Rewrite: Finale (Moon/Terra)



Y’know, some­times, words real­ly don’t do it jus­tice. Real­ly, real­l­l­l­l­ly don’t do it jus­tice. I could go on and on and on about how good the writ­ing is, how clever and cre­ative the plot is and just.. every­thing in gen­er­al, but I hon­est­ly don’t think any­thing I say can do it jus­tice. It’s some­thing real­ly has to be read to be ful­ly appre­ci­at­ed. Rarely does any­thing make me turn off the nit­pick and crit­i­cal part of my brain just out of lik­ing it so much but the final sec­tions of Rewrite man­aged to do it to me. And now I have been left with the daunt­ing ask of try­ing to sum it all up with­out freak­ing spoil­ing any­thing.

Seri­ous­ly, I can’t even talk about the damn love inter­est all that much, real­ly! What the hell do I even write here? Ah, screw it. What­ev­er. I guess I’ll just gush a lit­tle bit here since and do my damnedest to try to sell this. I’m real­ly lost at how I plan on going about it, but I might as well try. So, here is my fee­ble attempt at telling you about Rewrites Finale, Moon and Ter­ra. Oh boy, let’s see how this works out. First up, Moon.

(For the record, that OP is great. Real­ly. I don’t get the hate I’ve been hear­ing for it.)

Moon is.. prob­a­bly hard­er than Ter­ra to explain, truth­ful­ly, but it’s basi­cal­ly an answer route to the oth­er five. It.. kind of ren­ders the oth­er routes a bit worth­less, to be per­fect­ly hon­est. Not total­ly, though. Any­ways, explain­ing Moon would be like explain­ing to you how a text­book explained to be the the­o­ry of life, while keep­ing all the details of the orig­i­nal the­o­ry at the same time. It prob­a­bly sounds worse than it actu­al­ly is, though. I did wish Moon was­n’t a bit cryp­tic on the infor­ma­tion it gives you, but there isn’t real­ly any­thing that I’m inca­pable of fill­ing in by myself, and it’s not like it pur­pose­ly does­n’t tell you any­thing. It’s a lit­tle hid­den and you might have to dig a bit or re-read a few sen­tences, but it’s all there.

I guess I can under­stand a lit­tle bit of the con­fu­sion sur­round­ing Moon and I can kind of under­stand why a few details would fly over some peo­ple’s heads. All the infor­ma­tion about.. well, every­thing, can prob­a­bly feel a lit­tle over­whelm­ing. Rewrite is basi­cal­ly try­ing to tell you how life works in a cou­ple of hours and why every­thing hap­pens in the side routes like they do. You get infor­ma­tion way beyond the scope of the things you’ve expe­ri­enced so far. You’ll get answers to things you don’t even have ques­tions for. It’s real­ly.. elab­o­rate. And pret­ty clever. Moon even has a small slice of life seg­ment that’s pret­ty amus­ing and remind­ed me of the com­mon route, which I think was the point.

At the end of the day though, Moon is pri­mar­i­ly build-up. You can tell where this is going about half-way through. See­ing it unfold is.. rather sad though. I can’t say I felt a ton of emo­tion­al attach­ment to Kagari at the time, but still, when you final­ly get your answer at the end it’s real­ly hard to not feel any­thing for her. I think it was most­ly meant to give the roman­tic attrac­tion a slight spark to make way for Ter­ra to come in and make a mess of the fur­ni­ture. I was unfor­tu­nate­ly forced to stop after I fin­ished Moon, but I real­ly don’t rec­om­mend it. You should prob­a­bly set up some time to go through all of Moon & Ter­ra in one sprint. Doing just Moon left a bit of a bit­ter after-taste for the night and sub­se­quent morn­ing after that I had to spend doing crap­py paperwork.

There’s not much I can say here. Moon is every­thing it’s sup­posed to be and then some. It’s the build-up, the start­ing line, what­not and what-have-you. Moon is sup­posed to be the guide that push­es you towards the fire­works show, which it does both cre­ative­ly and very well. I guess I could prob­a­bly say it was kind of short, or that the romance impli­ca­tions a lit­tle unbe­liev­able, since the whole time thing is a bit hard to prop­er­ly con­vey, but I don’t even think I can say that’s true with a straight face. The romance is real­ly just the foun­da­tion for Ter­ra, which explains the for­mer issue at the same time. Maybe it’s a bit cryp­tic at times, but even then I thought it was rather well done in its mys­te­ri­ous way of explain­ing things.

