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One of the things I love about ani­me con­ven­tions (or any con­ven­tion for that mat­ter) are the inva­sion of cos­play­ers. It was awe­some see­ing Down­town San Jose being infest­ed and tak­en over by cos­play­ers and my fel­low geeks and weebs. Peo­ple might have been pissed by the traf­fic we caused and the end­less lines we induced at restau­rants, but we felt dom­i­nant! Made the city as “nigiya­ka” (so to say) as San Fran­sis­co is every night. It just made those four days and three nights so fun, and now that every­thing’s qui­et­ed down and returned to nor­mal, I’m hav­ing post-con depres­sion. 😛 I want Down­town Wee­b­land again, dammit!

That being said, there were many great cos­plays this year. I stopped to take a pic­ture of almost every one of my favorite char­ac­ters and shows when­ev­er I came across them, but this is basi­cal­ly a list of my very favorite ones dur­ing the week­end. To those who did­n’t make it into this blog post, I’d like to say that you def­i­nite­ly all made it to my Face­book albums. Just very won­der­ful mem­o­ries overall.

Black Magician Beauty

First up on the list is a very stun­ning Black Magi­cian Girl cos­play from Yuu☆gi☆ou. The cos­play­er was absolute­ly adorable (and to be com­plete­ly hon­est I was try­ing to not make it obvi­ous that she sent my heart aflut­ter; did­n’t help that BMG is basi­cal­ly mai wai­fu of YGO, so that added to it) but was clear­ly tired from walk­ing around all day, so I took a pho­to of her sit­ting down. Want­ed a pose of BMG hold­ing her hat, but appar­ent­ly that thing was wired to her wig. LOL

Won­der if she read the man­ga? Either way, this was one of the best cos­plays of Black Magi­cian Girl I’ve seen in person.

Jaō Shingan!

And this! To be hon­est, I did­n’t see this one com­ing. I was just tak­ing a pic­ture of a cos­play of Satoshi from Pock­et Mon­sters while Mr. Lex was talk­ing to some­one about VNs near Man­gaGamer’s booth, when sud­den­ly I see Rik­ka, Shin­ka, and Deko­mori walk­ing along the Deal­er’s Hall.

I absolute­ly love the fact that they were in-char­ac­ter. I’ve seen a pic­ture of them with a sleep­ing Kumin, but unfor­tu­nate­ly I caught them with­out their fourth friend. Either way, I took a pic­ture of some­thing great. Mr. Lex has a bet­ter qual­i­ty pho­to (not hav­ing to take pic­tures on a 3DS), so I might post it on the Twit­ter some­time in the future.

It's not like I like you or anything

It’s not like I like you or anything!

Arms kind of ruined the picture

Taiga Aisa­ka from Torado­ra!. That tsun­dere pose was just so perfect.

Auto­mat­ic 10/10. Kind of wished the sec­ond shot did­n’t have the oth­er pho­tog­ra­phers’ hands in them though.




This cute girl was cos­play­ing as Azun­yan Azusa Nakano from K‑ON! She total­ly has the nyan~ part down. Over­all, it was a great out­fit and her nyaning pos­es almost gave me a heart attack.


He probably had a debt to the convention

After spend­ing days at the con­ven­tion not see­ing a sin­gle Sanosuke Sagara cos­play from Rurouni Ken­shin, I found the best thing ever. Not only was this guy chill, he was total­ly in-char­ac­ter, coin­ci­dence or not. I asked him where he was going, and he said he was going to the rave, “wher­ev­er that is”.

I’m call­ing it. This guy’s the real fck­ing Sanosuke. No lies.



This man cos­play­ing as Kam­i­na from Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann might pos­si­bly be the coolest guy I’ve ever met. Nev­er have I tak­en an inspir­ing pho­to such as this one. Even with the crap­py 3DS qual­i­ty, I feel like pierc­ing the heav­ens with my drill.

Walking the path to heaven!

