The funny thing about Kyoto Animation

We have to continue our anime, Kyon!

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I real­ize that I may be beat­ing a dead horse, but I’m still (after all of these years) baf­fled at KyoAni’s busi­ness prac­tices. They’re just so bizarre and sim­ply do not match what your typ­i­cal busi­ness-mind­ed per­son would think of when you say “mak­ing a prof­it from popularity.”

This is seri­ous­ly one of the ONLY times where I wished a com­pa­ny would milk their pop­u­lar prod­ucts, yet they don’t! They just don’t want my mon­ey. Do they like mon­ey? Because they don’t like mine.

Look. Nichi­jou was pret­ty damn hilar­i­ous, I loved it. I found Hyou­ka to be quite aver­age, but noth­ing to moan about it. Chu­u­niby­ou demo koi ga Shi­tai! turned out to be some­thing that I love the hell out of, even if it should have been an adap­ta­tion of Lit­tle Busters! What­ev­er. J.C. Staff’s not doing a com­plete­ly ter­ri­ble job. The point is, I was a lit­tle peev­ed I was­n’t get­ting a third sea­son of The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya, anoth­er Full Met­al Pan­ic!, or even a Lucky Star sec­ond sea­son. But, I calmed myself, because the alter­na­tives they pumped out weren’t actu­al­ly bad, and quite a few of them could actu­al­ly be con­sid­ered good, despite the “I hate moeshit” fly­ing around the ani­me fan­dom as of late. I would think you’re crazy if you said Nichi­jou and Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! were bad. The lat­ter might not be up to every­one’s taste when it comes to humor or dra­ma, but it isn’t the can­cer killing anime.

K-ON! season 3


But this is where I draw the line. I love cute things as much as any oth­er guy who has many sen­si­tive sides, but Tamako Mar­ket? What the hell, Kyoto Ani­ma­tion? Not only does the premise SCREAM “moe, moe, and more moe slice-of-life,” the ani­ma­tion direc­tor is clear­ly the same one that did K‑ON! It’s not End­less Eight, where Haruhi designs were meld­ed in with K‑ON!-styled ani­ma­tion and art. No. THE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE, STRAIGHT UP, FROM K‑ON!

And con­sid­er­ing how much of a tsun­dere atti­tude I have towards K‑ON! (most­ly deredere towards Azun­yan~), I would be less pissed if they were just doing anoth­er sea­son of K‑ON! But no, instead we get an orig­i­nal ani­me that looks like the cul­mi­na­tion of every moe­blob ani­me in exis­tence that fur­ther rein­forces the com­pa­ny’s recent neg­a­tive image.

I’m sor­ry. I’m not one to bitch and moan about an ani­me that has­n’t even come out yet, I’m usu­al­ly open-mind­ed if not a lit­tle skep­ti­cal. Hell, it might even end up being a good show. But this is seri­ous­ly get­ting ridicu­lous­ly stu­pid. Yes, moe sells, but The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya, YOUR INTERNATIONAL HIT, has SEVEN VOLUMES worth of mate­r­i­al that has yet to be adapt­ed. I hon­est­ly don’t have any clue who is in charge of decid­ing the com­pa­ny’s pri­or­i­ties, but he deserves to be punched in the face.

tl;dr Kyoto Ani­ma­tion has their pri­or­i­ties all wrong, and I’m sick and tired of it.

7 thoughts on “The funny thing about Kyoto Animation

  1. KyoAni is def­i­nite­ly switch­ing up their busi­ness prac­tices. Their upcom­ing Tamako Mar­ket is the first ever orig­i­nal TV series.

    I think they’ve always moe with their series — some not as much as oth­ers — at least in recent years.

  2. I find they are bet­ter now then they were in the past… I real­ly loved Hyou­ka and Chu2. I will take K‑on over Lucky Star any­day. Haruhi real­ly lost it’s punch after a while. End­less 8 did­n’t help. Out of all the shows they have done, I want more Hyou­ka than any­thing and I go back to FMP.

  3. @azeriraz: Their first ani­me orig­i­nal was actu­al­ly Munto. But I agree, their series has always had some dosage of moe, but back then their series still var­ied and it did­n’t hin­der the qual­i­ty. I have noth­ing against plot­less slice-of-life shows that Tamako Mar­ket seems to be, but it seems a tad odd that they’d go that route instead of fin­ish­ing their adap­ta­tions that are guar­an­teed cash.

    @Vincent: Not say­ing Hyou­ka and Chu2Koi are bad or any­thing, as I said, I love the lat­ter to death, but leav­ing a series hang­ing *espe­cial­ly when it’s pop­u­lar* is a bad busi­ness deci­sion and a kick in the nads to fans. Haruhi has tons of mate­r­i­al left to cov­er, and real­ly the qual­i­ty holds up (End­less Eight’s monot­o­nous crap was an ani­me-only flub, anoth­er strange KyoAni deci­sion, I’ve read ahead into the light nov­els and the sto­ry still holds the same charm it start­ed with), so do the FMP light nov­els, Lucky Star, K‑ON!, sec­ond vol­ume of the Chu­u­ni nov­el, and prob­a­bly even Hyou­ka. All of them are just left hang­ing.… in favor of this.

    In the case of Haruhi, it was extreme­ly strange that they decid­ed to do eight episodes of End­less Eight — six of those episodes could have been used to ani­mate light nov­el sto­ries that took place before Dis­ap­pear­ance. And now they just leave it hang­ing. Con­sid­er­ing they have so much mate­r­i­al to work with and tons of demand, the fact that they brush it aside makes no sense.

  4. Haruhi is a giant cash-cow. Maybe they dont want dra­ma spring­ing up with a replaced VA that would plague every sin­gle haruhi video on youtube/blog. That’s the one thing that comes to mind.

    KyoAni always has leaned towards the moeish side of things, but it’s a charm some­times. Yet.. I got­ta agree. The demand is high as hell for some more of there old­er series, but they just.. don’t want to, I guess. Maybe they think vari­ety sells more.

    I’d be okay about all this if it was­n’t anoth­er damn K‑ON show. Jesus.

  5. @Wahfuu: Regard­ing Aya Hira­no, if that turns out to be the case, then I think Kyoto Ani­ma­tion is being sil­ly. It’s not like Aya’s “slut sta­tus” is hurt­ing Fairy Tail, lol

    Also, com­plete­ly agreed. If they want­ed their ani­me next sea­son to be about cute girls doing cute things, they could have eas­i­ly done a K‑ON! sea­son three so I would­n’t be as pissed. But no, it’s prob­a­bly an orig­i­nal series that brings absolute­ly noth­ing new to the table, and more of the same-old we’ve already seen with a new coat of paint (K‑ON! in a super­mar­ket), and Kyoto Ani­ma­tion turned down their pre­vi­ous projects in favor of it. Ugh.
    Admit­ted­ly, I would­n’t have much a prob­lem with the announce­ment of this show if KyoAni wait­ed until AFTER they fin­ished a few con­tin­u­a­tions of their pre­vi­ous series…then, for all I’m con­cerned, they could do what­ev­er the hell they want for a peri­od of time. But, nope.jpg

  6. Kyoani has a vendet­ta against Haruhi fans. We have been wait­ing for sea­son 3 for such a long time, and what do we get? Free! and more k‑on. I hope kyoani just go bankrupt.

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