Of course, though, this is all build-up for the kabam. The big kaboom. That one real­ly big fire­work that always comes at the end of shows that you know is com­ing and get real­ly excit­ed for. The Key finale that nev­er real­ly fails. Yes, yes. It’s all pret­ty much entire­ly made for that. So, with­out padding this sec­tion out too much, let’s get going into Ter­ra, shall we?


And thus many new ‘best key girl’ threads were start­ed that day.

First thing I want to talk about is Kagari. Yes, I know I said I would­n’t talk about her all that much and I won’t, but some­thing deserves to be said about a char­ac­ter that does­n’t talk all that much, you rarely see and does­n’t get much roman­tic spot­light but still man­ages to be like­able, trag­ic and amaz­ing­ly built at the same time. I nev­er real­ly felt like I ever ‘under­stood’ Kagari, but I think that’s the inten­tion. You aren’t sup­posed you. You are inca­pable of under­stand­ing Kagari, she’s some­thing beyond us and some­thing real­ly shroud­ed in won­der. It’s hard to com­pre­hend, yet some­how in some­what incom­pre­hen­si­ble ways Kagari end­ed up being being not only inter­est­ing and com­plex but also like­able, amaz­ing­ly human and pret­ty easy to love despite the game not sell­ing her as such. She has to be one of the weird­est char­ac­ters on almost every for­mat, truth­ful­ly. The sheer mys­tery of her whole char­ac­ter will prob­a­bly leave most peo­ple want­i­ng more and wait­ing for that pesky fan­disc to hur­ry up.

 I’ve read a few reviews where peo­ple com­plain that they did­n’t real­ly feel the con­nec­tion with Kagari and Kotarou because the char­ac­ter does­n’t get much screen time and the romance is too brief for any­thing he does in Ter­ra to make sense. I would tell those peo­ple to freak­ing read Moon over again, but let’s not be pet­ty. Look, I under­stand why peo­ple would­n’t feel the same way about Kagari as I do, but I am absolute­ly against some sort of deep and com­plex romance in Ter­ra. Not only would have felt forced and sledge­ham­mered in Ter­ra, it would have been served very lit­tle pur­pose. Kagari real­ly did­n’t need it. Her char­ac­ter did­n’t need it. And to be frank it did­n’t keep me from get­ting invest­ed into her in the slight­est, which might be what they were going for here. I’m not sure. I found her real­ly cool.

Speak­ing of char­ac­ter­i­za­tion, how about that freak­ing Kotarou guy? Man, it’s real­ly nice see­ing a super bad-ass also come off as weak and vul­ner­a­ble at the same time. Kotarou was real­ly the shin­ing star of Ter­ra. He has to do some fair­ly bad shit to the point where you swear you can see him start to lose more and more of him­self every new prob­lem that comes up and you’ll prob­a­bly want that fun­ny kid from the com­mon route back even­tu­al­ly. Kotarou put so much weight on his shoul­ders and was will­ing to give up every­thing because nobody else was will­ing to, which was real­ly hard to read at times. Kotarou has to be not only my favorite Key pro­tag­o­nist, but one of my favorite pro­tag­o­nists to date. He’s incred­i­bly relat­able at times and real­ly man­ages to come into his own, some­times in some real­ly human­i­ty-destroy­ing ways that’ll make you want to bro­hug him and give him a beer. I mean, I always liked Kotarou even from the oth­er routes, but he real­ly pushed the line here. I felt like I was watch­ing a friend kill slow­ly kill himself.

Y’know, Ter­ra is kind of filled with great char­ac­ter­i­za­tion from start to fin­ish, truth­ful­ly. It real­ly gives some love towards the side char­ac­ters too. Almost nobody seems insignif­i­cant in the whole sce­nar­ios besides peo­ple with­out names, which is at least a lit­tle expect­ed. Char­ac­ters that appear a lit­tle small or very prop-character..ish are get quite a pro­mo­tion dur­ing Ter­ra. It’s actu­al­ly a bit refresh­ing to see a game drop all it’s shit, real­ized it for­got some­thing and go back and col­lect its oth­er toys. I guess it’s not total­ly like that since it’s not like what Ter­ra is doing is ran­dom, but you get the point. I hope.

Yep. This one.

This guy. This guy right here.

