­ish hope that once she opens the “Ethe­re­al Hori­zons” and some­how see her father again is just a cow­ard­ly way of help­ing her run away from her prob­lems and is just as unhealthy.

I hon­est­ly think that the route of the prob­lem is Rik­ka not ful­ly com­ing to terms with her father’s death. The Chu­u­niby­ou prob­lem can be solved lat­er, because forc­ing it to dis­ap­pear will not auto­mat­i­cal­ly fix that oth­er prob­lem. Her fun delu­sion­al antics were part­ly there to “deal” with her fathers death, but whose to say that the rest of her Chu­u­niby­ou demeanor was­n’t gen­uine­ly enjoy­able to her?

I’m look­ing for­ward to the final episode and see­ing what path this cou­ple are able take in order to solve this predica­ment and grow.

You can tell he's under extreme stress

No! Don't be deathly sad! Be deathly happy!

I can under­stand how Yuu­ta just snapped and yelled at Deko­mori, denounc­ing her delu­sions and pre­sent­ing her facts from real­i­ty. But at the same time, I think it was extreme­ly harsh con­sid­er­ing how young she is and the dis­tress she must be feel­ing for her best friend. He regret­ted it and made it clear that it was­n’t what he want­ed to say. Felt extreme­ly sor­ry for Deko­mori, but I still don’t hate Yuu­ta for it. I feel sor­ry for all three of them.

God dammit feels!

If only I can read anime lips

I won­der what she’s saying…

I guess the rea­son that the end of episode 10 and this episode resound­ed with my emo­tions so well was because I can relate to their top­ic of iden­ti­ty. I always felt that if some­one ever loved me or want­ed to be my friend, they’d care about the per­son­al­i­ty and spir­it that makes me who I am and not what they expect me to be, forc­ing me to conform.

And Yuu­ta clear­ly liked Rik­ka even in her Chu­u­niby­ou state and was quite vis­i­bly both­ered by her zom­bie-like demeanor while try­ing to act nor­mal… and that’s why I can’t hate on him or bash on him like oth­er peo­ple are doing. I real­ly do think he real­izes this but is con­fused on what path is best for his girl­friend, think­ing the “real­is­tic’ option is the best. It’s not like he’s doing it because hes an ass. Not hav­ing read the nov­el, I hope that the final will bring a hap­py res­o­lu­tion to this, rather than a cliffhanger. 

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