Rewrite: Kotori (Queen of the Idols)


And much mon­ey was spent on feed­ing the glut­ton that day.

Hel­lo, boys and girls! Want to know what today’s word is?


Want to know what’s bet­ter? When all of your sup­posed friends do it to you! And then, it gets bet­ter, because you can turn it around and do it right back to your­self, too! And then every­one’s lying to each-oth­er, you are lying to you, and every­one’s just in this huge ball of lies and nobody can tell the dif­fer­ence between what’s real and fake any­more! It’s like a “make your own adven­ture”, except in real-time! Isn’t it grand? It sounds fun!

See a sky-drag­on? All your friends bitch-slap you and out­right lie to your face? Whole school treat­ing you nice­ly for some odd rea­son? Pack that shit away with the mag­ic of lying! Noth­ing ever hap­pened. Noth­ing needs to hap­pen, as long as you have the insane willpow­er to just keep doing it to your­self with­out want­i­ng to punch every sin­gle mir­ror with­in arms reach.

Right, then. Now that I got that out of my sys­tem, this is the first route I did on Rewrite, and as such, all of you love­ly peo­ple get a post about it! I’ll try not to be too spoi­lerif­ic about incred­i­bly big details or swerves, but I might give away some mod­er­ate spoil­er stuff for the sake of con­text. So, if you are alright with that, keep read­ing on. It gets bet­ter. Sort of. Right, right. Must con­tin­ue. Alright, so! With­out more ram­bling, I give you the ever-so-strange and hilar­i­ous, Kanbe Kotori.


She says this in Eng­lish, by the way.

Key’s lat­est attempt at ruin­ing the Eng­lish lan­guage, Honekawa Slim. She’s a good por­tion of all the humor you’ll see in the com­mon route. If you don’t like her, the com­mon route will be pret­ty hard to get through, as Kotori gets a ton of screen-time, espe­cial­ly at the begin­ning. I found her enjoy­able through­out the com­mon route, with her hor­ri­ble and hilar­i­ous attempts at Eng­lish and all of her odd man­ner­isms, but it has been estab­lished already that I love the eccen­tric. So much so that it was almost hard to take her seri­ous­ly when enter­ing her por­tion of the visu­al nov­el. It’s quite the 180.

So, Kotori is a mem­ber of the we-all-love-plants com­mit­tee of the school with a stag­ger­ing knowl­edge of every plant, weed, leaf, tree and grass Poke­mon in eye­’s view. She’s a god-tier lon­er too, although you don’t get to see too much of that except for the begin­ning, real­ly. The whole Occult Club thing takes off pret­ty fast. Any­ways, when she’s not overem­pha­siz­ing her three sizes and telling you all about her glo­ri­ous days as the leader of all the idols, she’s spend­ing her days in the creepy ani­mal-filled for­est for no appar­ent reason!

She also has a pet dog, ele­phant, ham­ster, guinea-pig mam­moth named Chibimoth.

Small but fierce.

With 10% more Chibi and 8% more moth.

Okay, so, where to start? Well, this whole route seems to be meant to be played first. There is a gigan­tic info dump being plas­tered on you, and it can prob­a­bly feel a bit over­whelm­ing at first.  Espe­cial­ly since ques­tions that you’ve had for a good long time dur­ing the com­mon route don’t even get answered! The stone city that you and Inoue both noticed, that weird freaky blonde guy with the dogs, etc. I under­stand how the paths are sup­posed to split after the com­mon route ends, espe­cial­ly since the club ran­dom­ly splits up near the end, but lit­er­al­ly noth­ing else is explained besides Kotori’s involve­ment. Yet the whole route seems to be treat­ing itself as an info dump for you to under­stand the grav­i­ty of shit that is going on here.

Although, Kotori was pret­ty sol­id as a hero­ine; the only com­plaint I have with her specif­i­cal­ly is that after you get all the stress, pain and anger you’ve had in your sys­tem since you under­took a life-alter­ing path in your life off your back by cry­ing on some­one’s back, it starts to get a lit­tle thin after you do it about ten more times. Jokes aside though, I real­ly did feel for Kotori. Not because of the whole “my life sucks” thing, but because she gen­uine­ly felt like she was hav­ing a lot of fun with Kotarou as though it real­ly was the only break she had from the whole hell­ish for­est life she had.

