Grisaia no Kajitsu — First Impressions

She is the best. Don't hate.

This is Sachi.

Looks like it’s final­ly that time again. I’ve been post­ing rather scarce­ly as of late, most­ly because I haven’t real­ly had all that much to post about unless I start tak­ing Miko­tos man­tle and start talk­ing about ani­me, which I’m sure none of you would care for. The VN scene has­n’t real­ly had any­thing note­wor­thy come out in awhile. I was think­ing about doing a Steins;Gate one, but I might as well wait for the JAST release (if you haven’t heard!) before I do that. So, yes. I’ve been cheat­ing on my visu­al nov­els with ter­ri­ble things known by some as ani­me. Ter­ri­ble, I know, but I must make do. It was pret­ty enjoy­able though, thanks to some great rec­om­men­da­tions. Final­ly, it is time though. I leave a bunch of ani­me, a book series and tons of oth­er things com­pel­te­ly unfin­ished as the great pro­duc­tive lad I am.

I’m a ter­ri­ble person.

Mihama Acad­e­my — on the sur­face, a closed learn­ing envi­ron­ment estab­lished to nur­ture stu­dents who find them­selves at odds with the world around them; in actu­al­i­ty, an orchard-cum-prison built to pre­serve fruit that has fall­en too far from its tree.

What­ev­er the cir­cum­stances behind its estab­lish­ment, Mihama Acad­e­my is at present home to five female stu­dents, all with their own rea­sons for “enroll­ment.” For bet­ter or worse, each girl has estab­lished a rou­tine oblig­ing of her cur­rent sit­u­a­tion; life moves at an idle, yet accom­mo­dat­ing pace with­in the walls of Mihama.

Yet with the arrival of the insti­tute’s first male stu­dent, the near­ly pre­pos­ter­ous­ly opaque Kaza­mi Yuu­ji, the stu­dents at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their pre­de­ter­mined rhythms. Will Yuu­ji prove to be the ele­ment the girls around him need­ed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome?

And in the first place, just who is Kaza­mi Yuu­ji? While the true nature of the “job” he is wont to alight to at the most hap­haz­ard of moments remains shroud­ed in secre­cy, one thing is for cer­tain — his encroach­ment upon the qui­et orchard known as Mihama Acad­e­my will prove itself momen­tous in one way or anoth­er. And of course, one can­not dis­count the pos­si­bil­i­ty that per­haps Yuu­ji him­self car­ries the weight­i­est past of any of the stu­dents… (v5154)

(Jesus that’s a mouth­ful. I won­der if any­one’s going to ask what an orchard-cum-prison is.)

I can’t real­ly tell explain all that well why I was/am so gid­dy about Gri­sa­ia. I want to just kind of toss it out as a ‘good feel­ing’ but I feel like I should be able to jus­ti­fy my own hype. I have always been a fan of char­ac­ter-cen­tered sto­ries and it seems Kajit­su is at least par­tial­ly in that direc­tion. Some­times even entire­ly in that direc­tion depend­ing on who you ask. And all the char­ac­ters (when Fujisa­ki is writ­ing them, at least) seem to be quite great and enjoy­able in their own ways. Except for Yumiko. She’s a lit­tle.. prick­ly. Replac­ing ‘hel­lo’ with a box­cut­ter is nev­er going to be a good way to win affec­tion. And she just seems to be a bit.. stale in com­par­i­son to the rest of the very quirky cast. We’ll see, though. Hopes are not high.

Every­one else though is quite the col­or­ful bas­ket of win­ners. Amane seemed gener­ic at first glance, but she seems to have a lot going on inside her head. And the con­stant need for Yuu­jis man meat is quite off-putting, so we’ll see. She also man­ages to be pret­ty amus­ing in her own per­vert­ed way. I don’t think I’ll ever for­get that march­ing song that she helped cre­ate. Gave me a pret­ty good laugh. She also comes with her own per­son­al munchkin named Mak­i­na. Voiced by Tamiya­su, too, who does a phe­nom­i­nal job voic­ing her, I must say. I do won­der what is up with Tamiya­su girls always being com­pared to cats.

