First offering — Gintama (2013)

The Rock!


Even the Rock is excit­ed for Gin­ta­ma!

Alright ter­ri­ble intro­duc­tion I know but admit it, you read that in the Rock’s voice.  Hap­pens all the time but I digress.  I real­ly am that hap­py that Gin­ta­ma is back with new episodes and not re-runs of old­er ones (got­ta admit that most of those were pret­ty fun­ny and were worth re-watch­ing).  The new sea­son of Gin­ta­ma, bet­ter known as Gin­ta­ma (2013), starts off with one of my per­son­al favorite arcs in the series called “Cour­te­san of a Nation.”  I read this arc in the man­ga a while back and after I was done with it at the time, I hoped that Sun­rise would be smart enough to ani­mate the arc soon­er rather than lat­er buu­u­u­ut beg­gars can’t be choosers.

As most mini-arcs in Gin­ta­ma go, the episode is filled with hilar­i­ty, break­ing of the 4th wall and ref­er­ences to Japan­ese pop cul­ture.  In fact, the first episode of this arc is pret­ty light­heart­ed with the excep­tion of Gin­to­ki and Tsukuyo hav­ing feels for the old cour­te­san Suzu­ran.  Pay extreme atten­tion to the Drag­on Quest ref­er­ences at the begin­ning with Gin­to­ki, Tsukuyo and Hinowa because the fan­sub­bers didn’t add TL notes like they usu­al­ly do.  This episode also brings back an old friend of Kagura’s, Princess Soyo, after like over 200 frig­gin’ episodes.  Seri­ous­ly, what’s a girl got­ta do to get some screen time?  Don’t answer that…



If there is any men­tion of the shogu­nate in Gin­ta­ma that means the Shogun Shigeshige is going to appear and that just means all sorts of tribu­la­tions for Gintoki.

Don't care if you gotta fly planes, trains or automobiles...better have my doughnuts!

Don’t care if you got­ta fly planes, trains or automobiles…better have my doughnuts!

The Mimawarigu­mi make their return too (see Bara­ga­ki arc) which means more tribu­la­tions for Gin­to­ki.  I swear he nev­er has it easy, does he?  But at least his e‑mail bud­dy is back!

Also, kick the can is seri­ous business.

Yeah, thats a Red Bull can alright

Yeah, that is a Red Bull can alright.

Call me crazy, but I think he's doing it wrong.

Call me crazy, but I think he’s doing it wrong.

From here on, though, the sto­ry gets a bit more seri­ous and I won’t go any fur­ther to spoil the rest of the arc for you all, but I will say that you get deep­er into Gin­tok­i’s back sto­ry.  Yes, Cyborg Sorachi has made a return to the actu­al premise of Gin­ta­ma with this arc.  Shock­ing, I know.

I’m a bit late mak­ing this review but I’ll make reviews of the next episodes after they are subbed.

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