The begin­ning of the route starts out frus­trat­ing­ly, as I lamp­shad­ed ear­li­er with Kotarou lying to him­self every oth­er word, noun and syl­la­ble in order to make him­self believe that if he ignores it hard enough, it’ll all go away. You’d think after how much EVERYONE LIED TO HIM, he’d be a tiny bit more upset. And he should be. And he is, briefly, but then nope. Noth­ing to see here folks. When every­thing gets revealed though, with the ghost that’s been haunt­ing you turn­ing out to be incred­i­bly impor­tant and what Kotori is actu­al­ly doing on her days absent, you start appre­ci­ate all the infor­ma­tion Kotori gives you. Although, as I said before, as an info dump, it did­n’t real­ly answer any­thing I was actu­al­ly won­der­ing besides the UMA’s from the com­mon route.

I’m prob­a­bly nit­pick­ing a bit. Kotori’s pain was easy to sym­pa­thize with for me, some­how. The Key drove me insane and real­ly made me wish Kotarou kin­da punched her a few times, but I’m pret­ty sure there is more to that sto­ry that I’ll see lat­er. Although, as a side-route, it’s prob­a­bly pret­ty good from an infor­ma­tion stand­point. Its a lot more than I expect­ed from a side-route, any­ways, but I think that was because of the mas­sive scale of everything.

Oh. Yeah. This is a Key VN. Won­der­ing how the romance was?


Mother of God

Evolved form of Facepalm.

And this is where my biggest prob­lem lies. No romance in the slight­est. Well, okay. Slight­est, sure. Kotarou con­fess­es once, gets shot down because Kotori is 2deep4u and says a few cou­ple of cheesy as hell lines for the sake of say­ing them. I don’t see the point in even hint­ing at it. Now, let me be clear here; I don’t mind no romance side-routes. Friend­ship and bonds and all that cheesy good stuff is all okay. How­ev­er, it felt like they made the whole plot for the sce­nario and then felt like, at the end, they had to shoe­horn about two scenes every hour that might sort of hint kin­da that Kotori likes Kotarou back.

I real­ly wished it had just dropped this romance thing all togeth­er, or at least make it a lit­tle more clear on Kotori’s side of things, or some­thing. The romance is so damn ambigu­ous and up-in-the-air you have no idea where they actu­al­ly stand. I don’t like how I could take the romance out all togeth­er and replace it with “we’re friends” and it’ll still work. And the end­ing, dear god, that’s in the air as fuck too. It felt like it was all a huge teas­er in order for me to buy the fan disc, which I guess worked, because I’m actu­al­ly curi­ous as to what the hell happened.

I mean, I was expect­ing the romance to take a back seat for this one, truth­ful­ly, but I was still expect­ing it to blend. The romance just hangs there like some sort of unwant­ed broc­coli between the teeth of the plot. I don’t know if it real­ly shows just how dif­fer­ent this is in com­par­i­son to Key’s oth­er works, but it felt like Key’s stuff was in there, it just… was kind of awk­ward. Maybe it’s just me though. I hold Key to a high stan­dard as far as roman­tic involvement.




Hmm. I’m not sure! Kotori’s route has quite a few ups and downs. On the upside, her pain did feel gen­uine. For­get­ting the romance, Kotori, if any­thing, got me emo­tion­al­ly invest­ed into the actu­al plot of the whole visu­al nov­el. Kotori’s down­ward spi­ral was sad to see, espe­cial­ly after see­ing how hap­py she was only when we saw her dur­ing the com­mon route. It real­ly sold how big the whole sit­u­a­tion was. I did… kind of feel small as hell in the grand scheme of shit that I did­n’t under­stand. Kotori, guardian of The Key, extreme­ly involved and not-involved at all. Just one duty.

