Wahfuu Review! Grisaia no Kajitsu


So. Remem­ber when I said some­thing about doing episod­ic reviews for this game dur­ing my first impres­sions? Well, see.. turns out that once you get start­ed read­ing Kajit­su it becomes very hard to actu­al­ly stop. Espe­cial­ly for the length of time it would take me to write up an entire piece about what­ev­er char­ac­ter route I just read. What I’m try­ing to say is that I’m both real­ly lazy and, at the time, was far too engrossed in read­ing this lit­tle char­ac­ter show­case. So i’ve decid­ed to do a com­pi­la­tion review. And because I do so love to rant and rave and add unnec­es­sary punc­tu­a­tion to things (espe­cial­ly com­mas) this review end­ed up being quite long. Expect minor-to-slight­ly mod­er­ate spoil­er-esque things for con­text and clar­i­fi­ca­tion. I will also prob­a­bly splurge a lot about.. well, most things about the game real­ly. And then I will bash Yumiko mer­ci­less­ly. If any of these things both­er you.. well.. I don’t know, real­ly. What do peo­ple nor­mal­ly put here?

Any­ways, this intro­duc­tion is get­ting lengthy. Let’s not try to tire out every­one before I actu­al­ly start talk­ing about any­thing, aye? So before I bore you (and myself at this rate) let’s get to the actu­al meat of the stuff. On with the show and all that.

Only the slightest of fanservice


So if some­one were to ask me to sum up my expe­ri­ence with Kajit­su, it would prob­a­bly be that it was real­ly fun. I’ve been think­ing and I don’t real­ly think Kajit­su has any real deep mean­ing or phi­los­o­phy behind it but instead strives to be a sim­ply incred­i­bly enter­tain­ing and sol­id expe­ri­ence. And for the most part Kajit­su suc­ceeds in this goal through a mul­ti­tude of ways. Some A‑grade voice act­ing across the board (except for Yumiko) voic­ing char­ac­ters that are for the most part high­ly like­able. By the end of Kajit­su, I real­ly felt like I had made four new friends. This is in no small part thanks to the usage of flash­backs dur­ing the entire course of the game which real­ly buries you into the con­scious actions of the par­ty in ques­tion. Also in no small part thanks to a down­right fan­tas­tic com­mon route which will absorb you with the engross­ing diary-style mono­logues from Yuu­ji and char­ac­ter inter­ac­tions that are so fun that you will be hard pressed to find bet­ter any­where else.

If I were to give Kajit­su a mean­ing, how­ev­er, I guess that it feels like it’s about a few things that are all rather close­ly relat­ed. Like find­ing out where you belong and the peo­ple you belong with. Where you go when you are shunned. Friends that would do any­thing to pick up the pieces. Fix­ing bro­ken toys thrown away by kids that got too old for them (or in this case rot­ten fruit would prob­a­bly be more appro­pri­ate)  The Mihama Acad­e­my crew some­times does feel like a huge fam­i­ly (The first half of Mak­i­nas route has a bit of a con­fer­ence skit which is hilar­i­ous but quite nice to see that every­one gen­uine­ly does care) and at times you real­ly get attached to the atmos­phere. So, I guess if I were to blend it all togeth­er, Gri­sa­ia no Kajit­su would be about find­ing some­thing that you’re miss­ing. ‘Home’ I think is the best word for it in this game.

Kajit­su also does some­thing that I have not only a huge tol­er­ance but an incred­i­ble fond­ness for. This would be a high­ly humor­ous and lengthy com­mon route that makes me feel a tinge of sad­ness when it actu­al­ly ends. I could prob­a­bly have read Kajit­su’s com­mon route for­ev­er if it had let me. It’s def­i­nite­ly a bit slow at first as you worm your way through Yuu­jis inner thoughts and the incred­i­ble amount of that go by with every mouseclick just to get to know the char­ac­ter cast that’s been intro­duced, but the humor real­ly starts pick­ing up around the 20%ish mark and then it nev­er real­ly stops. I real­ly am a fan of com­mon routes that have just a friend­ly non­sense filled atmos­phere (like a cer­tain moogle who might be read­ing this) that may not even have a point to them. And Kajit­su’s com­mon route is up top with some of the best com­mon routes I’ve had the plea­sure of reading.

