Anime of 2012

Sorry Haruhi, not this year

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It’s time to get down to busi­ness in pick­ing some nee­dles out of a haystack. Over­all, I’d say that this was a pret­ty weak year in terms of ani­me, but that isn’t to say there weren’t a hand­ful of series that man­aged to stick out, in both a good and a bad way. This post will chron­i­cles some of the series that man­aged to make some sort of impres­sion on me this year — the good and the bad.

Based on cat­e­gories rang­ing from most endear­ing to most loathed, the fun­ni­est to the unfun­ny, the best writ­ing to the most obnox­ious wish-ful­fill­ment, etc. Obvi­ous­ly the selec­tion’s only from the series I’ve both­ered to watch, so feel free to sug­gest any gems that impressed you and I’ll glad­ly marathon them along with the rest of my back­log. I might even update this list, maybe.

The Good

Fun­ni­est of 2012: Joshiraku

I can't unsee it

The fun­ni­est ani­me this sea­son, hands down. Expect no less from the man­ga­ka that did Say­onara, Zetsub­ou-Sen­sei and Kat­te ni Kaizou, Kou­ji Kumeta. The humor’s very tongue-in-cheek, very black, very bizarre (not as much as Nichi­jou), and is quite, in fact, Japan­ese at times. Unless you’re some­what knowl­edge­able about Japan (and by that I’m not refer­ring to just watch­ing ani­me), a lot of the jokes might fly right past your head. If you’re as much of a Japanophile as me, then it man­ages to be extreme­ly hilar­i­ous.

Also, props to this series for being the con­trib­u­tor for my cur­rent ring­tone. Call me “weaboo” all you want, I frig­gin’ love it.

Most Antic­i­pat­ed of 2012: Lit­tle Busters!

Good morning everyone have a nice day

Does this need an expla­na­tion? I was antic­i­pat­ing this awe­some visu­al nov­el to be ani­mat­ed not soon after Clan­nad ~After Sto­ry~ fin­ished air­ing — from KyoAni no less, along with oth­er titles we’re all des­per­ate­ly wait­ing for them to get around to. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they nev­er did get around to it in the end.

For­tu­nate­ly, J.C. Staff picked it up instead. While the “for­tu­nate­ly” may have made some of you J.C. haters cringe, I am com­plete­ly sat­is­fied with what they’ve done with it so far. Those of you that are cur­rent­ly enjoy­ing the show but find noth­ing “awe-inspir­ing” about it so far or are watch­ing it to find small rea­sons to hate it, wait until they get to the Refrain stuff where it sup­pos­ed­ly gets extreme­ly feely. Oh boy, will you eat your words like you did with Clan­nad ~After Sto­ry~. Don’t ever under­es­ti­mate Jun Mae­da in the feels depart­ment, less you unex­pect­ed­ly get bit in the ass with depress­ing stuff.

HNNNNG of 2012: Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shitai!


Oh my god, do I need to explain this? It’s a good show. But it’s still clear that Kyoto Ani­ma­tion spent tons and tons of mon­ey mak­ing Wai­fu: The Ani­me. If you hate the char­ac­ters in the ani­me, I will sub­jec­tive­ly say this: you have no soul.

Can’t wait for the OVA!

Not for the Squea­mish” of 2012: Another

That's gotta hurt in the morning

The deaths in this ani­me were either extreme­ly grue­some or were the cause of some of your body parts aching just by sheer imag­i­na­tion alone. Such cru­el ways to die… this curse has a very sick sense of humor.

I have to say, thanks to this ani­me, nev­er again will I go down the stairs with an umbrel­la or any sharp object. At the very least, I’ll slide an umbrel­la down the rail­ing before I walk down. Things like pen­cils will def­i­nite­ly go inside a nice and safe container.

Too Many Par­o­dies” of 2012: Haiy­ore! Nyaruko-san

I like the yaranaika version

This show is lit­er­al­ly jam-packed with so many par­o­dies and ref­er­ences that you can tell how much of a geek I am just from the fact that I know where most of them came from.

The sec­ond series announced is called Haiy­ore! Nyaruko-san W (pro­nounce Dou­ble). Cook­ies to those who know what that’s sup­posed to be a ref­er­ence of.

The Nichi­bro of 2012: Dai­ly Lives of High School Boys

Would this be considered? moe to girls?

Out of the count­less slice-of-life come­dies that focus on a few girls doing non­sen­si­cal and point­less things — imag­ine one that takes com­mon tropes from these types of ani­me and exag­ger­ates them ten­fold, mak­ing for a very side-split­ting watch.

Only instead of girls, you get bros.

If you loved Nichi­jou, there’s a pret­ty high chance that you’ll end up lov­ing the hell out of this.

The Bad

Plot Armor of 2012: Sword Art Online

This anime kind of blows

I’m going to say this right now, and hope­ful­ly I’ll nev­er bring it up on this blog ever again.

I real­ly dis­liked this show.