Man, this real­ly is hard to put into words with­out spoil­ing any­thing. I hon­est­ly feel like I should just throw my hands in the air and say ‘fuck it’ and tell you all to read it, but that’s the easy way out here. I feel like I should use this sec­tion to nit­pick like I nor­mal­ly do, but hon­est­ly I’m not sure what I should be nit­pick­ing. Sure, I mean, I could com­plain about cer­tain things but I could­n’t hon­est­ly advo­cate chang­ing them. I feel like every­thing is so neat­ly placed togeth­er and so tight­ly relat­ed that if I changed one thing I might change every­thing. I could say that Ter­ra real­ly should get a pop­si­cle and a smile on its face, the moody bas­tard, or that maybe they could have sprin­kled a bit more com­mon route over the whole thing but I think it would have changed a bit too much. I can’t real­ly nit­pick if I don’t think it’d bet­ter the sto­ry, and I real­ly don’t think it would have. Ter­ra.. well, was fine the way it is, real­ly. Same with Moon, truthfully.

One thing I feel like I should use this sec­tion for is to real­ly start ques­tion­ing where the hell this VN is get­ting its neg­a­tive recep­tion from. I kind of expect­ed this VN to be heav­i­ly polar­ized among the mass­es but not to this extreme. I feel like peo­ple are com­ing into this expect­ing some sort of emo­tion­al impact or relat­able mes­sage like the oth­er Key works and when they don’t get that and see romance get side-lined they call foul because it’s not what they expect­ed, which is a bit bull­shit­ty if you ask me. It kind of reminds me of Chaos;Head, truth­ful­ly. I feel like peo­ple are get­ting a bit too antsy over what they per­ceived Rewrite as being and are a bit too quick to call it bad when they will­ing­ly let the whole point of the VN fly over their head because they don’t like the premise. It’s a lit­tle dis­heart­en­ing to see, real­ly, because Rewrite real­ly has a great mes­sage to tell in some amaz­ing­ly cre­ative ways and no more is that appar­ent then Ter­ra. I guess it is pret­ty hit or miss and there are a few rea­sons for Rewrite to ‘miss’ peo­ple, but I real­ly wish it would stop being because some­things dif­fer­ent then what they expected.

Right. Review, Wah­fuu. Not rant. Do rant lat­er. Review now.

As I men­tioned before in Akane’s route, ‘fun’ is a pret­ty sub­jec­tive term here. And Ter­ra.. well, it’s hard to real­ly call it fun. It’s a great sto­ry and it’ll pull you in, but it’s a pret­ty big down­er some­times. And it nev­er real­ly cheers up except for a few parts, which fun­ny enough is what made me real­ly miss the com­mon route. It’s fun­ny, when I think about it now. I remem­ber say­ing that Rewrites com­mon route while amus­ing and hilar­i­ous could real­ly use a trim, but after going through Ter­ra I find that a bit wrong to say. I kind of want­ed it back after Ter­ra, which lead me to going through the com­mon route to see a few of the bonus scenes and the amaz­ing­ly stun­ning Oppai End­ing.

Which, by the way, left me feel­ing rather aroused con­fused at the whole thing. I’m half tempt­ed to toss Moon and Ter­ra com­plete­ly out the win­dow, because noth­ing they can offer will ever com­pare to Oppai End­ing. It’s just fact. Noth­ing any­body can do can change that. One could say it left me feel­ing amaz­ing­ly boo­by. Is booba­cious a word? Can it be? I think it should be. Also, any­body want to start a fundrais­er for Keys next VN to be Third Plant From The Mag­ic — Creamy★Kagarin? See, screw every­thing else Key has done. That’s clear­ly where the big mon­ey lies. Incase you had­n’t grapsed it yet, Oppai End­ing was deifnite­ly worth the effort time it took to read all through Ixrecs walk­through. At least I know for­ev­er that if human­i­ty ever gets tru­ly threat­ened, we will always have the mag­ic of boobs to fall back on. Take that, armaged­don.




Come on. Is there real­ly any­thing to say? Moon and Ter­ra were great. It’s pret­ty much what I expect­ed from the finale. The greedy part of me kind of wish­es there was a bit more of just Kagari in gen­er­al, but I must stem my need to say it’s a fault sim­ply because I’m a damn greedy bas­tard who wants his rib­bon wai­fu. In all seri­ous­ness though, Ter­ra did­n’t try to be some sort of com­plex love sto­ry. There’s love in it, and it’s actu­al­ly a theme, but it does­n’t try to stuff it in your face. And it does­n’t try to fake being a love-sto­ry, either. It’s quite dif­fer­ent, really.