Of course this is thanks to the col­or­ful cast of crazy we have join­ing our pal Yuu­ji here in Mihama Acad­e­my. We have Mak­i­na, the absurd­ly eccen­tric cat-like destroy­er of the eng­lish lan­guage. Amane the horny big-sis­ter who end­ed up being a sur­pris­ing­ly well explored and rather impres­sive char­ac­ter. Michiru the super dunce and school punch­ing bag. Sachi the pure white dili­gent air-head who takes even the most absurd things seri­ous­ly. And Yumiko. Who is.. just unpleas­ant. The most sledge­ham­mered kuud­ere per­son­al­i­ty you will ever see. It’s like if some­one saw Sen­jouga­hara from Bake­mono­gatari and want­ed to rip all the fun and per­son­al­i­ty from her and shove her into a galge game. Great idea. And last­ly we have Yuu­ji, who real­ly is just a great pro­tag­o­nist from begin­ning to end. Impos­si­ble to self-insert as though. 0/10.

Fun­ny note about the char­ac­ters which I don’t see get men­tioned alot: A bit of a run­ning-gag and joke that goes on in Kaji­tu is peo­ple ‘stay­ing in-char­ac­ter’ or when peo­ple do some­thing dif­fer­ent going ‘out-of-char­ac­ter.’ and things like that. It’s a bit of an amus­ing sell on how much of a char­ac­ter game this actu­al­ly is. It might just be a bit of a flick on the fourth wall and I could be read­ing a bit too much into it, but I find it a bit charming.

(Oh and anoth­er SMACK* on the back for Koestl. If for some rea­son you found your way here and are actu­al­ly read­ing this over­ly long tripe I’d like to tell you that you real­ly did do a damn good job. I admit my stan­dards for trans­la­tion qual­i­ty aren’t the high­est out­side of the tru­ly worst stuff but stuff as well done as this deserves cred­it. Great job sir.)

So, yes. I could sit here for­ev­er and talk about the incred­i­bly engross­ing com­mon route and the col­or­ful char­ac­ters. Won­der­ing what hap­pened on the next episode of Tunafish man. Ques­tion­ing if Sachi real­ly did end up tak­ing out her phone and tweet­ing #moist.  Com­par­ing the mer­its of Juicy-Yuu­ji and Yujiyu­ji so as to final­ly give our tsun­dere pro­tag­o­nist the nick­name he yearns for. It’s prob­a­bly get­ting a bit hard on the eyes to read my over­ly long spurge at the moment so I’ll save you the tor­ture. Let’s get to the main routes, shall we?

This was the only CG that was SFW and wasn't a spoiler

Suou Amane: The Horny Big-Sis­ter Character.

I think some­one once said that answer­ing a ques­tion with a ques­tion is a sign of stupidity.”

Fuck. Flash­back. Stuff.’

So, fun­ny thing about Amane’s route is that not a lot actu­al­ly hap­pens in it despite being so long. Instead, it tells you most­ly about stuff that has already hap­pened. Yes, the huge bulk of the route comes in the form of the haunt­ing­ly bru­tal Angel­ic Howl flash­back that I’m sure every­one has heard about by now. Before all that though we have some pre­lim­i­nary bon­ing to get out of the way! About a half an hour-ish into the route Yuu­ji and Amane are screw­ing. And you best believe it does­n’t just stop with one. What kind of horny big-sis­ter char­ac­ter would just screw once? There’s anoth­er, of course! And anoth­er. And anoth­er. And then one more. Five in total, I believe. Some of these even from Amane’s per­spec­tive which adds a very.. inter­est­ing mood to it all, I guess? I must say, Fujisa­ki has a real tal­ent for H‑Scenes. I’ve become pret­ty indif­fer­ent to H‑scenes unless they are over­ly good (nev­er hap­pens) or over­ly bad (occa­sion­al­ly hap­pens) or in this case: Hilar­i­ous! I am half-tempt­ed to call them all com­e­dy scenes truth be told.

