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I love you too, don’t worry.

I always like giv­ing cred­it where cred­it is due, and nobody deserves more cred­it then Akane’s voice actress, Eri Kita­mu­ra. I could nev­er shake off that feel­ing that she’d make a killing work­ing in phone-sex ser­vice. Even the most banal con­ver­sa­tions gave off a sul­try and very dirty feel­ing to them. I real­ly have to won­der long for ques­tion what an H scene would be like with Akane in ques­tion. There would prob­a­bly be a lot of whips. And hand­cuffs. Pos­si­bly rope depend­ing on how frisky Kotarou is feel­ing at the time.

Releas­ing my inner masochism aside, I feel like I want to know where the.. inspi­ra­tion for Akane came from. Did some­one have a real­ly hot and dirty sound­ing sadist for a girl­friend one time? How did they bring it up when they were dis­cussing char­ac­ters? “So! This girl here. Yes. Make sure her route is real­ly sad. With a lot of thought pro­vok­ing mes­sages and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment for Kotarou. And don’t for­get the sexy voice and atti­tude, too! If we’re going to get all seri­ous and grit­ty we might as well give a stiffy at the same time.” The bas­tards.

Ladies and gen­tle­men, Rewrites lead­ing cause of awk­ward erec­tions, Sen­ri Akane!

Not. One.

 Not a sin­gle damn was giv­en that day.

Akane is one of those rare treats that occa­sion­al­ly does­n’t fall into much of any fixed arche­types at all. She’s eccen­tric, sadis­tic and rather dark / gloomy when she wants to be. None of that detracts from her hilar­i­ous­ness, though. She’s quite the NEET, which becomes no more appar­ent by the time she (no, that’s not pho­to­shopped) calls Kotarou a lit­er­al noob. How­ev­er, because some dark pow­er is afoot, she is some­how pushed by fate into the posi­tion of pres­i­dent of the Occult Club… despite her per­son­al scep­ti­cism towards all things super­nat­ur­al. Con­trary to what one would expect from the laid back, docile demeanour of a neet, the insult­ed, humil­i­at­ed Kotarou nev­er lives down a sin­gle mis­take when cross­ing her — suf­fer­ing either men­tal or the occa­sion­al phys­i­cal trau­ma for doing so. If there is one thing Akane has going for her, it’s that she man­ages to be damn sexy while doing it.

She also promised to let Kotarou touch her boobs if he proved super­nat­ur­al stuff exist­ed. Which I did. Take that, you witch.

On the seri­ous side of things, Akane’s char­ac­ter is quite gigan­tic, to the point where I’m not exact­ly sure how to sum it up very neat­ly. Espe­cial­ly since you could half call this the Kotarou route since his char­ac­ter is so deeply inter­wo­ven in the growth under­tak­en along­side Akane. Her ‘true’ char­ac­ter isn’t some­thing that’s hid­den from the audi­ence at the start, as con­trast­ed to the Luci­a’s route. Akane is a very for­ward yet a rather large labyrinth of a char­ac­ter. She is so mul­ti­fac­eted that the read­er might not be able to keep up with her, but I think it’s part of her charm, hon­est­ly. Of course, lov­ing Akane is a bit of a tri­al in and of itself, as you learn very thor­ough­ly dur­ing her route. What with all the holy woman shenani­gans along side the sheer mag­ni­tude of the crazy shit she tries to pull you into. It’s quite a lot to take in. Although, after Chi­haya’s route, I guess I can’t say I did­n’t see the crazy train com­ing. Even so, Akane is still some­how hon­est to the core. And even through the dark­est por­tions of her route it’ll be hard to dis­like her.

Per­son­al­ly, I real­ly liked Kotarou’s growth as a char­ac­ter here. Some­one who has to dis­miss his own human­i­ty and embrace some real­ly twist­ed ideals in order to live for some­one who is already so beyond that line her­self. He cross­es this line at such break­neck speed that he can no longer rec­og­nize his old self any­more. He endures a lot. One time he com­ments on how he’s start­ing to look as if he aged ten years over the course of the last year alone, which I think sums up his growth rather accu­rate­ly. Kotarou works hard, albeit for quite some odd ideals at times, see­ing how he’s ful­ly fledged with Gaia this time around.  It’s a rather inter­est­ing way of look­ing at the whole pro­tag­o­nist and play­er rela­tion­ship, as Kotarou gets clos­er and clos­er to the break­ing point and you feel him slip­ping away from his human­i­ty along with.. well, human­i­ty. It gets to the point where you won­der how much you actu­al­ly knew him in com­par­i­son to all the oth­er routes.

Sor­ry, this is get­ting a bit too melo­dra­mat­ic. Here, have some Akane being mean, you masochis­tic pervert.


I‑I mean, no. This was degrad­ing. And insult­ing. Yeah.

