Gintama (2013) 02 — The plot thickens

He seems to be enjoying himself there.

He seems to be enjoy­ing him­self there.

Alright, if you saw the last episode of Gin­ta­ma, you saw that Gin­to­ki, Tsukuyo and Nobume were in a bit of a pinch with the cur­rent SHOOOOOOGUUUUUUNNN being down for the count and his uncle, the for­mer Shogun, about to walk in the room.  If you haven’t seen the lat­est episode yet, stop read­ing right now and go watch it already!  Any­ways, lat­est episode picks up at a very cru­cial point from the first one, and at the same time, Isaburo decides to tell Kagu­ra and Shin­pachi what he knows about the for­mer Shogun.  But not before he decides to help in kick­ing the can!  Again, the hilar­i­ty ensues, but it is an imper­a­tive to watch what the for­mer Shogun and Isaburo say in the midst of the hi-jinx because what they say fore­shad­ows the upcom­ing events and reveals a bit of the for­mer Shogun’s char­ac­ter to the audience.

I know it's difficult but try to ignore the guy with men's underwear on his head while paying attention to the important parts.

I know it’s dif­fi­cult, but try to ignore the guy with men’s under­wear on his head while pay­ing atten­tion to the impor­tant parts.

Yep seems legit to me.  No problems to note.

Yep, seems legit to me. No prob­lems to note.

The for­mer Shogun, Sada Sada, shows his true col­ors and the group is blamed for the Baku­fu mur­ders and ends up in the gaol, while Isaburo gets dealt with and is out of action.  All in one fell-swoop too.  Crafty mofo.  But fear not! Every­one’s favorite police group, the Shin­sen­gu­mi, is on the case!  Or real­ly, just tak­ing over for the Mimawarigu­mi since they dropped the ball on secu­ri­ty this time.

Dude. Sougo. Thats not a good idea...

Dude. Sou­go. That’s not a good idea…

I told you so...

I told you so…

While Hijika­ta, Kon­do and Sou­go get to the bot­tom of what’s going on, Princess Soyo tells the jail­birds a bed­time sto­ry, but it only caus­es the group to final­ly take action against Sada Sada.  Preeeeeeeeet­ty much start a coup d’é­tat against the gov­ern­ment for the sake of an old courtesan.

Furious Five

Furi­ous Five

How­ev­er, Sada Sada is a crafty SOB, so who knows what he has in store for our mot­ley crew of avengers?  Check in next week for the cli­max for the “Cour­te­san of a Nation” arc!

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