Walk­ing the path to heaven

And here we have some­one that is sim­ply just walk­ing the path to heav­en, rather than pierc­ing it. This is seri­ous­ly a sweet cos­play of Kab­u­to’s Hyper Form from Kamen Rid­er Kab­u­to. It’s not every­day I get to shake hands with a Kamen Rid­er. Almost tops me see­ing Bat­man take a piss in the bath­room and hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with him. Only at cons, only at cons…

I’ve seen pho­tos of Kamen Rid­er Kuu­ga wan­der­ing around the con, but unfor­tu­nate­ly I did­n’t run into him. It’s a shame. He was prob­a­bly one cool gu- *shot*


C’mon. Try to tell me that isn’t kickass.

Genderbender Mario

I approve of IRL Gen­debent Mario. Though I’m pret­ty sure she’d be Italian!

Lightning and Serah

While Final Fan­ta­sy XIII may have been the least enjoy­able game for me in the series by far and my per­son­al non-favorite, this is admit­ted­ly some pret­ty damn good cosplay.


Hap­py from Fairy Tail

Disappearance ftw

This was seri­ous­ly the only cos­play of Haruhi from The Dis­ap­pear­ance of Haruhi Suzu­miya that I saw at the con. It was pret­ty good, so I give the cos­play­ers props for that — I real­ly want­ed to see it.

Panty & Stocking

Here’s some Panty & Stock­ing with Garter­belt for you guys. Prob­a­bly one of the best ones of their reg­u­lar out­fits, in my opinion.


Mado­ka x Homu­ra forever!!!

Moe getto da ze!

It’s Mei and Bel from Pock­et Mon­sters Black & White 2. God bless the girl on the right for cos­play­ing as Mei, the most adorable Poke­mon pro­tag­o­nist ever. She was seri­ous­ly the only one that was cos­play­ing as Mei at the con, at least from what I saw. Every­one else cos­played as her pre­de­ces­sor, Touko, from the orig­i­nal Pock­et Mon­sters Black & White.

Persona 2 will always be the best

Here’s some­thing for the Per­sona fans.


I per­son­al­ly think that this girl was the only cos­play­er that cap­tured the inno­cence of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra with­out being an ani­me fan’s toddler.

Bonus points for mak­ing Saku­ra caramel.



Oh shit!

Not cos­play, but I found this amusing.


Oogle to your eyes con­tent! It’s Juli­et from Lol­lipop Chain­saw. Truth be told, ear­li­er at the con (like, on Fri­day), I saw an absolute­ly adorable girl cos­play­ing as the same char­ac­ter and I regret­ted not get­ting a pho­to sim­ply because hnnnng. Though, hon­est­ly, this cos­play is a lot more faith­ful to the char­ac­ter than that one was.


Last but not least — some­thing that made my heart melt.

Stay tuned for cov­er­age on our expe­ri­ences at the con­ven­tion itself — the ups and the downs.






How could I for­get to men­tion the ZELDA MEN? You guys remem­ber the Poke Men, right? Well, either these are the Zel­da Men for­mal­ly known as the Poke Men, or some oth­er group is try­ing to upstage the Poke Men!

I love how the Post­man from The Leg­end of Zel­da: Twi­light Princess looks exact­ly the same as he did in the game. He was already half-naked and… tight. That’s so bad. xD

3 thoughts on “Fanime 2013 Cosplays

  1. All of those cos­plays look glo­ri­ous :3 I love read­ing these types of posts about ani­me cons, since I’ve nev­er been to one I feel as though im liv­ing vic­ar­i­ous­ly through blog­gers such as yourselves ^ ^

    BTW was that Liv­ing Ichi­go cos­play­ing as Kam­i­na from Gur­ren Lagann??? It looked just like him!

    1. @Shikon: The con was fun. I hope you get to go to a con one day and enjoy yourself.
      I’m not sure if that was Liv­ing Ichi­go. Did­n’t have my glass­es, so I did­n’t both­er look­ing at any­one’s badges.

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