Imouto birthday! Favorite little sisters in anime

Aw shit, nigga!

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Hold it. Stop. For­get the hol­i­days for a sec­ond. It’s my sis­ter’s sev­enth birth­day today. Because of this, I was sort of inspired to make a top-best list of cutest lit­tle sis­ter char­ac­ters, before my fam­i­ly decides to get all fes­tive in cel­e­bra­tion of the birth of the most adork­able first grad­er I know. Of course, I don’t know that many first graders to begin with, but… whatever!

She may be a pain in the ass some­times, but it’s nice to have her around to bright­en up the mood. Which is what lit­tle sis­ters are for in fic­tion, most of the time. At least in Japan­ese fic­tion, where the pres­ence of a lit­tle sis­ter char­ac­ter is sup­posed to be sooth­ing — and these just hap­pened to be my favorite lit­tle sis­ter char­ac­ters in recent times.


Kobato Hasegawa (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

You can’t beat the het­ere­ochro­mia moe, dude. Miss Reisys VI Felic­i­ty Sumer­a­gi will drain your blood with her dark pow­ers and feed you to her kindred.

But no, seri­ous­ly. Her lit­tle Chuu2byou thing going on is just freak­ing adorable, accom­pa­nied by her “kukuku” laugh. Her delu­sions and play-act­ing are an extreme pain for Koda­ka, espe­cial­ly since she’s in her sec­ond year of mid­dle school, but it’s of great fun for the view­ers. Best part is, the hnnngh­h­hh is at its best when she slips out of char­ac­ter and starts talk­ing how she’d nor­mal­ly would — in a hard Kyu­ushuu dialect, call­ing her big broth­er “anchan.”

I guess in times like these, we have one per­son to thank. Sena Kashi­waza­ki, for being the best god damn female per­vert ani­me has seen in years, exclud­ing you-know-who from the same series. Koba­to can’t keep her­self in-char­ac­ter with the uneasi­ness of Sena’s hun­gry gaze.

I-it's not like I want to be on your list or anything!

Kirino Kousaka (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

Yes, she’ll call him names. Sure, she’ll feign dis­like for him in the most bitchy way pos­si­ble. But damn me if her going ga-ga over her visu­al nov­el and ero-game wai­fus isn’t wor­thy of being called “cute.”

DAT FANG, MAN. DAT FANG. Though, I might retract this once the ani­me gets around to doing the incest‑y parts of the nov­el, this being a post cel­e­brat­ing my sis­ter’s birth­day and all. That would make me, you know, kin­da’ uncomfortable.

Self explanatory!

Imouto (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Now, why on Earth would some­one write a blog post about the cutest imouto char­ac­ters and not men­tion the char­ac­ter that, up til’ now, has only been called “Imouto”?


The way the ani­me por­trays her, some­times I think she and my sis­ter are the same per­son in terms of man­ner­isms and personality. 😛


Yumeha Togashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

She does­n’t get much screen time in the ani­me, nor is she an impor­tant char­ac­ter. But the scenes that she DOES have make you want to pinch her cheeks, or have a daugh­ter like her.

Super sug­oi!”, play­ing divorce with Tou­ka, being absolute­ly fas­ci­nat­ed by Yuu­ta and Rikka’s chu­u­niby­ou in the Lite episodes… cou­pled with that awe­some sug­ary voice, she would be clas­si­fied by me as “adorable-awe­some­ness.”

Birthday cake for my little sister!

Fuuko Ibuki (Clannad)

You know, screw what any­one else thinks about Fuuko. I cer­tain­ly found her amus­ing in the Clan­nad ani­me. Sure, the way they under­mined her dis­ap­pear­ance by mak­ing her ran­dom­ly cameo was stu­pid, but oth­er than that, I found her antics to be extreme­ly endear­ing and amus­ing. Her starfish stique put a smile on my face, and dur­ing her arc where she tries to invite stu­dents to her big sis­ter’s wed­ding as an ikiry­ou, it was extreme­ly touching.

Magical Sister!

Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Using a main pro­tag­o­nist is cheating!”

Hah, well, too bad. Saku­ra is a well-man­nered, fun-to-tease, and an extremem­ly adorable lit­tle sis­ter. Dammit, just ask Touya, when she’s not stomp­ing on his feet in reac­tion to him call­ing her a “kai­ju.” You guys should have saw this com­ing, as Saku­ra is one of my all-time favorite female char­ac­ters in general. 😛

Hoe~” — Saku­ra’s all-time most adorable catch­phrase in response to some­thing that sur­pris­es or dumb­founds her. Saku­ra Tange, A+ seiyuu.

(Feel free to share your favorites!)

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