Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 01 (First Impressions)

This will certainly melt the ice

That was a real­ly good first episode. A lot of it is famil­iar con­tent to me, like the bit where Sena, Kodoka, and Yozo­ra try to do things that would make peo­ple laugh (and fail­ing hor­ri­bly at it, which is the fun­ny part), as I’ve read the man­ga ver­sion of it some time ago. I real­ly should start read­ing the light nov­els as well — soon, I hope.

The ani­ma­tion was wicked awe­some. The qual­i­ty is up-to-par with the Blu-Rays of the first sea­son and the slight­ly new style in the art/animation comes off as look­ing more flu­id than the pre­vi­ous 12 episodes. Yozo­ra’s sure sport­ing the short hair rather nice­ly in this new ani­ma­tion style.

Haganai’s sense of humor is as fun­ny as I remem­ber it dur­ing the first sea­son, and I like it how the episode felt more of a “episode 13” to the orig­i­nal sea­son rather than a bland re-intro­duc­to­ry episode for new view­ers (if you want to be intro­duced to the char­ac­ters prop­er­ly, watch the first sea­son!). Though the name tags that appeared on the screen served as some­thing help­ful for new view­ers, I found it a treat that they got right to the point. My side-split­ting moment was when Stel­la gave Koda­ka a pack of con­doms. Basi­cal­ly goes with­out say­ing, “Here to play with the young miss? Use pro­tec­tion!” She’s cer­tain­ly still the Geof­frey of Haganai.


^ The episode need­ed more Koba­to though. More het­e­rochro­mia wai­fu is always good. 

Looks like next episode will intro­duce Mari­a’s big sis­ter for the first time in ani­mat­ed form. I recall the first time and only time I’ve ever seen her was in that AU Sena manga.

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