Rewrite: Shizuru (Ripe for the picking!)


Mei­do Miko­to Wai­fu Deluxe!

Shizu­ru’s route is about the over­whelm­ing force of Shizu­ru’s pain-induc­ing imag­i­na­tion as Run­star, Saury­man, Pok­er­face and Gaffe Giraffe-san all com­bine efforts to take over the known world. Run­star shoves Kotarou’s face into the dirt, prov­ing that every­thing does, indeed, smell like the sea. We’re all forced to bow as hulka­ma­nia runs wild on us, Guardian and Gaia join forces to take on the real threat of the world while the entire world blows up in a gigan­tic nuclear strike via the lat­ter, prov­ing that human­i­ty are all ass­holes and the Key was right in the first place. Oh, and some­where along the lines, I com­mit rit­u­al sep­puku after the absur­di­ty that was this route’s ending.

We’ll get to that later.



Ser­vant Class: Berserker

Shizu­ru, my per­son­al favorite char­ac­ter con­cern­ing hilar­i­ty! As every­one knows by now, the thing that seems to me my favorite char­ac­ter trait or arche­type is the eccen­tric, lack-of-com­mon-sense (dead­pan voice is a +) and down­right strange types that appear. Shizu­ru not only fits all that, but her facial-expres­sion lan­guage and her rather vivid imag­i­na­tion makes her fair­ly hilar­i­ous and col­or­ful as a character.

She’s pret­ty strong-willed, too. Sur­pris­ing­ly so. I ini­tial­ly thought they were going to go for anoth­er pity-trip with Shizu­ru, but… not real­ly. There’s one scene that takes place near (or dur­ing, can’t remem­ber) the com­mon route where she explains her past, but besides that small moment of weak­ness, you don’t get much room to actu­al­ly feel sor­ry for her. It’s good to see a char­ac­ter gen­uine­ly strong with­out focus on some sort of painful and dark past that lead her to become super tough and 2deep.

Any­ways, I was fair­ly invest­ed into Shizu­ru before her route even began, which makes it a bit hard to review prop­er­ly, since I cared from the start. And it might be because of my own lit­tle niche for the odd-ball char­ac­ters, so, take it as you will. I think, at the very least, she does­n’t real­ly do any­thing worth dis­lik­ing her for and I’d kind of expect most peo­ple would get a few laughs out of her even if you don’t get invest­ed all the way. She also cre­at­ed Run­star and is the deity that Miko­to’s samu­rai wor­ships in Pathfind­er. She’s no joke, yo.


High Over­lord Gaffe Giraffe-san!

Right, so! Shizu­ru’s sto­ry is about one of the sides in that giant holy shit con­flict we saw in Kotori’s route, rather than being some ran­dom mid­dle man! Kotarou has clear­ly cho­sen a side this time. He seems to be dra­mat­i­cal­ly less use­ful (bor­der­ing on hin­drance) this run around, but it’s not total­ly his fault. There’s not much the poor guy can do in this sit­u­a­tion, real­ly, except sit there and sup­port Shizu­ru all the way through.

Speak­ing of which, one thing that’s changed from Kotori’s route is that the sto­ry-telling for romance AND sto­ry isn’t as in the air as life in out­er-space. Even if it’s not said, it’s clear as hell where Shizu­ru and Kotarou stand the entire way through. Once again, it isn’t the focus and does play sec­ond fid­dle to the plot (which it should), but it did­n’t feel forced or awk­ward in… well, any way, hon­est­ly. Shizu­ru as a love inter­est felt gen­uine enough to ben­e­fit the slice of life. I do like to pre­tend that Guardian actu­al­ly is using him to keep her mind occu­pied to pre­vent Gaffe Giraffe-san and co. from tak­ing over the world, but that’s a seper­ate issue.

Kotarou gets the “you know too much” spiel dur­ing this route. How­ev­er, instead of attempt­ing to kill him like in cliche action movies, Guardian has decid­ed that they could prob­a­bly keep him around, if only because god of evil and dark­ness Shizu­ru said so. So, Shizu­ru gets put on watch-dog duty for every­one’s favorite moron Kotarou. So, this results in Shizu­ru mov­ing in with him, which thanks to Shizu­ru’s rather hilar­i­ous char­ac­ter leads to pre­dictable results and frankly the slice of life was prob­a­bly the most enjoy­able part of the route. Not that the sto­ry build­ing was bad, but there isn’t a real ten­sion or fear until I’d say the 80% mark.

Around said 80% mark is when all the insane stuff starts hap­pen­ing. I think they may have slammed the ham­mer down too hard on this one, to be hon­est. The ini­tial prob­lem at the begin­ning of the route is quite obvi­ous­ly going to be solved unless they stretched the entire flash­back the whole span of the route, so while I was rather relieved when it was solved, I can’t say I was wor­ried about it tak­ing a dark turn for the worst. This is a com­plete turn-around from what hap­pens near the end, which is the equiv­a­lent of some­one kick­ing down your door and throw­ing every plate, glass, cat, per­son and kitchen sink it can wrap its fin­gers around towards your gen­er­al direction.