Any­ways, Amane’s char­ac­ter takes quite the pitiable turn dur­ing the ter­ror of the Angel­ic Howl flash­back. With­out spoil­ing too much I real­ly did have to stop eat­ing while read­ing it. Not real­ly because it was gross though and more because I felt real­ly bad about it. It’s all pret­ty fucked up to be total­ly hon­est (espe­cial­ly Amane’s nick­name) and can be a bit bru­tal at times but it’s pret­ty great. The thing I like the most about this flash­back is how good a job it does at show­cas­ing Amane’s char­ac­ter through and through.  It explains a lot of her man­ner­isms and even where she picked up cer­tain habits you may have noticed dur­ing the course of the game. No mat­ter how you feel about Amane her­self I find it hard to imag­ine you won’t come out of Angel­ic Howl with­out feel­ing like you got to know her quite a bit. Or with­out want­i­ng to give the girl a damn hug, christ. Either way, Angel­ic Howl is def­i­nite­ly one of the high­lights if not the best part of the entire game, really.

I was actu­al­ly pret­ty shocked to see that all the side char­ac­ters in the Angel­ic Howl flash­back had sprites and voic­es! It kind of makes me annoyed at oth­er games by cer­tain com­pa­nies (KEY) for skimp­ing out on stuff like that which adds a lot to the over­all expe­ri­ence. So much so that I almost wish the extra char­ac­ters had more sprites besides the few they are giv­en. That might just be me being greedy though. Any­ways what the hell is the excuse for Key here if Fron­twing can man­age this? Besides being cheap pricks?

Com­pa­ny relat­ed rant­i­ng aside, The route.. seems to take a bit of a crazy turn after the flash­back. Not ran­dom (well.. a lit­tle bit) or unre­lat­ed or any­thing like that, but.. a bit nuts. And the good end leaves a rather bit­ter taste in my mouth after all that. The after-sto­ry in Meikyuu is going to feel real­ly weird after read­ing that. I’m real­ly not sure how I feel about the good end if I’m going to be hon­est. There’s a cer­tain ele­ment that exists in it that just real­ly seems to be.. unnec­es­sary. The bad end how­ev­er is pret­ty bru­tal and it gives some need-to-read plot details so you should def­i­nite­ly read that. I know a lot of peo­ple (some I know per­son­al­ly) get squea­mish around bad ends and some­times avoid them but real­ly you should­n’t. Not here.

So over­all Amane’s route is a win­ner. It has that good ol’ Fujisa­ki fla­vor to it that the com­mon route had and a real­ly thor­ough char­ac­ter explo­ration through the means of Angel­ic Howl. And Amane her­self is just real­ly like­able over­all. I remem­ber think­ing that she seemed a bit plain in com­par­i­son to the rest of the eccen­tric cast but I’ve come to be real­ly fond of Amane and her.. eyes. She’s one of those char­ac­ters that can real­ly strike a lot of chords with a lot of peo­ple. So, good stuff overall.

This girl gave me a maid fetish

Komine Sachi: The Dili­gent Air­head­ed Char­ac­ter

I mean, next time I come to play, would­n’t it be nicer to find the place clean?”

Well, it’s time. The time where I bury myself under­ground in order to deaf­en myself to all the laugh­ter in my gen­er­al direc­tion. See, Sachi’s route is my favourite in the entire game. Yes, I said it. It’s not as well writ­ten (it’s lack­ing the Fujisa­ki Flare) and a hell of a lot sim­pler than the oth­er routes and their unique prob­lems and issues that come with them. And despite that, I find myself hope­less­ly attached to the char­ac­ter and the rela­tion­ship between her and Yuu­ji. So before every­one brings out the com­bi­na­tion of pitch­forks, rope and drag­on dil­dos to abuse my inno­cent soul with, let me at least try to jus­ti­fy why I like this route the most out of the entire game. This one’s for you, MoogleBound.