Akane’s route is a lit­tle more then incred­i­bly bleak and hope­less. It real­ly show­cas­es one of Rewrites main themes (which I’ll prob­a­bly talk about more in my full review after I fin­ish Moon/Terra) which is human­i­ty’s rela­tion­ship with the world. I can’t say it does­n’t seem a lit­tle.. small in scope though, since we nev­er real­ly see the rest of the world, but it real­ly show­cas­es how small we can be if the nat­ur­al order of things just decid­ed to give us the fin­ger. It is hope­ful in a small sense where you can kind of see human­i­ty com­ing togeth­er at cer­tain sec­tions and actu­al­ly try and bet­ter them­selves, but there’s not much of it. Akane real­ly made me think a bit. It’s actu­al­ly kind of hard to think of words on how to sum this route up with­out spoil­ing any­thing with­out just say­ing ‘it’s good.’

There’s a lit­tle bit of Sci­ence vs Reli­gion here, but it nev­er real­ly gets fleshed out into that much beyond a pass­ing detail, which I’m a bit grate­ful for. It most­ly show­cas­es how nei­ther side can be good but how both sides can be equal­ly as wrong. It would have been a bit inter­est­ing to see it get pushed a lit­tle far­ther but I don’t think that’s what it would be going for. After all, it does­n’t real­ly mat­ter if you’re a bish­op or if you’re a sci­en­tist, you’re still a human, and in this uni­verse being a human is rea­son enough to get moth­er natures foot­print implant­ed into your face. So, the whole thing gets kind of brushed to the side, which I’m thank­ful for since it’d prob­a­bly have been a bit out of place in the grand scheme of things.

Also, the fight­ing in this scene seems to have gone up a bit in qual­i­ty since it’s less about detailed flashy moves and more about lives being ripped away from peo­ple. It’s a lot more.. vio­lent in this route then the oth­er side ones, which I guess fits into the whole dark bleak bru­tal­i­ty of the rest of the whole sce­nario. I’m actu­al­ly a bit hard pressed to come up with crit­i­cism besides one, which is once again a bit of a romance cry. Look, I under­stand that Rewrite isn’t about the romance and that it’s sup­posed to take the pas­sen­ger seat, but it’s real­ly hard to con­nect to a char­ac­ter where his sole moti­va­tion is being with some­body he loves when we nev­er get to see any­thing besides the romance’s damn shad­ow. It’s less about the qual­i­ty of the romance and hon­est­ly more about quan­ti­ty. Kotarou is will­ing to sac­ri­fice his own life a hun­dred and twen­ty times over, I get that, but if every nice thing and hap­py toast they share is time skipped and glossed over, how are we sup­posed to know it’s even the slight­est bit fuck­ing gen­uine? Kotarou and Akane could have got­ten freak­ing mar­ried and I would have nev­er known about it.

Besides that though there’s real­ly not much to com­plain about. The pac­ing is pret­ty good, if not a lit­tle drag­gy towards the end. The char­ac­ters it focus­es on are explored and grow believ­ably. Lots of con­flict. Of course, it is all rather bleak and har­row­ing at times, quite pos­si­bly leav­ing a few peo­ple dead inside. The end­ing is even bleak despite it’s rather hope­ful way of look­ing at things. In some cas­es it’s a fright­ened girl get­ting too much put on her plate and being forced to inher­it pow­er and ideals that she nev­er asked for, and in some oth­ers it’s a guy strug­gling with what he’s becom­ing as he descends into some sort of wicked spi­ral of self-deplorabil­i­ty tak­ing one one life after anoth­er and–

Okay, par­don me if I’m not feel­ing very damn fun­ny about it. Here, have some more Akane:

I still touched her boobs though.

Screw the rules, I have money.

Well, if Kotori man­aged despite every­thing to sell me on the main plot of Rewrite, Akane might as well been the scant­i­ly clad mod­el behind her, promis­ing me pan­cakes and beer by the buck­et-load if I gave them my time and effort. I’m real­ly start­ing to get into Rewrite’s sto­ry here. It all feels very.. cre­ative. It’s a very thought pro­vok­ing sto­ry with some rather mature themes that I’m not so sure every­one’s going to get, but I sup­pose I haven’t seen every­thing yet. Moon and Ter­ra still await, after all. Either way, the sto­ry got.. very inter­est­ing here. I still have a lot of ques­tions though. I will say, Akane has got me even more inter­est­ed then I was before, and I’m real­ly curi­ous to see where it all ends up.

