Let’s Read! Rewrite (Mikoto Playthrough) — The Beginning…


I have recent­ly start­ed read­ing Key’s lat­est visu­al nov­el series, Rewrite. I’ve heard a lot of good about it (and it helps that most of my con­tacts on Skype have read it and con­stant­ly drown me with ref­er­ences and awe­some music), so I thought I’d give it a go.

It helps that the only things I’m active­ly blog­ging right now are old ani­me and Wata­Mote.

In con­trast to res­i­dent tritag­o­nist-turned-deuter­ag­o­nist Wah­fuu’s review of the series, my posts will be episod­ic and will be write-ups of my thoughts of what I’ve read up to that point. Just so it could stand out from his awe­some con­gre­gat­ed reviews. 😛 That being said, MISSION START!

Meet the cast. Well, some of them.

True to the Visu­al Arts brand, I’m treat­ed to a rather pleas­ant open­ing sequence. The song, Phi­los­o­phyz, real­ly res­onates with me, and not because of the obvi­ous rea­son, but because it’s gen­er­al­ly a real­ly, real­ly good song with a nice melody that picks up at all the right spots. Also, THAT GUITAR, MAN!

The mono­logue before the open­ing was pret­ty cool as well, and real­ly sets the bar of what I expect to read from here on out — what Kotarou says here, make me expect big things con­cern­ing the con­cept of life. Here’s to hop­ing it pulls through for me in in that regard. Though, I feel that it’s a shame that I know very well that Kotarou won’t be voiced for most of the game (near­ly all visu­al nov­els are like that) because he has such a good voice-over in the prologue.

Kanbe Kotori

Kanbe Kotori

Ohtori Chihaya

Ohtori Chi­haya

Senri Akane

Sen­ri Akane

Nakatsu Shizuru

Nakat­su Shizuru

Konohara Lucia

Kono­hara Lucia

Visu­al nov­el tropes tell me that these will be the char­ac­ters that the routes will most­ly focus on.

The art in Rewrite is immense­ly bet­ter than pre­vi­ous Key visu­al nov­els from what I can see so far. Sure, the art of their pre­vi­ous series was cer­tain­ly expres­sive (and it’s weird that I’m the only per­son ever that nev­er had a prob­lem with it), but I’m real­ly lov­ing… the pro­por­tion? Ahem. No Jay Leno here.

(Sor­ry, Air, I still love you despite Jay Leno chins.)

Gives no shits

Our main char­ac­ter cer­tain­ly has quite the per­son­al­i­ty. He’s friv­o­lous­ly care­free (and gives 0% shits about it) and arro­gant (in a good way). Quite a change of pace from Yuk­i­to, Yuichi, Tomoya, and Riki. I like him already, he’s fun­ny and I enjoy his inner dialogues.

Just a mammoth, he says

Just a mam­moth. Noth­ing to see here.

The Map­pie sys­tem is pret­ty fun stuff so far, it adds a nice point-and-click ele­ment to the visu­al nov­els, which I always tend to enjoy when includ­ed. I love spend­ing my time check check­ing the whole GPS to trig­ger all of the events.


Oh my god, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Kotori’s char­ac­ter and voice actress. Chi­wa Saitou nails the role SPOT ON. I’m quite curi­ous about what her con­nec­tion to the for­est is — falling asleep there with no cares in the world sure adds to her intrigue.

I also quite enjoy her Engr­ish. I have the feel­ing she’ll be the source of that for the rest of the VN.

You said it, girl!

Hav­ing a small butt comes in handy, sometimes.”




Chi­haya is quite the char­ac­ter. Clum­sy, falls down… things a lot, and has an arm that could prob­a­bly break my face.

Well, she’s got looks.

Her inter­ac­tion with Kotarou is pret­ty hilar­i­ous. He actu­al­ly tries some­what to make amends for his bad first impres­sions, but it either goes wrong or she snuffs it off like tsun because she can’t just can’t be hon­est. And she keeps trip­ping in dan­ger­ous places. I near­ly got on her route because I was so wor­ried about her.

I hate you for unrelated reasons!

Hon­esty 101

Mr. Lawless

As for Yoshi­no, the delin­quent, I actu­al­ly real­ly enjoy the guy’s pres­ence. His ham­my dia­logue mocks like, 20 ani­me series where it oth­er­wise would sound badass, and his extreme­ly, extreme­ly vit­ri­olic “friend­ship” with Kotarou is always amus­ing to read (the vit­ri­olic part is all one-sided on Yoshi­no’s end), the guy’s tough guy act (at least, I think it’s an act!) makes him very easy to manip­u­late in the sense that he’ll deny every­thing he sug­gest and do the opposite.



This girl has skill

[juice]:3 <—-(SO HAPPY face)

Shizu­ru is a real­ly cute char­ac­ter. Adorable, shy, tiny, , twin­tails, eye-patch. The quintessentials.

She’s also real­ly eccen­tric, but most­ly because Kotarou choos­es to dub over her facial expres­sions. How­ev­er, appar­ent­ly she has ham­mer­space under that skirt and she can, well, bal­ance juice on her head while eat­ing from her ben­to box. Screw Chi­haya’s stron­garm, THIS is the peak of human ability.

what am i worrying about

What stu­pid thing are you wor­ry­ing about now, Johnny?”

What stu­pid thing are you wor­ry­ing about now, Johnny?

you wor­ry­ing about now, Johnny


...I have no words...

Right, a dog

My absolute favorite part so far is when Kotarou first uses his pow­ers (this is, I’m guess­ing, the secret he allud­ed to ear­li­er on). Quite a lot of strange things appear and he clear­ly entered some strange, par­al­lel dimension.

This is some pretty creepy shit!

The superb dia­logue obvi­ous­ly has me engaged, but what engages me more is the amount of intrigue they’re throw­ing at me this ear­ly. Plen­ty of para­nor­mal things has hap­pened in Kotarou’s room, such feel­ing a mys­te­ri­ous hand grab him in the mid­dle of the night ear­li­er on in the game, the above pic­ture where he feels some­thing grip­ping him entire body, etc. It’s all rather creepy and mys­te­ri­ous, and I like that.

The whole scene when he first uses his pow­ers, then mak­ing it home to his room, only to find it being messed with some para­nor­mal force… all of that hap­pens right after anoth­er, and the whole sequence was pret­ty intense.


Good time for a cliff hang­er? You bet.

Stay tuned…

Sentai Suzuki!

P.S. Task Force Suzu­ki are clear­ly the best characters.

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  1. So many Rewrite good­ness here ^^

    I also like the very first time where he used the his pow­ers and faced the dog, pret­ty intense.

    1. @Kai: Yeah, I love ear­ly scenes like that which peak my inter­est and engagement.
      I’m on my way to writ­ing the next Let’s Read post, so look for­ward to that. ^^

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