Don’t get me wrong. I tried to like it, I real­ly did. In fact, I expect­ed good things from this show from its first episode, which was awe­some. But since then, every episode just got pro­gres­sive­ly worse and worse in terms of writ­ing. Most­ly because it became more and more appar­ent that the author relied heav­i­ly on the use of plot armor and ass-pulls to keep cer­tain char­ac­ters alive. And the main char­ac­ter? Kir­i­to is too much of a Mar­ty, or rather an Ace played to obnox­ious­ly eye-rolling pro­por­tions, and his “per­son­al­i­ty” is far too plas­tic and unin­ter­est­ing to make up for it, at least in the ani­me. From get­ting a whole sex chap­ter involv­ing two years worth of semen, to get­ting mar­ried to the most beau­ti­ful girl in the game with lit­tle effort, to being viewed as god­ly hacker/computer wiz at a young age (because appar­ent­ly being able to build a com­put­er out of parts is unheard of…), to being so over­pow­ered that he’s able to take out ene­mies a full par­ty can’t take (Kir­i­to > team­work), to man­ag­ing to be such a stud that even his rel­a­tives want a taste of him despite being a social recluse that only plays video games, Kir­i­to oozes of “wish ful­fill­ment mod­el” for 14-year-old hor­mone-dri­ven Reki Kawa­hara. Yes, I went there. At the point where the 10,000 peo­ple being put into this death game (in the end, for no real rea­son) took back seat to the love sto­ry between Kir­i­to and Asuna, I was done with this anime.

Does­n’t help that, in an attempt to defend the ani­me’s lack of con­cise rea­son­ing, light nov­el read­ers fer­vent­ly try to use light nov­el expla­na­tions to explain vague points in the ani­me. The fact that it can’t stand on its own with­out the help of its source mate­r­i­al just sup­ports the argu­ment that it’s a mediocre ani­me. I’m also not sure if the light nov­el series is to my lik­ing either, espe­cial­ly since some of the “explan­tions” tend to sug­ar­coat plot armor with details that reek of plot armor (episode 14’s ass-pull). I’m not going to look down at some­one for enjoy­ing it, but so far a good chunk of the fan­dom seems to be the lovechil­dren of the Bleach and Naru­to fan­base (the ‘tard sides of them). When it comes a time where it’s nec­es­sary to use the term “SAO-tard”… well, I don’t know.

Why is this so pop­u­lar” of 2012: Accel World

Only redeeming quality is the scantily clad anime middle schooler, er, I mean the fight scenes

I did­n’t get too far into this ani­me to make any real com­plaints about the plot like Sword Art Online, but I hon­est­ly did­n’t like this show much either. Mind you, I did­n’t hate it — I just found it so-so and not worth any inter­est in com­plet­ing. But that leaves me ques­tion­ing why it’s so pop­u­lar, since I did­n’t seem to detect any last­ing appeal that would make it stand out enough to mer­it its pop­u­lar­i­ty. Its spec­u­lat­ed pre­quel (SAO), despite the glar­ing and obnox­ious flaws, has aspects and gim­micks that are exe­cut­ed in a man­ner where I could see how it man­aged to gain the pop­u­lar­i­ty that it did, with­in its audi­ence of eas­i­ly-cap­ti­vat­ed teens and tweens. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t describe it as “bor­ing,” which Accel World kind of was. I just don’t see my 12-year old self being inter­est­ed in it.

I guess it was the fights, which I admit were real­ly well-done for what it is. Maybe I’m weird and it does­n’t take much to impressed the aver­age person. ):

WHERE IS MY ANIMATED JINCHUU ARC of 2012: Rurouni Ken­shin: Shin Kyoto Hen

Kenshin wants compensation for the lack of Jinchuu

I love Rurouni Ken­shin. I love the OST, ani­ma­tion, and fight scenes in these OVA episodes. What I don’t like is that the ani­me writ­ers just took one of the sto­ry’s arcs that already exist­ed in ani­me-form and decid­ed to ruin the sto­ry with its alter­ations. Appar­ent­ly, when they said this was going to be ” the Kyoto arc from Misao’s POV”, they meant “change almost every­thing.” Real­ly pissed me off, con­sid­er­ing that I’ve been impa­tient­ly wait­ing for Stu­dio Deen to ani­mate the Jinchuu arc of the man­ga since god knows when (espe­cial­ly after the filler hell that killed the orig­i­nal ani­me series), and we get THIS instead.

It was still a great nos­tal­gic ride, but I would have much pre­ferred an entire reboot of the ani­me on TV, with the idea of Drag­on Ball Kai in mind yet rean­i­mat­ing pre-exist­ing mate­r­i­al à la Full­met­al Alchemist: Broth­er­hood. New gen­er­a­tion of fans would sure­ly enjoy the awe­some sto­ry and char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of Rurouni Ken­shin, and it would have guar­an­teed an ani­mat­ed Jinchuu arc… but alas.

Things I should probably marathon…

Sankarea, Sakura­sou no Pet na Kano­jo, Fate/Zero, To Love-Ru Dark­ness, Hells­ing Ultimate

2 thoughts on “Anime of 2012

  1. Great list, will have to give some of these ani­me a try when­ev­er I get around to it.

    And yes you def­i­nite­ly marathon fate/zero and hells­ing ulti­mate. Hells­ing for one is just bru­tal and bloody don’t know how else to describe it. Fate/Zero is one of my per­son­al favorites, amaz­ing ani­ma­tion qual­i­ty, great action scenes, and a very com­pelling sto­ry. Hope you enjoy it =P

    1. @Shikon: Be sure to take a look at Psy­cho Pass as well. Quite behind in that series myself, so I felt that it would be unwise to include it in the list. lmao
      As for Fate/Zero, yeah, kind of want­i­ng to watch it see­ing as the orig­i­nal nov­el was writ­ten by Gen Urobuchi and the ani­ma­tion is by Ufotable, that and I liked Fate/Stay. Heard Hells­ing Ulti­mate was pret­ty awe­some as well.

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