And on the oth­er side of things we have some balls of insan­i­ty in the forms of Sachi and Michiru. Michiru pret­ty amus­ing. Idiot char­ac­ters some­times get on my nerves but Michiru just seems so.. gen­uine­ly stu­pid from every­thing to how she talks to how much effort her seiyuu puts into voic­ing her like an idiot that I can’t get annoyed with her. She’s just hilar­i­ous. Not sure how I feel about hav­ing sex with the voice of Navi and Laharl, though. We’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. She’s been quite the cat­a­lyst for laughs. Sachi is close, though. She’s a great mix of hilar­i­ous and cute. Have nev­er been one for maids myself but maybe Sachi can con­vert me. I’ll me maid-fetish­ing (Is that a thing?) with the best of them. Fun girl. My fav. As noted.

Not that this game is just char­ac­ter based, though, which brings me to the pro­tag Yuu­ji, so is very.. non-self insert and seems to be pret­ty sol­id and mem­o­rable with the rest of them. His ana­lyt­i­cal approach to every­t­ing just real­ly makes you feel like you are play­ing some­one real­ly intel­li­gent and pret­ty dif­fer­ent. Being in Yuu­jis head so thor­ough­ly also lets you catch glimpses of whats behind the school and the ‘big­ger pic­ture’ as it were. It leads to a good bit of intrigue as you go and mess about with the girls.

If I were to voice a com­plaint, though, it would be that it becomes very, absurd­ly obvi­ous when Fujisa­ki is not writ­ing. Fujisakis ver­bosi­ty and his abil­i­ty to cram words (with a sledge­ham­mer if need be) is very obvi­ous­ly his own, and the oth­er writ­ers.. do not do this. I haven’t seen enough of the oth­ers to real­ly say if they are ‘bad’ or not, but it’s very sim­ply ‘not as good’. That’s all, though.

makina pls

The com­mon route is also very funny.

Also, I don’t typ­i­cal­ly men­tion trans­la­tion qual­i­ty here but I feel like Koestl did such an amaz­ing job it deserves a line of praise. If for some rea­son Koestl reads this, it’s so far been a plea­sure. Thanks and good­job. This writ­ing is high­ly ver­bose and to make it come across so clean in eng­lish is some­thing I should give a thumbs up to. A lot of words that I haven’t even seen used in fic­tion in a real­ly long time and cap­tur­ing Fujisakis ver­bose bril­liance so nat­u­ral­ly deserves praise.

So, what am I doing first? Prob­a­bly Amane. I have been told to skip Yumiko entire­ly, though, but for the sake of lay­ing down a plan, it would prob­a­bly be Amane > Sachi > Michiru > Yumiko > Mak­i­na. I’ve been told to leave one of Fujisakis routes for last as his are sup­pos­ed­ly the best. And Mak­i­na is so cute I feel like it’d be good to end on that note.

Any­ways, so far very lit­tle to com­plain about. Also some of the most fun and best char­ac­ter inter­ac­tions I’ve had the plea­sure of see­ing. I have quite the tol­er­ance and even have a lik­ing for ran­dom fun­ny non­sense com­mon routes like this and Rewrite and some oth­ers. It’s always so much fun and this one so far has not dis­ap­point­ed to enter­tain me. First impres­sions are fair­ly high and quite promis­ing! Although the inclu­sion of oth­er writ­ers does wor­ry me a bit as to where the oth­er routes might go, but might just be anxiety.

So, let’s not drag this on longer then it has to. I want to go back to read­ing. Not sure if I’ll do episod­ic or a full review of the whole game yet. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Grisaia no Kajitsu — First Impressions

  1. Good for you. Good for me”

    Words can’t express how much fun, inci­den­tal­ly, hilar­i­ous Gri­sa­ia is. Yuu­ji’s POV and deliv­ery are some­thing else. Inter­est­ing, thought-pro­vok­ing, and right to the point. 

    My order is cur­rent­ly Sachi > Michiru > Yumiko > Mak­i­na > Amane

    Based on the walk­through and key save points this seems to work the best. Inci­den­tal­ly, based on what I read Amana/Makina are left for last since their routes have the most impact than the rest. I say that with much regret as I want­ed to read Amane first but it looks like I’ll leave it for last. 

    I’m with you about Yumiko not being very like­able, but after a cou­ple more hours into the game she’s becom­ing eas­i­er to like and such. There are some rather hilar­i­ous sit­u­a­tions involv­ing her. I also was­n’t much of a fan of the oth­ers at first either but right now all the routes seem like they’ll be a true blast.

    1. @Keikakudoori

      I actu­al­ly high­ly rec­om­mend read­ing Amanes first and Mak­i­nas last. Mak­i­nas deals most with the plot of the whole series, so I think its best to leave it for the end and it’s def­i­nite­ly the high­est point of the game.

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