Okay, so let’s get the bad out-of-the-way. First­ly, this route need­ed to have one of two things hap­pen to it and we’d have been real­ly rock­ing. Maybe even both, but let’s not be greedy. One of which being that Fujisa­ki real­ly should have writ­ten it. He should have writ­ten the entire game to be hon­est but again with the greed thing. Sachi’s route is miss­ing that ver­bose spark that Fujisa­ki brings to the table and the rather bar­ren text box is sad to see at times. Now, it did­n’t seem real­ly all that bad as I had heard, but I’m not sure how much of this is Koestl or how much of this is the lan­guage dis­crep­an­cy. Any­ways, I did­n’t think it was real­ly that bad, but some may dis­agree and it’s def­i­nite­ly not Fujisaki’s.

And the oth­er thing that could have hap­pened but did­n’t would be the routes length. I hon­est­ly per­son­al­ly enjoyed the ban­ter between Sachi and Yuu­ji and the chem­istry between them and I’m not exact­ly against the sim­ple atmos­phere or the slice-of-life esq approach to it all, but even I start­ed feel­ing the route drag its heels through the sand as it got clos­er to the end. Mind you I think how much time the route puts towards actu­al­ly deal­ing with the nature of Sachi’s prob­lem and how to fix it ends up work­ing for it in the end, but even still it real­ly did­n’t need to be so long. God for­bid you aren’t a fan of Sachi or the slice-of-life atmos­phere the route car­ries with it. The route would prob­a­bly drag on for­ev­er in that case.

So, yes. Sachi’s route is plain, long and not touched by Fujisa­ki. Now, fuck every­thing I just said and let’s go ahead and explain my entire­ly sub­jec­tive and bad-taste infused rea­sons as to why I liked Sachi’s route so much and then pro­ceed to run for the hills.

First thing to men­tion as I’m sure most peo­ple have heard is the good end­ing, which is hon­est­ly the best good end in the entire game and one of the best good end­ings I have had the plea­sue of read­ing. Some­thing sad, heart­warm­ing and hope­ful actu­al­ly man­aged to bring me to tears for a lit­tle bit. I can’t say I’ve cried that much over.. well, any­thing, hon­est­ly. Not to say I’m some sort of emo­tion­less cool-guy or some­thing stu­pid like that; I’m entire­ly capa­ble of feel­ing moved and feel­ing emo­tion, but cry­ing is just some­thing that rarely ever comes and I real­ly can­not help but hold stuff that can bring me to tears in real­ly high esteem. And that is prob­a­bly why Sachi’s route is my favourite pri­mar­i­ly, because it’s such a rare feel­ing and such a rare occur­rence that I have to give it a lot of respect subjectively.

Sachi’s route also I feel does the best job of help­ing the girl in ques­tion over­come her prob­lems. Can you real­ly go through this route with­out inter­nal­ly root­ing for the girl the entire way? It even brings in the entire­ty of the cast to help a long with it. I’m a pret­ty big suck­er for friend­ship & friend­ship relat­ed ele­ments in works and Sachi’s route has a good amount of it. It real­ly get you into the whole bud­dy-bud­dy Mihama Acad­e­my vibe it has. It also does­n’t help that I was pret­ty much a Sachi fan from the start of the game, so it did­n’t take all that much effort to get invest­ed into the girl and her prob­lems right away.

And the final incred­i­bly sub­jec­tive and pos­si­bly wrong thing I will say is that I felt the rela­tion­ship between Yuu­ji and Sachi felt the most heart­felt and gen­uine. I mean, sure, it’s not exact­ly the most pure thing and roman­tic thing at first but through the amus­ing ban­ter and Yuu­ji’s dia­logue real­ly sold the rela­tion­ship for me in a roman­tic light more so than the oth­er ones did. Not to say that this is the only roman­tic route or this is the most roman­tic route or any­thing like that, it’s just that I bought the Yuu­ji and Sachi pair­ing more than I did the oth­ers. Mind you, Yuu­ji is quite a deal toned down and less ‘Yuu­ji’ than he is in the Fujisa­ki routes so that might have some­thing to do with it, truthfully.