As I said ear­li­er,  the romance is pret­ty flim­sy, but I prob­a­bly should elab­o­rate. The sto­ry Rewrite tries to tell is a hell of a lot more intri­cate and com­plex then oth­er pre­vi­ous works Key has done. I total­ly under­stand that the romance had to take the side-car while the sto­ry drove the motor­cy­cle. It makes sense and I have no prob­lems with the sys­tem, I just have the way it was exe­cut­ed in this route. Hon­est­ly, if that con­fes­sion had nev­er hap­pened and he had just con­fessed at the end of it all I think it would have had a lot more mean­ing to it then what we got. Think­ing about it now, I could prob­a­bly attatch this whole prob­lem to the very end­ing of the route. The total lack of clo­sure to the cou­ple it want­ed me to see with all the up-in-the-air impli­ca­tions from ear­li­er just did­n’t add right, so that might be it.

And also, as bad as I did feel for Kotori, I’m very iffy on routes that focus on a girls suf­fer­ing and expect you to feel bad or pity her. Mind you, it worked for me this time and I did feel bad for her, but I’d be lying if I said it did­n’t feel a lit­tle bit of a cheap way of get­ting an emo­tion­al rouse. I feel bad, but at the same time it just felt… odd. Like it felt a bit weird to be feel­ing bad for her when I should be wor­ry­ing about “this, that and all of those”, but it kept shov­ing the whole “cute suf­fer­ing girl” thing at me over and over again to make me for­get about the scale of crazy shit I’m in.

Any­ways, it suc­ceed­ed in one thing. I am incred­i­bly curi­ous on the rest of the routes. It’ll be a bit weird read­ing Kotori’s stuff in the oth­er routes now, though, know­ing all that I do now. The mys­tery real­ly got a lot deep­er with Kotori and I did enjoy her char­ac­ter and all the inter­ac­tion I had with her, so I can give the route a pass. Con­trary to how this all prob­a­bly sounds, I can’t say I did­n’t actu­al­ly enjoy read­ing Kotoris route, but my expe­ri­ence read­ing it and review­ing it are kind-of seper­ate. Heres hop­ing for the fan­disc. This route seri­ous­ly needs it.

Any­way! Shizu­ru next! Not sure when that’ll come up, but, prob­a­bly won’t be too long. So, I’ll see ya’ guys lat­er. Ciao.


Miko­to’s Ulti­mate Wai­fu Route is A‑go.

6 thoughts on “Rewrite: Kotori (Queen of the Idols)

  1. Over­all for me, Akane still rains as the best com­mon router char­ac­ter in-game. [SPOILER]Specially her com­mon route end­ing that made me laugh for hours[/SPOILER]. But Kotori’s inau­gur­al speech, lines and quotes are the best d(^_^d). Like what you said, since Kotori was just so much of a hap­py girl in the com­mon route that its real­ly hard to believe that she would have a seri­ous voice as well in her lines. 

    Any­way, not bad for a review for Kotori. It made me reme­ber the times I played this route.
    You should also check the part where­in Kotori and Kotarou vis­it­ed Yoshi­no’s house if you haven’t seen that part yet. I rec­om­mend it.

  2. I felt that one impor­tant part about Kotori’s route was actu­al­ly Yoshi­no, despite only appear­ing in the begin­ning and near the end. The one time I cried in her route was when [SPOILER]Yoshino came to help save Kotarou from the brink of death.[/SPOILER]

    Though it seems that the most impor­tant part with Yoshi­no only hap­pens if you “Be Hon­est” with white fang in the com­mon route, so if any­one played Kotori’s route but Lied to White Fang… I sug­gest you try it again

    1. Oh Yoshi­no, such a bro. I prob­a­bly should have men­tioned Yoshi­no a bit here. He gets about as much romance atten­tion as Kotori does. 

      I’ve grown kind of fond of Yoshi­no late­ly. I used to think he was kind of hard to like, but he’s grown on me pret­ty heavily.

  3. I laughed when you said “He gets about as much romance atten­tion as Kotori does.” Oh so true

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