Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai 12 — Final Impressions!

We'll be delusional together!

Sev­er­al hours ago marked the end of one of my favorite ani­me this sea­son, Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi Shi­tai!, and damn was it an emo­tion­al ride.

As I hoped, Yuu­ta man­ages to pull through and not dis­ap­point me. Go get that Rikka!

Her hair manages to stay straight and silky even after all that tomfoolery

Death­ly adorable

If you can’t beat them, join them. Deko­mori’s attempt at act­ing “nor­mal” was, of course, a fail­ure, but it was nice see­ing her hair undone. Twin­tail Deko­mori is def­i­nite­ly cuter, but her hair let loose looks pret­ty stunning.

Gah, chu­u­gaku­sei demo koi ga shi­tai! Removed for DANGEROUS TERRITORY. 😛

The successor, Kumin!

Jao Shin­gan #2

Well, now we get the gist of Rik­ka and Kumin’s unseen con­ver­sa­tion that went on dur­ing the last episode.

Clear­ly this was all part of Rikka’s grand mas­ter plan, as explained lat­er. Did­n’t expect less from the Jao Shingan. 😀

You know you want to be Mori-sama again

You know, Shinka’s image changed for me as the series pro­gressed. At first she seemed pret­ty mean-spir­it­ed, espe­cial­ly towards the whole chu­u­niby­ou thing, but by this episode she acknowl­edges pos­i­tive aspects to hav­ing this “syn­drome” and, of course, takes on a big sis­ter role for this club full of strange girls and one ex-Dark Flame Master.

If this is any dif­fer­ent from how she was in the nov­el, it’ll be nice if some­one told me. I heard she was a total prick in the nov­el. Does she go through this same “devel­op­ment?”

Flom Dark Flame Master

Flom Dark Flame Master

Yuu­ta sure has some glo­ri­ous Eng­lish there. Or maybe that’s due to 8th grade Eng­lish class­es in Japan­ese… hm.

Any­ways, yeah. Real­ize you messed up, Yuu­ta. Go get that girl back.

Let the Jao Shingan inspire you with backstory!

…well, I guess he needs a lit­tle more inspi­ra­tion to get him pumped up. Give us that back sto­ry, Jao Shin­gan #2!

She was engulfed in the flames of darkness at first sight

Engulfed by the flames of dark­ness at first sight

I kind of saw this com­ing, with with Rik­ka being fas­ci­nat­ed by Yuu­ta in his chu­u­niby­ou state long before they offi­cial­ly met. There were so many hints sprin­kled around the series as well. I think the most obvi­ous was back in a pre­vi­ous episode, where it showed Rik­ka (with­out her eye­patch) in a mid­dle school uni­form watch­ing Yuu­ta per­form his Dark Flame Mas­ter stique on a balcony.

Pre­dictable as it is, and prob­a­bly cliché as it is, it’s pret­ty cute regard­less and the reveal was exe­cut­ed pret­ty well. Way to go, Kumin! Of course, this means that Rik­ka planned this all along, giv­ing her Jao Shin­gan to Kumin and telling Kumin about her “past with Yuu­ta.” She had to have saw this com­ing. At the very least, Kumin is a very good friend that’s will­ing to go to chu­u­niby­ou lengths to amend her pals’ rela­tion­ship, whether Rik­ka was behind this or not.

Your dark flame master has arrived

Rikka’s smile returns!



Yes. This is what I was wait­ing for!

Now, um, excuse us, gramps. We’re steal­ing your grand­daugh­ter. Kaythanks­bye.

We're here too DEATH

We’re here too DEATH

One of the high­lights in this episode was the fact that the sup­port­ing char­ac­ters had time to con­tribute and shine as well. My pre­vi­ous gripe about the series was that, despite being fun and enter­tain­ing, the sup­port­ing char­ac­ters weren’t real­ly involved in Yuu­ta and Rikka’s sto­ry. This episode man­aged to turn that around and destroy that com­plaint right away.

Rapeman, is that you?

Even this poor suck­er gets in on the screen-time.

One more thing!

Oh yeah, I guess they can’t con­clude this show prop­er­ly until they find the Ethe­re­al Horizon…

Blast reality...

Blast real­i­ty…

Burst it to shreds...

Burst it to shreds…



The Ethereal Horizon

The Ethe­re­al Horizon…

Goodbye Papa...!

Good­bye Papa…!”





Peo­ple come to terms with the real­i­ty of their loved one’s death in their own indi­vid­ual ways, and I think that fact hits home dur­ing this scene. Rik­ka did­n’t need to get rid of her chu­u­niby­ou to move on from her father’s death, nor did she need to force her­self to be ground­ed in the realm of 100% real­ism in order to be hap­py. She was hap­py the way she was and try­ing to become some­thing she was­n’t was nev­er a solu­tion to the prob­lem at hand. I’m glad that the final man­aged to pull the aesop in that direc­tion, instead of going for some­thing trag­ic or half-assed.

Peo­ple often become absorbed in self-con­scious­ness­es in fear of not being liked by oth­ers or being unable to make new friends. Real­ly, just be your­selves and you’ll receive real appre­ci­a­tion… someday.

Blast authority, burst it into shreds...


Oh yeah… for­got this was tech­ni­cal­ly a kidnapping

Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! cer­tain­ly turned out to be an awe­some and enter­tain­ing show the whole way through. Would I call it one of the best ani­me series ever? No. Would I say it has become one of my favorites? Absolute­ly! With at least a vol­ume worth of mate­r­i­al left unadapt­ed, I tru­ly hope that Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! receives a sec­ond season.

But instead, we’re get­ting Tamako Mar­ket first and fore­most… oh well.

What is my identity


4 thoughts on “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai 12 — Final Impressions!

  1. Well, the end­cap pic­ture said some­thing like “see you again”.…. I guess we’ll see. Yes, a very enjoy­able wrapup, glad I stayed with it.

    1. @SmithCB: Yeah, the end card said mata aou (また会おう), see you again. Hope­ful­ly that means KyoAni will pick this up again some time in the future…hope­ful­ly, heh.

      I’m glad I stuck with this too. Turned out to be an extreme­ly sat­is­fy­ing show.

  2. I’ll just say:


    You could prob­a­bly rant and rave about prob­lems the ani­me had and what­not, but real­ly, some­thing about it was awe­some. The incred­i­bly high-bud­get wai­fuism asside, episodes 10–12 real­ly left me want­i­ng more. I hope to god it sells enough to war­rant a sec­ond season.

    Will prob­a­bly be get­ting the sound­track and I’ll be wait­ing till June for the OVA. Good stuff.

  3. @Wahfuu: The wait for the OVA will cer­tain­ly kill me. KyoAni bet­ter give us a sec­ond sea­son of this thing along with con­tin­u­a­tions of the rest of their prop­er­ties before I go chu­u­niby­ou on them.

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