Most­ly though, it’s a huge sell­ing point. It’s what most peo­ple are going to remem­ber from Rewrite. The whole mes­sage is gigan­tic, cre­ative and rather thought-pro­vok­ing. It real­ly shows you human­i­ty’s break­ing point and puts a very inter­est­ing spin on humans rela­tion­ship with the earth. I would­n’t call it ‘fun’ because as I said before Rewrite could real­ly use some cheer­ing up when it gets into Akane/Moon/Terra, but it’s not real­ly bad or a detri­ment. I’ve always been a bit of a Romeo fan, but I’ll will­ing to go ahead and say I’m a full blown fan now. He’s got me by the balls.

Annnnd one more sec­tion just to men­tion Kagari again (can’t talk about her that much my ass!) because I feel like shes incred­i­bly under­rat­ed. Yes, sure, Kotarou x Kagari isn’t exact­ly some sort of deep roman­tic heart-wrench­ing emo­tion­al rela­tion­ship, no, but it should­n’t have been. There would­n’t be any point to it besides com­ing off as forced. I know Key is stuck with this whole emo­tion­al heartache thing glued to their fore­head but come on. It’s not like they lied to you. The only com­plaint with Kagari I have is that I wish I saw her more, but that might just be a tes­ta­ment to how much I actu­al­ly liked her despite how mod­er­ate­ly she was around. Sure, the game may not sell you on Kagari x Kotarou, but I think most peo­ple will be sold on Kagari as the read­er for a vari­ety of rea­sons that I find hard to place into words.

I can’t exact­ly speak for you though, as this is just my opin­ion. Some peo­ple might just not get Kagari and some peo­ple might just be dis­ap­point­ed over­all that there was­n’t a rela­tion­ship for us to see the real human behind the char­ac­ter. I admit I prob­a­bly got more attached to Kagari then most peo­ple will, so I won’t say every­thing here is fact. I could be a spe­cial case. You best believe I’ll still freak­ing scream it from the moun­tain tops though. Kagari 4 life.

So, Rewrites done. What next? Well, hope­ful­ly a more fun and offi­cial over­all review, I think. I’ll prob­a­bly take a bit of a break before com­ing back though. I believe Seiken no Inganock is next on the list for the back­log I haven’t done yet. but Har­vest Fes­ta is look­ing real­ly tempt­ing despite my ter­ri­ble japanese.

Holy shit my heart.
I have noth­ing fun­ny to say, so Kagari.

16 thoughts on “Rewrite: Finale (Moon/Terra)

  1. Hav­ing seen tons of bad sto­ries, I would­n’t nor­mal­ly mind the weak Kotarou x Kagari impli­ca­tion. How­ev­er, when one exam­ines her sto­ry as the true route, one soon real­izes that every oth­er hero­ine becomes a side char­ac­ter to move the sto­ry along.

    The true sto­ry sud­den­ly makes sense, but you start won­der­ing why you even court­ed the “side char­ac­ters” in the first place. Don’t give me that jour­ney is every­thing crap…the epic con­clu­sion is that the hero­ines are just there to make the game look pret­ty. I believe the word I’m look­ing for is 50 hours of “fanser­vice”.

    Hor­ri­ble fanser­vice too if you con­sid­er how Kotori’s and Shizu­ru’s routes ended.

    It’s why I have some­how delud­ed myself into think­ing that the Oppai end­ing is the true end­ing. Sil­ly as it is, you get awe­some action, char­ac­ters that get their come­up­pance, shock­ing *cough* hor­ri­fy­ing *cough* rev­e­la­tions, and an end­ing that’s pret­ty damn hard to dis­agree with. Espe­cial­ly because all the girls are happy…kinda.

    1. Well, why the side char­ac­ters routes hap­pened in the first place makes sense with­in the con­text of the whole sto­ry and yes, I do agree that the finale does make the rest of the side routes seem rather point­less. That being said, you can’t point the fin­ger at Rewrite for this. The same argu­ment can be made against a grand major­i­ty of mul­ti-route visu­al nov­els, espe­cial­ly every­thing that comes out of Key. This isn’t some­thing only Rewrite does or some­thing that can be real­is­ti­cal­ly list­ed as a con. G‑Senjou no Maou is an exam­ple of side-routes with no mer­rit. Rewrite is not one of those cas­es. The side-routes even at there worst offer infor­ma­tion about how the world works. If they were tru­ly fanser­vice, we’d be able to get rid of them entire­ly and the game would­n’t be harmed by it. It would have. So I have a real­ly hard time seri­ous­ly say­ing that it’s fanservice‑e.

