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Ohtori Sakuya, ladies and gents. If you could­n’t tell imme­di­ate­ly, the man prac­ti­cal­ly bleeds Shou­jo swag. But­ler to the human rock­et Chi­haya with the abil­i­ty to turn Kotarous name into weird, rude and some­times vile muta­tions of itself, Sakuya spends a huge por­tion of the com­mon route and occa­sion­al­ly parts of oth­er peo­ples route hat­ing you for no real defin­able rea­son whilst at the same time try­ing to make sure Chi­haya does­n’t end up on a moun­tain or the cen­ter of the earth since she has the brain­pow­er of most rocks.

I’m not sure if Sakuya was writ­ten to be dis­liked or not, but if he was they did­n’t do a very good job at it. Sakuya was a bit annoy­ing to lis­ten to at times dur­ing the com­mon route but it becomes painful­ly clear very quick­ly that Sakuya is all talk and might rival Lucia in terms of tsun­dere. He even grows into a gigan­tic bro, espe­cial­ly get­ting to the end of the route where you learn his sto­ry almost to the point of near­ly becoming–

I feel like I’m for­get­ting something.

Maybe not though.

I think there’s a brain in there somewhere.

The  arse­nal of destruc­tion, Ohtori Chi­haya! One of the more amus­ing dense char­ac­ters I think I’ve seen in recent mem­o­ry. With the IQ of your every­day stone but with the destruc­tive pow­er of godzil­la mixed with a nuclear weapon, her exis­tence is quite the mys­tery in and of itself as she rips tele­phone poles out of the cement like they’re straws and car­ries fridges over her head like they’re pil­lows, yet  might bare­ly just edge out over a spoon as far as brain pow­er is con­cerned. It’s all (most­ly) played for laughs, though. Chi­haya is a love­able moron despite it all and isn’t real­ly sup­posed to be some sort of super 2deep4u char­ac­ter that we just can’t under­stand. She’s pret­ty good at keep­ing it simple.

Any­ways, this is where I’m actu­al­ly start­ing to real­ly like Rewrite’s char­ac­ter­i­za­tion as I move through one char­ac­ter route to anoth­er. I’ve been a lit­tle harsh so far in some of the side-routes but despite any flaw I can point out most of the char­ac­ters remain like­able regard­less. It’s always nice to see char­ac­ters that I can enjoy the slice-of-life and screen­time they get with­out just sink­ing into tol­er­a­tion over enjoy­ment. Hav­ing said that, I can’t say Chi­hayas char­ac­ter grew from start to fin­ish or any­thing of the sort. If any­thing I think we saw Sakuya grow more as a char­ac­ter more than she did, but as I said before, I think try­ing to force-feed some sort of les­son with such a sim­ple char­ac­ter would have came across as too awk­ward, so that’ll remain a nitpick.

Speak­ing of nit­pick­ing, before every­one starts to think that I’ve grown soft after endur­ing the heart-filled ‘gehs’ of our talk­ing cat­a­clysm Chi­haya, I should prob­a­bly start talk­ing about some of the things that were a bit off the side of the road.  Which leads me to pos­si­bly the most hilar­i­ous vil­lain I’ve ever had to see.

I'm paraphrasing, but seriously.

I want to destroy stuff cause that’s what bad peo­ple do.

There is a phrase I tend to throw around alot which is ‘car­toon­ish­ly vil­lain­ous’ and this guy prac­ti­cal­ly defines it in a rather JRPG sense of it. This guy comes equipped with a hye­na laugh, the pow­er of fire, some sort of hoody, the works. Some­where, Sephi­roth and an antag­o­nist from James Bond got togeth­er and did the nasty and out-came this dia­mond; Midou.  They could have renamed this guy Skele­tor and I would have bought it completely.

There’s some effort on the VN’s part to sort of draw some sort of com­par­i­son between him and Kotarou which I can’t say I ever real­ly took seri­ous­ly either because it did­n’t make any freak­ing sense. Yes, sure. Kotarou is fight­ing for an albeit stu­pid rea­son (Chi­haya the nuclear weapon!) but to say that Midou’s whole “I want to burn things cause burn­ing things is all In can do” is in any way relat­able to what Kotarou does and fights for as a per­son is a lit­tle unbe­liev­able at its best. I think Midou was sup­posed to rep­re­sent some sort of ‘easy-way out’ Kotarou was capa­ble of doing, but did any­one seri­ous­ly take this com­par­i­son seri­ous­ly? Kotarou renames gang­sters to lamesters in his free time while Midou acts like he would be devour­ing chil­dren. Well, if we’re com­par­ing stuff, might as well go all out! Like.. San­ta Clause and Fred­dy Krueger. Maybe even the Tooth Fairy and your res­i­den­tial crime lord.

Mind you I’ve nev­er tried to destroy the world (except for that one time) so maybe I don’t know the thrills of being some sort of psy­chopath on a war-path for the sake of being on a war-path. At one point they even try to make Midou come off as sym­pa­thet­ic which falls flat on its face because the whole VN just shoved the fact that he’s some sort of total ass­hole with­out a con­scious the entire freak­ing time. With­out spoil­ing too much though, Midou gets a bit of a demo­tion, which is when the route final­ly get’s on track to the main plot of Rewrite, so for­get­ting that ever happened…

I'll use the Chihaya Fireball as backup!

Pre­pare to fire the Chi­haya Catapult!