So, yes. The rea­sons I like Sachi’s route the most are pret­ty much entire­ly sub­jec­tive to me and rather unjus­ti­fi­able objec­tive­ly, but Sachi is def­i­nite­ly one of my favorite char­ac­ters in VN’s over­all and I real­ly can­not help but real­ly like a route like this despite it’s sim­pler approach to.. well, every­thing. So, I tried. Let’s see how many insults get flung my way.

And now for some­thing com­plete­ly different:

This girl gave me an aneurysm

Mat­sushi­ma Michiru: The Stu­pid Tsun­dere Char­ac­ter.

What does yes­ter­day being Tues­day have to do with today being Thursday!?”

Michiru is a sur­pris­ing­ly pop­u­lar char­ac­ter, it seems. I can kind of see why. Michiru is a huge cat­a­lyst for laugh-at-laughs dur­ing the course of the game and Mizuhashi does an absolute­ly incred­i­ble job voic­ing this lit­tle doo­fus. I’ve made a few com­ments like this before, but I’ll say it again; It com­plete­ly baf­fles and amus­es me how one per­son can put so much effort into sound­ing so stu­pid. It’s Mizuhashi though so I prob­a­bly should­n’t be all that sur­prised. Any­ways, yes. Michiru typ­i­cal­ly shows up to be a com­plete idiot and occa­sion­al­ly you see her show she actu­al­ly has a con­sid­er­ate side to her, but for the most part Michiru is crazy and a lit­tle retard­ed. Much like her route.

It’s almost poet­ic how Michiru’s route, like her, is crazy and down­right stu­pid at times. To say that Michiru’s route goes ‘off the rails’ would be a bit of an under­state­ment. It does­n’t just go ‘off the rails’ as much as it does go off the rails, builds its own rails and then decides to paint these new sparkling rails yel­low and pink. Okay, sure, I am prob­a­bly exag­ger­at­ing a lit­tle bit but real­ly! You have got to see this shit! I was actu­al­ly pret­ty inter­est­ed in the premise at first. Michiru’s ‘prob­lem’ is a bit out­ra­geous and not some­thing I see very often so I was pret­ty curi­ous as to where it could pos­si­bly go from there. And then the ‘what’ start­ed. And when the ‘what’ starts in Michiru’s route you best believe it keeps going. It’ll keep going until you get sucked into it’s deranged crazy vor­tex where nobody ever leaves alive or sane. Every­thing else just becomes white noise.

I prob­a­bly make it sound worse than it is, but it’s seri­ous­ly pret­ty impres­sive. I real­ly wish I could have seen the look on my own face as I read this route. I immag­ine it was some­where between con­fused and flab­ber­gast­ed. It’s not the plot details either, though! Every­thing has com­plete­ly lost its fuck­ing mind! Michiru is, sad­ly, not even that fun­ny in this route; Instead she is a rather depressed and over­all real­ly sad char­ac­ter for most of it. The fun hilar­i­ty that Michiru brought into the com­mon route and bits and pieces of the oth­er routes is lost in the vor­tex of ‘what’ and dra­ma fills the space. I mean, I knew Michiru was­n’t going to be all laughs and flow­ers when it came around to her route but holy shit. Only rem­nants remain of the fun and amus­ing char­ac­ter you remem­ber. The the­o­ry that parts of Michiru were absorbed into this mon­stros­i­ty to cre­ate the plot is start­ing to seem true.

Yet that’s not the most annoy­ing­ly crazy thing about this route and it’s not the one I have the biggest prob­lem with. Sure, Michiru has caused an event hori­zon filled with the stuff dreams and night­mares are made out of and she’s been robbed of all her ener­gy, but it’s not over­ly annoy­ing. No, no. Instead, the biggest annoy­ance for me comes in the form of one of my favorite parts of the whole game. Some­thing that real­ly frus­trat­ed me the entire way through and some­thing that real­ly gets under my skin. It’s just anoth­er lay­er of crazy, but one that real­ly bugged me.