  2. @TamaSaga

    You must be the kind of sick bas­tard that thought the alien dog end­ing in Silent Hill 2 was point­less fanser­vice and not the best thing since sliced alien dog bread.

  3. @Wahfuu
    “That being said, you can’t point the fin­ger at Rewrite for this. The same argu­ment can be made against a grand major­i­ty of mul­ti-route visu­al nov­els, espe­cial­ly every­thing that comes out of Key.”

    Uhh Lit­tle Busters and Clan­nad had all the routes tie in togeth­er with the actu­al sto­ry. LB need­ed the routes to help Riki become stronger and Clan­nad need­ed the balls of light that Tomoya earned after every route to bring back Nag­isa. They’ve tied in every­thing in oth­er Key works, but not Rewrite for some reason…

    1. That isn’t true at all. Clan­nad turned every­one into walk­ing drag­onballs all for a sin­gle pur­pose of Nag­isa. You did­n’t even have to freak­ing do them all, either. You only need a cer­tain amount. Sure it tied in but it’s not like it did­n’t make all the hard­ships entire­ly point­less, espe­cial­ly with how piss most of Clan­nads side routes were. And yes, Lit­tle Busters is prob­a­bly the tied in among Key works as far as main plot and side-routes go, but once again, all the side routes are donat­ed to a sin­gle pur­pose, which is Riki over­com­ing the hard­ship he will face lat­er which turns them all into sim­ple pass­er-bys with no real point besides get­ting to the true end­ing. This isn’t real­ly arguable, it’s what hap­pens. The only dif­fer­ence is how much you enjoyed the side routes.

      The EXACT SAME thing hap­pens in Rewrite. There is very lit­tle dif­fer­ence, and if any­thing Rewrite is not only more obvi­ous where the side-routes lay in the grand scheme of things, they all at least offer some­thing. If you real­ly don’t think Rewrites side routes have sem­blance in the main sto­ry then I encour­age you to go re-read Moon, because you missed it entirely.

  4. Mm…I had­n’t con­sid­ered the need for each of the side routes to divulge infor­ma­tion on the two sides. But with all the work­able mate­r­i­al in Ter­ra you could’ve just as eas­i­ly added some details in Ter­ra to fill in most of the miss­ing gaps. I think only Sakuya’s ori­gin would­n’t fit in the con­text of Terra.

    Mm, don’t get me wrong. I liked play­ing the game espe­cial­ly because of Akane, Chi­haya, Shizu­ru, and Kotori. But Ter­ra? It could’ve been some­thing else. Inside, I saw an inter­est­ing part regard­ing Kotori’s par­ents. I hap­pi­ly chose the lit option because some­thing seemed dif­fer­ent. I thought the pur­pose of Ter­ra was to remove the dark­ness­es from the hero­ines’ past. But now I real­ize that Key prob­a­bly want­ed to ham­mer home “the more things change”? Seri­ous­ly! It had poten­tial to tell the read­er why they took the time to learn about the past of each hero­ine and, with a dash of tragedy due to cas­cad­ing events, still obtain a Kagari route.

    *shrug.* Hmm, G Sen­jou Maou would be the fourth VN where I encoun­tered this sit­u­a­tion. Rewrite would be third. It’s true that I’ve been hold­ing off on Key games but it seems uncom­mon to me. G Sen­jou was a sur­prise because AKB2 did­n’t do it in Sharin no Kuni. 

    @Mr. Lex
    Your com­ment went *whoosh* right over my head since I haven’t played the game. But I think you real­ly mean I would be the sicko who hates the true end­ing where the main char­ac­ter goes insane but loves the end­ing where the alien dog going around eat­ing tanks while shoot­ing down an alliance of pirates and nin­jas with a pair of mini­guns strapped to its antlers.