So, the qual­i­ty of the route starts fir­ing on more cylin­ders when we hit the lat­er half of the route. We start see­ing alot more dra­ma from Guardian and Sakuya’s char­ac­ter swerves start com­ing from left and right. We also get even more infor­ma­tion in the grand scope of things. Kotarou’s abil­i­ty even gets alot of light shed on it while the romance even gets the spot­light a few more times before the end­ing. I’m a lit­tle sad that we did­n’t get this right from the begin­ning and instead had to deal with the deranged cousin of the actu­al prob­lem, but what­ev­er. Every­thing does even­tu­al­ly fall into place. Pre­dictably, but I’d say neat­ly, if that makes any sense.

Yes, yes. Final­ly. All the ques­tions come down to the thrilling cli­max, the epic speech­es, the devel­op­ment and char­ac­ter pay­off with  lethal dos­es of shounen tropes about thir­ty god damn times.

I like cli­mac­tic and huge scoped end­ings as much as the next guy, real­ly, but you can’t keep throw­ing con­clu­sions at what looks to be end­ing sce­nar­ios only to either have it come back or have anoth­er absurd­ly big­ger prob­lem come into scope the sec­ond after with­out devalu­ing it. This route could have used quite a bit of a trim on the edges, real­ly. The spot­light real­ly did­n’t want to make up it’s mind on what it want­ed to focus on and instead chose to stretch every­thing out to the lim­it which can make the whole thing seem­ing­ly drag on for­ev­er. And this is where I express more grat­i­tude at keep­ing Chi­haya the right hand of armaged­don sim­ple and like­able, because I think the floor would have giv­en out if she had start­ed steal­ing spot­light time for some sort of char­ac­ter growth.

Now, I don’t real­ly want to harp on the shounen tropes that much. I haven’t knee-jerked that much to them and I think I’ll prob­a­bly be see­ing more lat­er, but this route was real­ly stuffed with them to the point where I think they ran out and need­ed to start using end­ing tropes for all the cli­max­es because they had­n’t met quo­ta. Now, I think every­ones prob­a­bly going to react dif­fer­ent­ly to the amount of tropes being played straight here so I don’t think I can actu­al­ly say how good it is or not. It’ll all depend on you. Per­son­al­ly, it did­n’t real­ly both­er me for the most part until near the end when they are fired at you with dead­ly veloc­i­ty. And hon­est­ly I can’t real­ly say they both­ered me to the point of dis­lik­ing them, but I can’t say a voice in my head was­n’t telling me how cliche’ this all seemed. So, this’ll be a bit up in the air.

And for my final nit­pick, Rewrite’s fight scenes so far have been incred­i­bly aver­age at best. I’ve thrown water-bot­tles that felt more sat­is­fy­ing then some of the ani­ma­tions so far and I’m not blam­ing the shounen tropes for this one. The ani­ma­tions and lights can some­times feel and look incred­i­bly slug­gish which can sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly mur­der any attempt at flow from the start. I haven’t com­plained about it yet but Chi­haya the supreme destroy­ers route it feels like every­one is out to pull you inside out which means the fights we get also get wheeled out in incred­i­ble frequency.

Chihaya learned Solar Beam!

Sor­ry, got­ta keep some­thing in the air for the fandisc!


Well, for not giv­ing me too bad of an end­ing that only slight­ly kept itself open for the fan­disc to come way and make a mess of the place, Chi­haya the fifth horse­men’s route was a rather fun read to me. Sakuya despite him­self turned out to be real­ly like­able and end­ed up being the heart of the sto­ry, real­ly.  The romance while side­lined feels prob­a­bly the most legit so far among the three I’ve done so far despite it’s mod­er­a­tion. The infor­ma­tion it gives is pret­ty good too. And I can’t for­get that Chi­haya, despite being the human made form of a nat­ur­al dis­as­ter, remained pret­ty con­sis­tent and will prob­a­bly remain enjoy­able to most peo­ple who liked her dur­ing the com­mon route.

How­ev­er, this route prob­a­bly has the most flaws com­pared to the oth­ers I’ve done. This route will prob­a­bly be for­get­table to most peo­ple, lack­ing quite a bit of ‘wow’ moments that aren’t imme­di­ate­ly deval­ued by the next ‘wow’ moment that comes direct­ly after. With all the spot­light switch­ing the route can feel stretched far too thin, espe­cial­ly con­cern­ing the end­ing. I’m not ready to call the amount of shounen tropes in it a flaw yet, but I think most peo­ple will think it’s rather cliche at times and very pre­dictable when it reach­es its (actu­al) cli­max. And I can’t for­get the first half of the route, which tries to make us believe that Midou is actu­al­ly sup­posed to be tak­en seri­ous­ly, which to me, fell com­plete­ly on its face when the only thing I could think of was Dr. Claw with a fetish for fire.

Despite my obses­sive need to pick nits, i’d prob­a­bly be not only repeat­ing myself but com­ing off as a bit dis­hon­est. The route gave fair­ly good infor­ma­tion, an inter­est­ing char­ac­ter in Sakuya, more screen-time and back-sto­ry to the rather odd Gil and Pani, a fair­ly believ­able romance even in low amounts and it end­ed in slight­ly pre­dictable but sat­is­fy­ing fash­ion. So, yes. Chi­hayas route isn’t any­thing new, but if you don’t dis­like the tropes, you’ll prob­a­bly find this fair­ly fun as well.

One small tid­bit: This route actu­al­ly gives a lit­tle bit more to what I under­stand about Shizu­rus end­ing. My opin­ion has­n’t changed though, even with more con­text. I still find it stu­pid on Shizu­rus end, espe­cial­ly in comparison.

So. Next will be Lucia which I’ve heard quite a deal of pos­i­tive about. I’m look­ing for­ward to it. I’m nor­mal­ly not one for the exces­sive­ly tsun types, but Lucia has grown on me a bit.

Ciao for now!



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