Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】16

A very Cardcaptor Sakura holiday!

There’s real­ly not much to say about this episode because there’s no real con­flict con­cern­ing the Clow Cards. As a mat­ter of fact, it’s pret­ty relax­ing, with Saku­ra and her fam­i­ly going to the coun­try­side for a vaca­tion. She meets and befriends a kind­ly old man liv­ing alone there, who in actu­al­i­ty, is her great grandfather. 

The meat of the episode is cer­tain­ly the expand­ed infor­ma­tion and sub­plot we get on Saku­ra’s fam­i­ly. The old man Saku­ra meets in this episode (named Masa­ki Amamiya in the man­ga) is her moth­er’s grand­fa­ther and was against Nadeshiko’s mar­riage with Fuji­ta­ka. Though, after final­ly meet­ing his sweet and inno­cent great grand­daugh­ter (Saku­ra, obvi­ous­ly!), he starts feel­ing some regret about it. Reveal­ing to Saku­ra that he miss­es his deceased grand­daugh­ter (Saku­ra does­n’t know that it’s actu­al­ly her moth­er), who drew him a pic­ture of a rain­bow because he loved to look at them, she decides to do a kind ges­ture for him before she goes home. With the help of Clow Card mag­ic, of course! Need­less to say, it’s very heartwarming.

Because we also need  Forest Fire card aside from Fire

It’s inter­est­ing, though. In the ani­me, she uses The Rain to pro­duce a rain­bow, while in the man­ga she uses Watery. Under­stand­ably so, since rain is, well, water. Which begs the ques­tion, why did Anime!Clow Reed find it nec­es­sary to cre­ate the The Rain card? 😛

Hey! I'm doing that too!

Also, while her mom is off on “fam­i­ly busi­ness” (set­ting up her grand­fa­ther to meet with Saku­ra), Tomoyo stays at home watch­ing Card­cap­tor Saku­ra.

No, seri­ous­ly. The Card­cap­tor Saku­ra ani­me was filmed and pro­duced by Tomoyo Daidou­ji. What? What is this “Mad­house” you’re refer­ring to?

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