Gone is the badass, thought-pro­vok­ing and wit­ty pro­tag­o­nist that I had become so amused by. Instead, Yuu­ji is replaced by some sort of shell of brood­ing mis­ery. Yuu­ji is hon­est­ly more than half the cause for all the dra­ma and prob­lems that come in Michiru’s route. And despite any hint or any rea­son giv­en to him, Yuu­ji seems to only get more igno­rant and down­right annoy­ing­ly stu­pid as the route pro­gress­es. Yuu­ji is down­right antag­o­nis­tic in this route and for no jus­ti­fi­able rea­son, either. No mat­ter how I look at it, the guy I knew in every oth­er route would have nev­er behaved this way. Yuu­ji, instead of being used as a solu­tion, is being used as a cause. A way to progress the route in the most out-of-char­ac­ter, con­fus­ing and annoy­ing way possible.

So, hon­est­ly, I find it hard to rec­om­mend this route. Even to fans of Michiru, hon­est­ly, as she real­ly does­n’t feel like the same char­ac­ter most of the time. Yet I think there is some weird and crazy enjoy­ment that comes out of this expe­ri­ence. And the bad-end is.. well, I won’t spoil any­thing, but it was kind of hard not to laugh. There is a sick, dark irony in it.

Now.. ugh.

I quit

Saka­ki Yumiko: The Caged Kuud­ere (or as I call her the ‘real­ly bad’) Character.

Let them kill me, then… suits me fine.”

 (Oh how I wish they would.)

Okay, so. Let’s get some­thing straight here; I.. well, don’t like this girl. Yumiko is about as typ­i­cal and gener­ic at it actu­al­ly gets in this whole game and, sad­ly, it’s pret­ty much like this the entire way. See, my biggest annoy­ance with Yumiko is that you know straight away what you are going to get out of her; Cold aggres­sion dis­played at almost all times except for the moments where you catch that hid­den dere side that she oh-so longs to release upon the world. And Yumiko deliv­ers this in spades. Not just in her route; Even in the com­mon route you are treat­ed to the most obvi­ous and bland kuud­ere won­der you have seen before. Not that Yumiko is com­plete­ly devoid of good scenes or per­son­al­i­ty, though. Just most of the time. A lot of the time.

It’s not even Yumiko’s com­plete­ly obvi­ous and could-see-com­ing-from-across-the-uni­verse dere expo­sure that bugs me the most. It’s that so, so many scenes with her are basi­cal­ly just the game get­ting on its knees and beg­ging you to be inter­est­ed in her. It’s near com­ic lev­els of how there is this attempt­ed aura of mys­tery of the most plain and gener­ic char­ac­ter of the whole cast. Almost every scene she cen­ters in almost imme­di­ate­ly turns into a ‘what is her true char­ac­ter?!’ guess­ing game. It’s cute a cou­ple of times but there’s only so much I can take before being adorably awful starts to test my patience.

The dere per­son­al­i­ty is also hilar­i­ous in a bad way. It’s down­right split per­son­al­i­ty dis­or­der! I swear they had to stuff it down this girls gul­let by the buck­et loads in order for it to be as ver­ti­go induc­ing as pos­si­ble. Seri­ous­ly, the change board­ers on ran­dom and has the pos­si­bil­i­ty of giv­ing you whiplash. Yuu­ji even get’s anoth­er makeover in this route. He’s lost a lot of per­son­al­i­ty and seems to have been turned into more of a self-insert badass that beats up all the bad guys and gets the hot chick at the end. Read at your own peril.

So, yeah. Can’t say I’m a big fan. I heard she gets quite a deal bet­ter in Rakuen, though, which I can’t say sur­pris­es me all that much since Fujisa­ki writes most of the oth­er games from what I’ve been told.  Maybe if (god help) you like Yumiko and real­ly want her to go dere on you, maybe it’ll be okay.

Oh. Yeah. I for­got to men­tion the route over­all, did­n’t I?


Irisu Mak­i­na: The Hyper­ac­tive Eccen­tric Char­ac­ter

Ya should­n’t under­es­ti­mate how dumb I am, okay? Might not look it, but I’m an infa­mous dyed-in-th’-wool idiot..”

(For the record; It’s real­ly hard to pick a quote to use from Mak­i­na. Half the things she says are fun­ny and awesome.)

