Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 06

Too much tsun and too little dere

Ordered tsun­dere and end­ed up with an over­dose of tsun

While I remem­ber the clas­sic tsun­dere char­ac­ters smack­ing their love inter­ests with mal­lets or oth­er objects that had the poten­tial to give con­cus­sions, I don’t think it would work all that well in Haganai’s uni­verse where all those kicks in the leg by Rika lit­er­al­ly left Koda­ka in tears.

Also, speak­ing of Maid Cafés:

Cul­ture Japan is awesome.


Moe Moe Kyuuuuun~

I. Died. Tops the scene from the last episode where Sena and Yozo­ra puked all over Kodaka.

…And then Yozo­ra had to ruined the moment with her glares.

Tsundere yuri scene for the win!

B-…baka Yozo­ra! It’s not like I like you or anything!

It was extreme­ly love­ly see­ing Yozo­ra feel­ing extreme­ly guilty for stomp­ing all over Sena’s hap­py day. It shows that she isn’t the bit­ter witch haters make her out to be.


Next episode is Koba­to’s birth­day? TOTALLY. WORTH IT. Noooooooo, she’s turn­ing 14? A year clos­er to unho­li­ness, I say!

I won­der what Sena will give Koba­to for her birthday?

As if that isn't a physcial cue for something

As if that isn’t a phys­i­cal cue for something…


Imouto Route True Ending GET

Ku ku ku… Reisys VI Felic­i­ty Sumer­a­gi has plans for that.

(Tak­ing out-of-order screen­shots out of con­text, for the win!)

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