12 Days of Anime, Day 1: The Return of a Ronin

Sakura wishes you a Merry 12 Days of Anime... it'll be her turn soon!

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A lit­tle less than sev­en years in the blo­gos­phere and this is actu­al­ly my first time tak­ing part in a “12 Days of Ani­me” post-spree, a project in which blog­gers recount mem­o­rable moments relat­ed to ani­me either this year or in gen­er­al. I decid­ed to do it about 2012. I’m pret­ty excit­ed about it, most­ly since I don’t real­ly phys­i­cal­ly *cel­e­brate* any hol­i­days out­side of buy­ing one or two gifts before Christ­mas Day comes around… and tak­ing a break from school.

I was orig­i­nal­ly plan­ning on doing this when the REAL 12 Days of Christ­mas began (which is Christ­mas Day), but then I saw every­one else start doing it today. So, I fig­ured, I was prob­a­bly plan­ning on doing it wrong, somehow…

Any-who, let’s get the hol­i­day sea­son start­ed. *calls the Christ­mas Carolers*

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A sword is a weapon to kill...

One cross-shaped scar, and a partridge in a pear tree!

It was cer­tain­ly a treat to see one of my favorite clas­sics of all time,  Rurouni Ken­shin, be revived. While the new OVA remake of the Kyoto arc was­n’t the best thing ever — and I REALLY wished it were a reboot ani­me adap­ta­tion of the whole man­ga — it was cer­tain­ly a nice trip back to mem­o­ry lane, through a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. But what I was excit­ed about the most was the live-action Rurouni Ken­shin movie star­ring Takeru Satou, which, *gasp* is actu­al­ly sup­posed to be good. Hm, Amer­i­can direc­tors in Hol­ly­ood, you’re look­ing more and more ter­ri­ble com­pared to Japan when it comes to live-action man­ga adap­ta­tions, by the day. If this movie was direct­ed by some drone at Hol­ly­wood and not a native Japan­ese per­son, I guar­an­tee you that they would shoe­horn a bunch of white samu­rai into the movie and come up with an excuse for why Ken­shin is white.

Any­ways, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m look­ing for­ward to it. I’ll total­ly go to a screen­ing if one hap­pens to be near­by my town. Guess it’s time to pump myself up by watch­ing that old Toon­a­mi pre­view of the ani­me (or even the one for the awe­some-look­ing movie)!


(By the way, allow me to take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to be sil­ly and sing the blast­ed car­ol for each post. :P)

10 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime, Day 1: The Return of a Ronin

  1. Ahh iv’e been hear­ing about this for some time now! I absolute­ly loved the ani­me and have been look­ing for­ward to this movie for awhile.

    Yeah I agree with you about amer­i­can movie direc­tors, if they got they’re hands on this it just would­n’t be the same as opposed to a native japanese.

    I remem­ber the pre­view of this ani­me on toon­a­mi well =P when I first saw it I had a total fan boy moment, was quite an empow­er­ing preview.

    1. @Shikon: Even then, I’m sur­prised that the movie sup­pos­ed­ly turned out to be amaz­ing, even com­ing from a Japan­ese direc­tor. I guess Rurouni Ken­shin is more eas­i­ly adapt­able for live-action pro­duc­tion, being some­what his­tor­i­cal, com­pared to things like Death Note or Boo­giepop. Like those shou­jo-romance sto­ries that are always adapt­ed into J‑Drama (eh, actu­al­ly, kind of dif­fer­ent since they’re not movies but seri­al­ized TV shows).
      Yeah, Toon­ami’s pre­views always seems to make even the worst of shows sound com­plete­ly awe­some. I chalk it up to the awe­some nar­ra­tor. Take a gen­uine­ly awe­some show like Ken­shin and it sounds like the most empow­er­ing thing in existence. 😛

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