Pocket Monsters Origins (new anime!)

Start­ing in Octo­ber (the same month as the release of the XY games), a new Pock­et Mon­sters ani­me is set to air every Wednes­day, based on the orig­i­nal Pock­et Mon­sters Red and Green games (known as Poke­mon Red and Blue inter­na­tion­al­ly) with yet more coun­ter­parts for the pro­tag­o­nist and rival from those games. 

It seems that they’re using Red and Green’s Fir­eRed and Leaf­Green designs for this ani­me’s ver­sions of those char­ac­ters, as opposed to the Gen­er­a­tion I facial design they con­stant­ly kept on using for all of Red’s coun­ter­parts in the var­i­ous man­ga series (Pock­et Mon­sters Spe­cial, Pock­et Mon­sters gag series, Pock­et Mon­sters HGSS Jou’s Big Adven­ture, etc.) and the ani­me (Satoshi, known to most of you guys in the dub as “Ash Ketchum”). 

Nev­er­the­less, I look for­ward to this. The Pock­et Mon­sters ani­me went down­hill after Takeshi Shu­do left the writ­ing team, and went on a nev­er-end­ing down­spi­ral after the fourth gen­er­a­tion (espe­cial­ly after they dis­re­gard­ed the orig­i­nal Mewt­wo saga in their newest movie). I hope Rica Mat­sumo­to (Red’s ani­me ver­sion, Satoshi) and Yuko Kobayashi (Green’s ani­me ver­sion, Shigeru, or “Gary Oak” in the Eng­lish dub) reprise their roles in this alter­nate con­ti­nu­ity. I feel that Satoshi deserves some feel­ing of jus­tice, even if it’s through anoth­er alter­nate adap­ta­tion of the RBGY protagonist.

The ques­tion is… why release this now? What’s the sud­den spe­cial occas­sion that they’re sud­den­ly mak­ing an ani­me that pon­ders to old­er Pock­et Mon­sters fans? 

I spec­u­late that it’s not intend­ed to pro­mote FRLG or the Gen I games (though it would sure inspire fans to check the orig­i­nals out), it’s pro­mot­ing the XY games. Mewt­wo is gonna play a role in Gen VI judg­ing by the XY pro­mo­tions, and Red or Fuji might very well play a role in those games as well due to their con­nec­tion with Mewt­wo alone. The Poke­mon Tow­er arc is con­firmed to be adapt­ed in this pro­gram and Mr. Fuji’s inclu­sion is a giv­en, fur­ther sup­port­ing my assump­tion. We also have the reg­u­lar ani­me, focus­ing on Satoshi (Red’s ani­me coun­ter­part) in pro­mo­tions this time around and being giv­en Red’s FRLG hat. It’s all too per­fect to be a coincidence.

I’m going to have to get used to the ani­ma­tion in this. While it does look nice — and I’m used to alter­nate art from read­ing var­i­ous Pock­et Mon­sters man­ga tak­ing place in dif­fer­ent uni­vers­es with dif­fer­ent styles — I’m cer­tain­ly not used to that in ani­mat­ed form. 

The ani­ma­tion will be a col­lab­o­ra­tion between OLM, Pro­duc­tion I.G., and Xebec. This ani­me will be a spe­cial pro­gram. I’m afraid they’re going to cram too much in so lit­tle time…

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2 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters Origins (new anime!)

  1. From what I heard now it’s only going to be a one-shot special…but I guess that’s bet­ter than nothing.

    I’m not famil­iar with the Poke­mon Adven­tures man­ga, so I can’t com­pare, but this does look cool =D As you sug­gest­ed, it’s weird that they would have a spe­cial about the orig­i­nal games for XY, unless your spec­u­la­tions about Mewt­wo, etc., are true.

    I don’t pay atten­tion to the staff of the Poke­mon ani­me besides the seiyuu, but I agree that the late Johto episodes, Advanced gen­er­a­tion, and Dia­mond and Pearl, were not as good as the Kan­to episodes. How­ev­er, I think the Black and White episodes as a whole saw an improve­ment in terms of sto­ry and writ­ing. Still not as good as the old ones but cer­tain­ly more mem­o­rable episodes than the pre­vi­ous seasons.

    Any­way, I’m look­ing for­ward to this spe­cial and see­ing if your spec­u­la­tions turn out to be true XD

    1. @Yume­ka: There are some sources that say it’ll air every Wednes­day on Octo­ber. We’ll have to wait and see.
      Regard­ing not read­ing Pock­et Mon­sters Spe­cial, I’ll say it’s a sep­a­rate adap­ta­tion alto­geth­er, while this looks like it’ll be the clos­est to the games. That in itself is very cool, since we’ve nev­er real­ly had that before. I wish they used the Gen I designs though — some items such as the Poke­mon Zukan appear to be used in its Gen I form — since the Gen III designs does­n’t real­ly scream “Ori­gins” to me. lol I would have loved it if Red used his Gen I design:
      As for Pock­et Mon­sters Best Wish­es… I appre­ci­ate some aspects of it, but I don’t appre­ci­ate the regres­sion of Satoshi. It’s rather sad to see what he’s become because I used to love him. I also love Mewt­wo (the orig­i­nal ani­me incar­na­tion), but the 16th movie pret­ty much acts like it nev­er exist­ed despite being inte­gral to the orig­i­nal series. Satoshi does­n’t even both­er to men­tion him… I dun­no, to be hon­est, it seems that the writ­ing took a step back in com­par­i­son to DP. DP was­n’t the best, but it gave some respect to our main pro­tag­o­nist, who took down two leg­endary Poke­mon in DP, only to lose to a rook­ie who for­got to bring a 6th Poke­mon in the Isshu League.
      But yeah, I’m look­ing for­ward to this spe­cial. I hope it isn’t just a one-off thing as some sources suggest.

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