12 Days of Anime, Day 9: My return to blogging

Blogging will eat you alive like 2hu

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Recent­ly, I’ve looked over some of my ear­li­est posts on this blog, back when I start­ed this blog around the mid­dle of my junior high school days (2007). My reac­tion to my ear­li­er days on the internet?

Fun­ni­ly enough, I noticed that six months into blog­ging, the way I expressed myself and my writ­ing in gen­er­al became a lot less cringe-wor­thy (at least to my present-self!). Don’t know how that worked out, maybe it was puber­ty or something.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A sword is a weapon to kill...

One cross-shaped scar…

[First Day]

Haruhi shapes the world...literally

Two godly novels…

[Sec­ond Day]

Fanime 2012

Three pals at Fanime…

[Third Day]

Elise Lutus is my loli queen, yup yup

Four Apple Gummis…

[Fourth Day]

Jet, you killjoy!

Five Right Stuf deals…

[Fifth Day]

Madoka will unwrap Ultimate Madoka as a selfcest Christmas present

Six grief seeds…

[Sixth Day]

Freeza is so insignificant now...

Seven Dragon Balls…

[Sev­enth Day]


Eight picky buyers… 

[Eighth Day]

This blog aint no Prinny

Nine resurrections, and a partridge in a pear tree!

This project would­n’t be a thing if I did­n’t men­tion my return to the ani­me blo­gos­phere after a year and a half of on-and-off occa­sion­al arti­cles. Real life def­i­nite­ly came in the way, but I’m def­i­nite­ly here to stay. At least, with a bet­ter way to bud­get my time in order to accom­plish things in real life and still keep this blog alive at the same time. I was def­i­nite­ly a lit­tle in-over-my-lit­tle-head dur­ing high school. Now that I’ve got­ten into visu­al nov­els and recruit­ed the Cana­di­an VN God Wah­fuu in this lit­tle blog­ging-adven­ture, I can safe­ly say that this blog still has a lot more to say and won’t die very eas­i­ly. Not anymore.

My feel­ing on this blog’s his­to­ry and my return can be found on this post.


(The fol­low­ing is me.… two weeks from now…in reac­tion to this ter­ri­bly sil­ly “sing-a-long” idea…)

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