This girl is pret­ty much great. Every­thing about this girl is great. Her speech, her man­ner­isms, her voice act­ing, her abil­i­ty to mas­ter­ful­ly speak the eng­lish lan­guage and even her damn (hilar­i­ous­ly awk­ward) sex scenes. I real­ly won­der what Tomiya­su does to get in the voice-act­ing groove when she has to act out a char­ac­ter that’s this absurd. Maybe she does a lot of crack on the side. Maybe she’s just real­ly tal­ent­ed. Either or, real­ly. Any­ways, Mak­i­na is a real­ly mem­o­rable char­ac­ter from top to bottom.

I real­ly could sing prais­es about Mak­i­nas char­ac­ter­i­za­tion for a while. She has a myr­i­ad of inter­est­ing quirks and per­son­al­i­ty traits that go a long way over the entire course of the game. Her abil­i­ty to absorb infor­ma­tion and traits from the peo­ple around her lead to some fun­ny sit­u­a­tions, for exam­ple. Her imme­di­ate warm-up to Yuu­ji is some­thing that’s a bit weird and it’s no trou­ble to see that this girl has a hefty amount of bag­gage and prob­lems of her own. And see­ing her grow is an expe­ri­ence in itself; It’s gen­uine­ly nice to see the girl who could bare­ly even make eye con­tact with Yuu­ji at first, even­tu­al­ly, turn into a girl who might even want to take on a part-time job and real­ly want to stand on her own two feet.

Yuu­ji’s and Mak­i­na’s rela­tion­ship is pret­ty far from typ­i­cal, as well. At times it’s two near irrepara­bly bro­ken peo­ple try­ing to find solace in each oth­er in order to lick each oth­ers wounds. Anoth­er time it’s a romance sto­ry that blos­soms out of a need to pro­tect anoth­er. And some­times it’s a father/daughter student/teacher rela­tion­ship. See, Yuu­ji gets quite a lot of light shed on him in this route. What he him­self has to deal with every day and how he copes with it all. It real­ly fits into the ever-chang­ing and ever-blos­som­ing rela­tion­ship between him and Mak­i­na. Yuu­ji prob­a­bly gets as much focus as Mak­i­na does. Almost to a fault, truthfully.

As far as the route itself goes.. well, it’s real­ly freak­ing long and the first half is, for the most part, more slice of life. It’s Fujisa­ki though so you know it’s going to be good. The first half of Mak­i­na’s route is prob­a­bly the fun­ni­est part of the game over­all. Even Chizu­ru gets her best scenes in here (poor girl. Plen­ty of youth in that face!) which adds to the hilar­i­ty. It teach­es you about motor­cy­cles and snip­ing, too! And of course we have Fujisa­ki cram­ming words into the chat­box with a crow­bar the entire time and Yuu­ji is back to being his badass self. Suf­fice to say, I real­ly enjoyed the lit­tle train­ing regime/s­lice-of-life half of the route. When the dra­ma starts, how­ev­er, the atmos­phere gets real­ly heavy. You real­ly start to get to know who you’ve been look­ing through the eyes of this entire time along with the over­all setting.

Like Amane’s, though, the good end­ing feels a lit­tle weird. Not sure what the log­ic is, exact­ly, but I’m assum­ing more of Ichi­gaya is explored in the sequels and Mak­i­nas end­ing in par­tic­u­lar in Mak­i­nas after-sto­ry in Meikyuu? I’m hop­ing so. Also like Amane’s, how­ev­er, the bad end is ter­ri­fy­ing­ly good. I say ‘good’ but I mean that in the objec­tive sense. It’s real­ly hor­ri­fy­ing, actu­al­ly. I actu­al­ly think I went com­plete­ly numb when I read it. The last line is real­ly messed up.

This sec­tion is kind of crap­py, I know. I find it hard to talk about this route at length with­out going into detailed spoil­ers which I don’t real­ly want to do. It’s also approach­ing the end of this mas­sive review and I feel like I should prob­a­bly stop. Any­ways, Mak­i­nas route real­ly is the high­light of the game in terms of writ­ing. It’s real­ly good. Go read it.

Having fireworks around Michiru seems like a bad idea, but whatever. Party hard

Quite the col­lec­tion of crazy.