It might be because that the whole “enjoy your time togeth­er while it lasts” sort of mes­sage seems to be the thing that’s said a lot dur­ing the route, but I feel like I might be look­ing to far into it. It could very well be just awk­ward pac­ing, but I’m a lit­tle hes­i­tant to call it a fault, so I’ll have to leave that one in the air for awhile.

Any­ways, this route prob­a­bly sounds pret­ty good right now. An enjoy­able hero­ine, a lot of infor­ma­tion and sto­ry being giv­en to the read­er (which is damn good so far. Rewrite’s sto­ry is intrigu­ing as hell) with some dra­ma, hap­pi­ness and sad­ness all rolled into a side-route. Of course, it’s still a side-route, so you can’t expect any­thing too hard­core, and the intrigue of the sto­ry behind Rewrite def­i­nite­ly car­ries it a bit, I would­n’t say any­thing is over­ly bad.




My reac­tion exactly.

So, we get to the end­ing. Shit is EVERYWHERE, sac­ri­fices are made, peo­ple can’t find their breath mints and there is some seri­ous­ly AMAZING as hell music play­ing in the back­ground. All the shit the whole route has lamp­shad­ed, fore­shad­owed and all the infor­ma­tion you’ve been giv­en is final­ly com­ing to ahead. It’s pret­ty intense and you kind of think every­thing is screwed, but it’s okay! Hope is every­where. Sub­tle, of course, but there. So there that it’s impos­si­ble to ignore. This pay­off is going to be great.

See, there’s a scene involv­ing a diary where it kind of hit its peak for me. It was obvi­ous where it was all going. What was going to be on the oth­er side of the doors when they decid­ed to open. It’s clear as day, right? Well… sort of! You get what you want­ed, all right. Oh do you EVER. I swear they did this to make fun of me, because that’s the only god damn log­i­cal con­clu­sion I can come up with for this freak­ing nightmare.

Read at your own per­il: Spoil­er Ahead!

Look, I under­stand mes­sage and bit­ter­sweet and what­ev­er, but this was just… well, shit! Sure, the alter­nate ver­sion of the end­ing which I’m sure most peo­ple were expect­ing would prob­a­bly be just as cheap and poten­tial­ly triv­i­al­ize a lot of what hap­pened dur­ing the route too, don’t get me wrong, but I think it would have been far, far more sat­is­fy­ing to see it unfold. And the char­ac­ters I think would have deserved it too. I don’t know, if they can ran­dom­ly ass-pull some sort of deranged point­less sym­bol­ism, I think they could have found a way to ass-pull some­thing that not only would have felt bet­ter emo­tion­al­ly, would have been far, far more satisfying.


Annnnnd rant over.


I’m nev­er one to say that an end­ing should decide the qual­i­ty of an entire route, but every­thing real­ly got laughed at. The pac­ing gives you whiplash, but even dur­ing the hap­py parts of the whole route you still get the feel­ing it’s all lead­ing up to some­thing. I hon­est­ly can’t remem­ber the time a side-route’s end­ing got my jim­mies so rus­tled. I’m hav­ing trou­ble see­ing any­thing good about this end­ing. At all. It’s cheap, damn near car­toon­ish with some weird sym­bol­ism and very lit­tle infor­ma­tion as to HOW, which makes the rest of the route’s lead-up to it seem entire­ly point­less and stu­pid. I just… I don’t know. Maybe if they did­n’t do it at the VERY end and expand­ed it a bit more, it’d be a lit­tle more sat­is­fy­ing. It’s high­ly pos­si­ble I’m a lit­tle more annoyed sim­ply because I liked Shizu­ru’s char­ac­ter and kind of think it got shaft­ed right before the cred­its. I’m not sure.

Besides that, only a cou­ple things to say! I would have pre­ferred if pre-flash­back would have been a bit longer. You kind of got rushed into it a bit, but I don’t think most peo­ple will care while read­ing it. It’s a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ing they did­n’t expand on it a bit more, I think it’d have added quite a bit. And as I’ve said before, it’s pos­si­ble you won’t actu­al­ly feel any rea­son to think the prob­lem at the begin­ning won’t be fixed, which can result in a lack of ten­sion until the VN throws its house at you.

As for good points, Shizu­ru is hard to hate and to me was the com­plete oppo­site, which means I actu­al­ly enjoyed all the slice of life seg­ments between her and Kotarou. Also, this route gives quite a lot of infor­ma­tion on every­thing about the set­ting from the side of Guardian, which is pret­ty nice after going through the mid­dle-man’s route. And the cli­max real­ly does what it sets out to do. The hope­less­ness was pret­ty damn gen­uine. I just wish– Ugh. No. Nope. I said I was done rant­i­ng. No more.

Any­ways, I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I’ve been hear­ing a lot about Akane’s route, so I’ll prob­a­bly save that for last. I think I’ll go walk to Chi’s route and see what its like on the oth­er side of this whole craziness.

Bye for now!


