Anime-esque dreams

I ship all the Yuru Yuri girls, by the way.

I just woke up around thir­ty min­utes ago. And, I had a dream that I can’t exact­ly describe. It was appar­ent­ly real life, but it felt like a visu­al novel/anime. I was a bum stu­dent (the ones that are con­sid­ered delin­quents in Japan, like Tomoya Okaza­ki) and I had a teacher that believed in me (like Hiratsuka-<i>sensei</i> is to Hachi­man). One thing lead to anoth­er, and I end­ed up inter­act­ing and falling in love with a very sweet inno­cent girl that brought out the good in me. I talked to her a lot and it made me happy.

All the while Key BGM (most­ly from Air, Kanon, and Clan­nad, but I’m not sure if any were from Lit­tle Busters!) was play­ing in my head. The dream end­ed in me run­ning in the rain to give her dan­go presents. I woke up, and for some rea­son, heard Phi­los­o­phyz in my head even though I haven’t read Rewrite yet… I feel non­cha­lant for some rea­son, my stress is all gone. But for some rea­son (and I admit, it’s weird to say), I feel that I’d like to meet that girl again. 🙁

(This is also the first time in a long while that I slept at a nor­mal time and woke up at a rea­son­able time like a nor­mal human being.)

Have you guys ever had ani­me-esque dreams? Did they make you hap­py, sad, etc.?

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