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Grade A Drag­on Wai­fu Deluxe!

Despite all the hype I had heard, I was fair­ly uneasy about going into Dra+Koi. A bit because of its rep­u­ta­tion for being sex-filled and short, but most­ly because of the boy-meets-girl romance focal point.. I don’t know if it’s because I have had bad expe­ri­ences with romance sto­ries or if it’s because I sim­ply don’t like it as a focal point. One thing was for sure though, I was pret­ty skep­ti­cal of Dra+Koi despite all the hype I had heard about it. Come to think of it, I had no real rea­son to actu­al­ly be a skep­tic. If any­thing, I should have been excit­ed for this lit­tle cocaine filled adven­ture. Yet, the com­bi­na­tion of pet­ty gripes with romance and my own ques­tion­able intel­lect all cul­mi­nat­ed in me going into Dra+Koi with almost zero expectations.

I wish I could go back and punch myself in the face.



First, I feel like I should men­tion some­thing. That being that Dra+Koi is com­plete­ly and utter­ly out of its mind. Actu­al­ly, it might be total­ly pos­si­ble that it’s in its mind, but what­ev­er is Dra+Koi’s mind has tak­en some phe­nom­e­nal drugs. This has to be one of the most extreme exam­ples of ‘fast pac­ing’ I have ever had the plea­sure of see­ing. Let’s not con­fuse this with oth­er crazy coun­ter­parts though. This isn’t like My Girl­friend Is The Pres­i­dent where noth­ing is ever seri­ous and things only ever get more out­ra­geous. This is more of a.. seri­ous type of crazy, if that makes any sense. Dra+Koi you can still man­age to take seri­ous­ly despite feel­ing like you just walked into an asy­lum (although the first four­ty min­utes or so is a bit ques­tion­able in this regard). This also leads to Dra+Koi actu­al­ly being quite fun­ny, although all the swear­ing can some­times make it feel a lit­tle bit juve­nile, but I believe that was a trans­la­tion choice and I’ll be damned if it did­n’t at least some­what fit the atmopshere.

So, yes, I guess some of the pre­con­ceived notions end­ed up being true. Dra+Koi is indeed a romance filled fan­ta­sy that moves so fast that it may leave you and your neigh­bors with ver­ti­go. The writ­ing style, also, does­n’t real­ly seem to know what it actu­al­ly wants to do. At times it is, dare I say, amaz­ing­ly poet­ic and some­times very thought-pro­vok­ing, and some­times it’s absurd­ly non­sen­si­cal and reverts back to the games crazy house. Despite itself, though, Dra+Koi is rather charm­ing and endear­ing, a lot in part to it’s sur­pris­ing­ly good main hero­ine, who despite get­ting dealt with a rather small game is actu­al­ly quite good and fair­ly well-devel­oped con­sid­er­ing the cir­cum­stances. Drag­on wai­fus are pret­ty cool.

.. Now, lets imme­di­ate­ly for­get any and all incom­ing accu­sa­tions of me being a fur­ry for a quick sec­ond and ask the ques­tion; Is Dra+Koi good? Does the crazy dia­logue, the romance, the fan­ta­sy, drag­ons, short time and whip­pi­ty woo wah huz­zah all mesh together?

Well. Yes.

Sur­pris­ing­ly well.

Dare I say very well?


So fierce!

Y’know, when you actu­al­ly go through the sur­face of Dra+Koi, and I can’t believe I am going to say this, Dra+Koi actu­al­ly gets kind of.. deep! When you get past all the chuu2 fight­ing and the crazy dia­logue and what­not and what­ev­er, it’s actu­al­ly real­ly, real­ly roman­tic in the weird­est of ways. It explores tra­di­tion. How love inter­acts with tra­di­tion. How you should learn to love and enjoy your days despite it all and poten­tial­ly even give tra­di­tion the mid­dle fin­ger. It also rather clev­er­ly attrib­ut­es all this into the age-old sto­ry of how the hero acquired the mag­i­cal sword and slayed the ancient drag­on. Even if it is just a boy-meets-girl love sto­ry, that does­n’t mean that’s all it has to be.

The end­ing is rather cliché and a bit pre­dictable, to be sure, but it was real­ly nice and was real­ly good for the whole dragon/hero struc­ture. Not to take any­thing away from the bad ends though. They are rather worth the time and the read, the last one in par­tic­u­lar being very poet­ic and quite ball shat­ter­ing if I do say so myself. I was kind of par­tial­ly hop­ing for some­thing shock­ing but I was­n’t dis­sat­is­fied by it at all. It was rather sat­is­fy­ing and pret­ty nice to see unfold.

So, yes, Nitro+ has once again defeat­ed me and my stu­pid bias against romance works. Saya no Uta was also real­ly roman­tic despite its sheer grotesque imagery and sig­nif­i­cant­ly dark­er tone, but it was also a rather roman­tic work with the show­cas­ing of what it actu­al­ly means to make some­one a ‘part of your world.’ Nitro+ Real­ly are just a bunch of soft­ies at the core, aren’t they? It’s a bit amus­ing, real­ly, with all the rep­u­ta­tion of them being grim­dark and 2edgy4u.

Dra+Koi does indeed try to tell you some­thing. It’s rather ide­al­is­tic, maybe too much so for some peo­ple. It’s impres­sive in itself to see some­thing so short with such a con­crete mes­sage. So much so that I kind of wish it had slowed down on the crazy pac­ing and the like and focused more on the poet­ic writ­ing and Drag­on wai­fu mes­sage of learn­ing to love and spite tra­di­tion. It prob­a­bly could have slowed down a bit. It is def­i­nite­ly part of its charm, to be fair, but I don’t know, I like the roman­tic strong­points so much that I feel a bit greedy for more of it. Maybe I’m a soft­ie at heart too as well.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

I like and don’t like where this is going.


Dra+Koi was a real­ly big sur­prise. The only real flaws I think I can point out are things that I don’t real­ly think are flaws, to be total­ly hon­est. It’s pace is break­neck and its length is depress­ing­ly short, but are they real­ly objec­tive flaws when that was the whole inten­tion and worked with the whole expe­ri­ence? I’m not total­ly sure, real­ly. Of course, Dra+Koi is a bit too short to be any­thing tru­ly mind blow­ing and real­ly breath­tak­ing, to be sure.

Any­ways, it might be because I’m look­ing a bit too far into Dra+Koi that I find it so engag­ing and charm­ing. It’s high­ly pos­si­ble, I’ve done it before. I just see a lot of charm with­in Dra+Koi. It made me think, made me d’aww, made me laugh and made me ‘wtf’ over the short time it was with me. I’m amazed, sur­prised, and a bit gob­s­macked at how good I con­sid­er Dra+Koi. It real­ly should­n’t be. It was a third of a fan­disc for gods sake. What the hell hap­pened here? Why did I just have sex with a drag­on? How does that even happen?!

TL;DR: You should all go read Dra+Koi. It’s pret­ty good. Go do it. Stop doing what you are doing and go do it, it’s like 2 hours long what the hell stop wast­ing time.

(Also if you want to hear more about why Dra+Koi is the best boy meets girl love sto­ry ever you should go take a look at this guys review of it because he explains it in bet­ter words than I do with less typo’s and gram­mar issues.)


Well, nobody said love was easy.

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  1. Thanks for the review, it’s nice to see that my trans­la­tion man­aged to speak to peo­ple in the same way the orig­i­nal game did to me.

    1. I think I should be thank­ing you for trans­lat­ing it. It was quite fun. 

      I total­ly for­got to men­tion the sound­track. That’s pret­ty great and slight­ly insane in its own way.

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