12 Days of Anime, Day 11: Another favorite

I don't have many favorites...just kidding

I’m always look­ing for new series to adore. Which makes me even more dis­ap­point­ed when a series fails to impress me in some way, or be even mild­ly enter­tain­ing and mem­o­rable. Which is why I always try my hard­est to see the pos­i­tive sides to any­thing I watch, read, and play.

There are qui­i­i­i­i­i­i­ite a few series this year that have dis­ap­point­ed me great­ly. But we’re not going to talk about them today.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A sword is a weapon to kill...

One cross-shaped scar…

[First Day]

Haruhi shapes the world...literally

Two godly novels…

[Sec­ond Day]

Fanime 2012

Three pals at Fanime…

[Third Day]

Elise Lutus is my loli queen, yup yup

Four Apple Gummis…

[Fourth Day]

Jet, you killjoy!

Five Right Stuf deals…

[Fifth Day]

Madoka will unwrap Ultimate Madoka as a selfcest Christmas present

Six grief seeds…

[Sixth Day]

Freeza is so insignificant now...

Seven Dragon Balls…

[Sev­enth Day]


Eight picky buyers… 

[Eighth Day]

This blog aint no Prinny

Nine resurrections…

[Ninth Day]

Friendship is good, not magic

Ten Little Busters…

[Tenth Day]

The original woop woop

Eleven dead victims, and a partridge in a pear tree!

I was going to talk about Hoshi­zo­ra no Memo­ria: Wish Upon A Shoot­ing Star, but that would have involved too much wai­fu­u­ing. That, and I haven’t fin­ished read­ing it yet. Instead, I’ll talk about a series that came to enjoy called Anoth­er.

Despite some mixed recep­tion I’ve seen of this ani­me series, I came to become engrossed in the tale it tried to tell and the atmos­phere it man­aged to pull off. Then again, I am a fan of hor­ror and watched the series well after it had fin­ished air­ing (and knew what to expect), and in turn was­n’t in a mode of dis­ap­point­ment where I could have said “dur­rr point­less death­fest…” (Um, no real­ly, an ani­me revolv­ing around a curse putting an entire class and their rela­tions under death’s door 24/7… what else did you expect?) Nev­er­the­less, I can say that whether or not I watched it while it was air­ing, I would still have liked the “dan­ger of death in the air” feel­ing it brought along with its sto­ry. That itself raised the lev­el of tension/suspense for me, any char­ac­ter could die any moment while try­ing to find a way to break this “curse” (maybe not Kouichi, but I cer­tain­ly did­n’t write off the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a view­point char­ac­ter being killed after watch­ing Shi­ki). The whole curse with the class? I thought it was gen­uine­ly creepy. 

The last cou­ple of episodes were pret­ty ridicu­lous though, and I felt they were pret­ty rushed. But from what I know, it was adapt­ed from a hor­ror nov­el-… Oh. And there you have it. Oh how I loathe 12-episode adap­ta­tion of nov­els. Of books. Any­thing. Not the ani­me them­selves, but the whole con­cept of “only 12-episodes” and the restric­tions that impos­es on adap­ta­tions. That aside, I hear the man­ga, nov­el, and ani­me end­ings all dif­fer­ent­ly some­what and I’m curi­ous how the for­mer two played out.

I don’t know. this and Shi­ki (coin­ci­den­tal­ly, the writer of Anoth­er’s nov­el was the hus­band of the woman who wrote Shi­ki) have been some of the only hor­ror pieces of ani­me I tru­ly enjoyed for being hor­ror (well, Hig­urashi no Naku Koro nimaybe, the source mate­r­i­al was bet­ter, and I haven’t got­ten into Umineko no Naku Koro ni yet). Despite the… shock val­ue of the shock­ing deaths, I did­n’t watch them pure­ly for shock val­ue, nor did I enjoy them sole­ly for shock­ing scenes. I found that both of them man­aged to pro­vide an uncom­fort­able atmos­phere where the char­ac­ters are forced to endure a sit­u­a­tion in which they fear for their lives (and right­ful­ly so) and soon find them­selves killing each oth­er off because of it. So hope­less and so chaot­ic. I think the whole prospect of humans will­ing to become mon­sters when their own lives are on the line is what makes it such an uncom­fort­able atmos­phere for me, because it’s so true.

I real­ly think that Anoth­er could have been extend­ed for sev­er­al more episodes if only to improve its qual­i­ty. Still, I thought it was a good way to sat­is­fy my appetite for hor­ror in an ani­me for­mat this year.

(I’m gen­uine­ly not in the mood to keep up with the Christ­mas car­ol, not that any­one miss­es that garbage. 😛 I’ll save that for the last post…)

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