    1. I’m going to try this as non-spoil­ery as pos­si­ble. The whole point of Moon and Ter­ra was to find the ‘one way’. That was it’s goal. And it was the only way that worked. It’s like that because every oth­er option did­n’t lead to any­where good. That’s why Ter­ra is so rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent from every­thing else you find in the VN. It’s sup­posed to be a big pay-off towards all that you’ve seen, learned and under­stood about the mas­sive plot of Rewrite and why every­thing hap­pened as it did. You can’t just strip off key parts in char­ac­ters sto­ry and say that they’d work in Ter­ra. Not only is it unfair to the char­ac­ters, Ter­ra’s focus towards the end-goal would have been bog­gled down with point­less infor­ma­tion we did­n’t need if it had just left it for the side routes to describe to us, which they did, which was there point. Any­ways, I’m not say­ing that the side routes did­n’t real­ly get dimin­ished via Moon and Ter­ra, they cer­tain­ly did, but many mul­ti-route/true end visu­al nov­els suf­fer from this. One route is going to stand out as the big pay-off, it’s real­ly inevitable.

  5. @TamaSaga I real­ly should­n’t be tak­ing this more off-track, but I think some clar­i­fi­ca­tion is in order.

    Edit: Holy hell, I don’t remem­ber hav­ing Youtube embed­ding in our com­ments, it’s break­ing bor­ders and everything…ahhh screw it.
    Edit Again: Oh, it’s gone, cool.

  6. Fuck, thanks for remind­ing me of [SPOILER]Esaka-san[/SPOILER]. Time go cry in a cor­ner again.

    Btw I asked this on VNDB and got dif­fer­ent answers. What do you think of the ending/ending video? Do you think the [SPOILER]Occult Club remem­bers Kotarou[/SPOILER]? Or is it just open to dif­fer­ent interpretations?

    1. Space here just so the two bab­bies that haven’t read Rewrite that also write on this site don’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly see the com­ment through the spoil­er tag.

      [spoil­er] There isn’t real­ly any­thing to remem­ber con­sid­er­ing he nev­er real­ly met any of them in Ter­ra, so I think it’s safe to assume that he does­n’t. How­ev­er, I don’t think it’s real­ly sad. He gets to look after his friends in a nor­mal life now. It’quite uplift­ing. [/spoiler]

  7. Oh did I for­mat incor­rect­ly or some­thing? My bad.

    As for the end­ing, I sup­pose you’re right. [SPOILER]I mean, it def­i­nite­ly could’ve end­ed up a lot worse con­sid­er­ing the over­all tone of Ter­ra. In hind­sight it’s actu­al­ly thought out pret­ty well.[/SPOILER]

    That said, great review(s). I’m prob­a­bly going to read through Moon again some­time in the future just to make sure I did­n’t miss anything.

  8. Wah­fuu Edit: For some rea­son the spoil­ers are show­ing up on the dash­board, so I’m just putting these here to make sure that the oth­er peo­ple don’t see this.

    I think you’re mis­read­ing what Androm­e­da was ask­ing about.

    [spoiler]He was ask­ing about whether the Occult Club remem­bers Kotarou and not the oth­er way around. In fact, I find it strange how Kotori, Akane and Shizu­ru don’t notice any­thing when they sum­moned him at that tree. It’s more strange in Kotori’s case since she’s had the most extend­ed con­tact with him in Terra.[/spoiler] And about the end­ing… [spoil­er] I guess that’s your inter­pre­ta­tion of the end­ing, but I found it to be quite the down­er… No one knows how much BS Kotarou went through for them… And while this is not nec­es­sar­i­ly relat­ed the Rewrite’s sto­ry, the fact that none of the five hero­ines remem­bered him killed me… Kotarou(I) spent so much time with them T.T[/spoiler]

  9. I wish there was an edit but­ton… [spoil­er] What I meant to say is that no one knows that it was Kotarou that went through all the BS for their sakes. [/spoiler]

    1. Stu­pid dash­board mak­ing spoil­ers vis­able on the dash­board. Sor­ry I had to throw that in the comment.

      [Spoil­er] Any­ways, no, I under­stood that. How­ev­er, it’s been quite awhile since then, remem­ber. And Shizu­ru only saw him for a few min­utes at best. Akane and Kotori could pos­si­bly remem­ber that it’s Kotarou though, they were with him for a decent bit. As for the end­ing, yeah, Kotarou is an unsung hero, but he gained a life with­out armaged­don always loom­ing over it. He gets to watch over his friends in a nor­mal life. I find it uplift­ing. Just me though. [/spoiler]

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