Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Extra Episode

I missed dat ass.

I final­ly got around to watch­ing the Chuu2 OVA. I must say, I’ve real­ly missed the antics of these delu­sion­al char­ac­ters. Chuu2 was prob­a­bly my per­son­al favorite ani­me of the Fall 2012 season.

And Rik­ka is as adork­able as ever.

She's found her weakness, besides milk

Kotat­su > Mjol­nir Ham­mer, OHKO

This episode takes place after the series con­clu­sion, so in essence it could be con­sid­ered the spe­cial 13th episode. I like that it brings Yuu­ta and Rikka’s rela­tion­ship sta­tus into focus — this is a stark con­trast to oth­er cer­tain ani­me series, where such rela­tion­ships or con­fes­sions are hand­waved. To be fair, their rela­tion­ship was a focal point in the lat­ter half of the series, so it would be utter­ly stu­pid to assume they would ignore it entire­ly. Nev­er­the­less, it’s a relief that there’s a fair amount of char­ac­ter devel­op­ment between Yuu­ta and Rik­ka in this episode, rather than the episode being being a point­less omake like the first Shaku­gan no SHANA OVA episode (the hot springs one focus­ing on Matake Ogata).

The Wicked Eye bows down!

The Jao Shin­gan concedes!

It’s nice to see Rik­ka back in school and ful­ly eased back into her Chuu2byou self. Her demeanor was rather depress­ing towards the end of the series, and it’s nice to see more of her fun self after the conclusion.

Burn in the flames of darkness!

Too bad we did­n’t to see the return of the Dark Flame Master…

Chuunibyou Ojou-sama

I was­n’t sur­prised that Deko­mori turned out to be rich. She’s looked real­ly refined with her hair down for that one episode dur­ing the series, and once she sug­gest­ed every­one to go to her house for the Christ­mas Par­ty, I imme­di­ate­ly though, “It’s prob­a­bly a mansion.”

That tends to hap­pen a lot to me — when I say some­thing’s pre­dictable, I mean that in the lit­er­al sense through my own first­hand account.

She still has it in her

She can’t escape her fate. Shin­ka was des­tined to be Chuu2. She radi­ates 8th grade syn­drome with­out even even try­ing, much to her dismay.

That out­fit looks good on her, by the way.

I want that so badly

Shin­ka can hurt me all she wants.

Santa Claus makes my boner...

It ripped through my pants!

Isshi­ki, I detect high lev­els of bon­er from you. As a straight man, I can’t say it’s not awk­ward that I have such an abil­i­ty, though…

Shinka casts Magic Missile!

Are we play­ing cards, or table­top RPGS…?

It’s always nice to see char­ac­ters just chill­ing out and hav­ing fun. This is one of the rea­sons why I loved Haruhi Suzu­miya’s Remote Island Syn­drome arc so much, aside from all the oth­er fac­tors that made that a worth­while read/watch.

Jao Shingan uses Attract!

Jao Shin­gan uses Attract!

It's super effective!

It’s super effective!

Ah, the char­ac­ters get­ting drunk. As overused as that is in ani­me, it nev­er stops being amus­ing see­ing your favorite char­ac­ters los­ing their sens­es to alcohol.

Black Rock Shooter meets the Genki Dama...or something

As always, the delu­sion sequences have absolute­ly gor­geous ani­ma­tion. It’s a shame KyoAni does­n’t do more action series — some­times I feel that these par­tic­u­lar tal­ents of theirs go to waste.

Be my oneesan asdjsvad

Cool female ani­me char­ac­ters 101:

Be an old­er sis­ter fig­ure to the group.

Even Chu­u­niby­ou has naka­ma!


I thought the whole scene on the cruise ship was real­ly cute. What Yuu­ta needs to do is take Rik­ka on more dates in gen­er­al — doing this will show that he trea­sures her com­pa­ny by going to spe­cial places with her. This goes to all you lov­able oafs out there as well. The down­side is that you have to main­tain the con­stant — if the fre­quen­cy of dates begin to decline, she might take it the wrong way. But it’s best to just spend time with her in gen­er­al, which is easy enough once she lives with you.

I demand OVA episodes like this that take place after the con­clu­sion of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra. I *need* more Saku­ra x Syao­ran, guys.

I support this. I definitely support this.


Oh boy. The Dekomori/Shinka inter­ac­tions dur­ing the series was sort of a rea­son for fans to ship them. Now every­thing comes full cir­cle with the ulti­mate ship tease of all!


It’s not like we we like each oth­er or anything!

I don’t know guys… It looks like that kiss stole the show for me.

I’m pret­ty much on-board for Shinka/Dekomori. However…

Husky meets pus-.... I'm not gonna say it

I still ship Shinka/Dog. I feel like that ship­ping’s also very plau­si­ble.

Can't wait for the second season!

Tsuzuku… ka na?

I sure hope so! I look for­ward to the upcom­ing sec­ond sea­son and the film.

3 thoughts on “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Extra Episode

  1. Oh wow I must watch this!
    I real­ly liked Chu­u­niby­ou and was hop­ing they might make an ova tak­ing place after the events in the first series. FINALLY GET MORE RIKKA *fan­boys*

    I total­ly get what your say­ing on the ani­ma­tion dur­ing the delu­sion­al fight sequences, it’s absolute­ly beau­ti­ful. I was think­ing the same thing about KyoAni, they real­ly should do some action series.

    1. @Shikon: Per­haps one day they will make an action-ori­en­tat­ed series? I look for­ward to that day.

  2. That would be awe­some, giv­en the qual­i­ty of oth­er works that they’ve done I think they could prob­a­bly make a top-notch action series. At least I hope they do one day ^_^

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