Hon­or­able men­tion of this route goes to Yoshi­no. I was actu­al­ly.. incred­i­bly warmed up by the big idiots appear­ance near the end. He was actu­al­ly the hap­pi­est part of the route to me, see­ing him after so long. It was kind of cru­el see­ing him at the school dur­ing a scene, kind of a reminder of the life Kotarou did­n’t have any­more, but the scene at the end with him was.. rather heart warm­ing to say the least. Anoth­er men­tion goes to a lit­tle girl that I wont men­tion the name of right now incase she comes back up lat­er, but she kind of remind­ed me of Ushio a bit. And she was pret­ty amus­ing at times. Kind of wish I had seen more of her. The last hon­or­able men­tion goes towards a rather spe­cif­ic fight scene in this route. I said before that Rewrite’s fight scenes have been rather lack­lus­ter, but this one changed my mind a bit. It was damn good.

I’m not real­ly sure what else I can talk about for this route, so I’ll just throw in a bit of padding about Rewrite so far since it’s the last side route I’m going to be doing before enter­ing into the Key Finale. I can kind of see what peo­ple mean when they say that the game is real­ly long and could have used a small trim. And that some of the ear­li­er side routes real­ly take a bit of a over­all qual­i­ty shift in com­par­i­son to Lucia and Akane. I will say I don’t find the ear­li­er side-routes near­ly as bad as oth­er peo­ple do, but I will say I think the bright and incred­i­bly good char­ac­ter cast and the over­ar­ch­ing sto­ry of Rewrite kind of car­ried them a bit. I’m pret­ty ter­ri­fied to go into the main routes as I’ve very rarely heard any­thing bad about them, so. I’m look­ing for­ward to it.

Off we go!.

Does­n’t seem all that bad, does it?


Hon­est­ly very lit­tle to com­plain about. Besides the afore­men­tioned romance gripe I have with this route, if you were at all invest­ed into Rewrite’s plot and mes­sage you will prob­a­bly real­ly like this route from start to fin­ish. It’s a very inter­est­ing way of look­ing at the Gaia side of things, and while it does­n’t make me like them or any­thing it was at least good to see the actu­al work­ings of the whole orga­ni­za­tion. Con­grat­u­la­tions. The peo­ple that want to help the world all fight amongst them­selves like a pissed off day­care cen­ter. Yay. Glad we’re in such fuck­ing capa­ble hands.

I’m real­ly hav­ing trou­ble com­ing up with any crit­i­cisms. I can’t even nit­pick here because every­thing sounds so small when I say it in my head. I could say the end­ing drags on a lit­tle more then nec­es­sary  but that’s kind of irrel­e­vant  I could say there’s one guy in par­tic­u­lar that gets in your way alot that I think they could have done with­out, but that’s prob­a­bly not right. And I could bring up how Akane comes off as a bit antag­o­nis­tic at times and it’s hard to like her then, but I also don’t think that’s right either. Hell, I could even say the oth­er char­ac­ters are side­lined to shit to the point of for­get­ting them — but that does­n’t even mat­ter when left with the scale of every­thing this route is about. Real­ly. I’m stuck. And no, what I did there was not dis­guised nit­pick­ing. It’s just bla­tant­ly shit­ty nit­pick­ing that I’m call­ing even myself out for.

Guess I’ve lost this round.  I’ll just go ahead and say Akane is real­ly the one route you want to read. I’d high­ly, high­ly rec­om­mend Lucias too, of course, but I could prob­a­bly see why some­one who likes con­ti­nu­ity and some­one who wants there sto­ry to relate a lit­tle more to the main plot would­n’t con­sid­er it a must-read. Akane’s route just hits a lot of per­fect spots and there’s not much to say oth­er then that. I kind of wish I was more spoi­lerif­ic like I used to be, cause it’d be alot eas­i­er to talk about if I was.

And.. well. It’s that time, I guess. Moon and Ter­ra are the only ones left. Once again, like Akane’s route, I’m fair­ly ter­ri­fied. Espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing what most peo­ple con­sid­er ‘good’ in rela­tion to these type of works is most often in the same sen­tence as ‘sad, depress­ing, soul-wrench­ing and heart-break­ing.’  Oh well, I knew what I was get­ting into. I’m not sure if I’ll com­pile Moon and Ter­ra into one super-post. Should I? Hm. Guess I’ll see if any­one has a preference.

Until then, ciao!

Seems a bit more omnious now, really. ;;

3 thoughts on “Rewrite: Akane (Cynical Succubus)

  1. My gripe with akane route was that I did not enjoy play­ing it as much as the oth­er routes.

    Yes, the plot was mas­sive and very well-writ­ten but as I played it, I did­n’t have that enjoy­ment that I had while read­ing the oth­er routes.

    Or I dun­no, maybe I just don’t enjoy read­ing dark plot­lines. To each his own

    1. Fun is pret­ty sub­jec­tive some­times. I could see why Akanes route could make some­body feel a lit­tle dead inside. It’s not exact­ly bright.

  2. I thought Akane was the best. That said, her route was rough to go through as I was hav­ing trou­ble believ­ing that Kotarou could­n’t have done more for her. Still, her route end­ed bet­ter than Shizu­ru’s and Kotori’s.

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