I’ll hope­ful­ly get to see Chi­haya’s fireball!

9 thoughts on “Rewrite: Shizuru (Ripe for the picking!)

  1. I real­ly like Shizu when he trolls Yoshi­no cool words.
    Like that time when Kotorou gave Yoshi­no the title “The Crusher”(Buster all?):

    Yoshi­no said “I am Crusher(Buster all) in both name and fact!!

    But Shizu insert­ed it and said “He also crush­es dreams” though it should have been “If you say it fast, he’s also a bath tow­el”.

    Any­way, the good thing about KEY is:
    You either get a good end­ing or get a bad end­ing for good(no good end­ing for all) which make the sto­ry to pre­dict the ending.

  2. I sim­ply don’t under­stand all the hate for the end­ing… I just don’t…

    [spoiler]The whole tree thing was Kotarou’s way of sur­viv­ing “sal­va­tion”. Sakuya became a tree because he want­ed to live and repent, in order to make up for not pro­tect­ing his girl (for­got her name). Kotarou did the same but to ful­fill the promise he made with Shizu­ru. What exact­ly were you expect­ing in terms of pay­off? Giv­en the entire build up at the end, you could­n’t have expect­ed a hap­py end­ing right? [/spoiler]

    Per­haps I just need you to explain specif­i­cal­ly why you called the end­ing point­less symbolism…

    Real­ly, be quite hon­est, since I enjoyed the end­ing so much, I’m hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing my fan­boy­ism in check after read­ing your review.

    1. Hmmm.. I’m try­ing to think of a way to explain with­out spoil­er tags, but I think I’ll have to.

      [Spoil­er] It all feels forced to me. I under­stand that he used the Rewrite abil­i­ty to not be a drain on Shizu­ru, but to me, the entire sac­ri­fice felt real­ly stu­pid. This might just be me, but it was nev­er said that he need­ed to Rewrite him­self into qua­si immor­tal­i­ty to sev­er the chain with him and Shizu­ru, and no where in this con­tract does it say he has to sit there and endure sal­va­tion. I don’t get it.

      Also, why it hap­pens is very, very vague. I know it’s sort of explained in Chi­haya’s route, but that isn’t exat­ly a point in favor of this route. It’s sim­ply very, very ran­dom. And no, I was­n’t real­ly expect­ing a hap­py end­ing. Rewrite has a very big theme of; “Earn your hap­py end­ing” and Kotarou was a bur­den dur­ing this route, but I was expect­ing some­thing. A lead up. Sat­is­fy­ing. And this sim­ply was­n’t it. I under­stand why peo­ple like it, truth­ful­ly. Espe­cial­ly because of Shizu­ru the char­ac­ter. [/spoiler]

  3. I’d also like to quote Shikon here before you write your response.

    Yeah I com­plete­ly agree, I rarely ever say any­thing neg­a­tive about a favorite series but with that being said I still acknowl­edge the neg­a­tive aspects(which some­times I may not real­ize until its brought to my attention).”

  4. Messed up the spoil­er tags there…

    [spoiler]I just skipped until the end of her route again just to con­firm my thoughts. He first sev­ered the con­nec­tion between Shizu­ru by Rewrit­ing it before Rewrit­ing him­self into qua­si immor­tal­i­ty, mean­ing that he did­n’t need to be immor­tal to sev­er the chain. You’re right in that it does­n’t say he has to endure sal­va­tion but that was his deci­sion. Like I said:

    Sakuya became a tree because he want­ed to live and repent, in order to make up for not pro­tect­ing his girl (for­got her name). Kotarou did the same but to ful­fill the promise he made with Shizuru.”

    That promise was that they would meet again, and to do that, Kotarou felt that he had to sur­vive sal­va­tion. [/spoiler]

    1. Oh dear god, I was forum surf­ing at the same time and total­ly switched the tags. That’s slight­ly embarassing.

      Any­ways, [spoil­er] I sim­ply don’t like the deci­sion. It just comes off at a forced attempt at a depress­ing end­ing that did­n’t real­ly need to be there besides the theme of ‘earn your hap­py end­ing’ that is pre­v­e­lent through-out Rewrite. I feel a lot of Shizu­ru’s route is ‘enjoy your time togeth­er while it lasts’, which gets absolute­ly blast­ed by an end­ing like this where they are ‘tech­ni­cal­ly’ togeth­er still. And once again, The route does absolute­ly lit­tle to explain the process behind Rewrit­ing your­self into semi god­hood. This descrip­tion was actu­al­ly quite a bit worse until I read Chi­hayas route. Not only that, in Chi­hayas route, it implies that this change isn’t nec­ces­sar­i­ly per­ma­nent, either, which deval­ues the liv­ing hell out of it.

      Truth be told, I almost want to say I think it’d have been bet­ter to have Kotarou pass away in sal­va­tion rather then Rewrit­ing him­self into this, but my heart can’t bring myself to real­ly offi­cial­ize it, cause I would have been real­ly damn sad instead of stupi­fied. [/spoiler]

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