What is left to say, hon­est­ly? This game has char­ac­ter ban­ter and inter­ac­tions like I’ve nev­er seen and I real­ly wish I had access to the rest of the games. It might be my favorite cast in VN’s over­all. It had a great pro­tag­o­nist, great girls, some awe­some writ­ing, the works. I real­ly can’t rec­om­mend it enough, hon­est­ly. Although I do think indi­vid­ual expe­ri­ence  will vary a lot with this game. It has a lot of sub­jec­tive mat­ter in it. What girls you like will prob­a­bly heav­i­ly affect what routes you like (Like me!) and humor is also a very spe­cif­ic type of thing. And if you don’t like any of the char­ac­ters and don’t find the humor par­tic­u­lar­ly fun­ny, there real­ly isn’t a lot of meta­plot to keep you around.

Of course, mul­ti­ple writ­ers is a bit of an issue aswell. And some routes suf­fer from this. It’s painful­ly obvi­ous when Fujisa­ki isn’t writ­ing, hon­est­ly. It’s also real­ly hard to jus­ti­fy Yumiko’s.. well, not exis­tence, but.. pret­ty much exis­tence. And Michiru’s route is just absurd­ly filled with non­sense. And of course my favorite route is woe­ful­ly sim­ple. I’m a lit­tle bit­ter that Sachi’s route did­n’t get touched by Fujisa­ki, hon­est­ly. What the hell. Any­ways, mul­ti­ple writ­ers always leads to mul­ti­ple prob­lems. With routes going off in dif­fer­ent and some­times odd direc­tions it’ll def­i­nite­ly annoy some more than others.

I do also have that feel­ing that I was told I would. The lack of a true-route and with­out the prop­er japan­ese skills nec­es­sary to play the rest of the games I feel a lit­tle bit like I got kicked in the face after run­ning a marathon. It real­ly is true that Kajit­su seems to serve more as a real­ly lengthy pro­logue to the oth­er games as opposed to being an entire game by itself. Well, it’s not so bad. Guess I can sit around and wait for Koestl to trans­late Meikyuu while I sit around and dick off.

Any­ways, hope you enjoyed if you some­how made it to the end of all this with­out want­i­ng to blow your brains out. I apol­o­gize for the obvi­ous typo’s, gram­mar issues and what­not and what­ev­er that I prob­a­bly missed dur­ing the edit­ing process. I’ll see you next time. Not sure what I’ll do next.


5 thoughts on “Wahfuu Review! Grisaia no Kajitsu

  1. I should­n’t have clicked that show but­ton. Now I’ll remem­ber that thing every time I look at Grisaia!

  2. I’ve one ques­tion. [spoil­er] Why is Mak­i­na preg­nant in the bad end while she’s not in the good end? [/spoiler]

    1. [spoil­er] Noth­ing espe­cial­ly dif­fer­ent hap­pens IIRC, it’s more of a atmos­pher­ic hor­ror addi­tion. [/spoiler]

  3. NO!!!!!! I doubt any­one will ever see this com­ment, but I just had to leave it. I can sort of see where you are com­ing from when you talk about Yumiko’s route in that we all have such dif­fer­ent tastes it makes sense some­one would hate it. But I’ll be frank here. Yumiko is not only best girl in the series, but her route was by far my favorite (admit­ted­ly I haven’t read Mak­i­na or Michiru, but I real­ly have no inter­est in them what so ever). Amane had a great back­sto­ry, sure, but her end­ing was garbage as was the rest of the route. I could­n’t stand her route after the back­sto­ry. Sachi on the oth­er hand, your best girl route, was alright, and prob­a­bly the most real­is­tic so far, but also the most obvi­ous thing in the game. You men­tioned that Yumiko’s stuff was “could-see-com­ing-from-across-the-uni­verse”. Hon­est­ly that’s how I felt about Sachi. Every­thing in her route was very obvi­ous, with the excep­tion of the exact con­tents of the ware­house. I will admit, the ware­house scene was super full of feels, but aside from that her route was bland and over­ly obvi­ous. She was decent­ly writ­ten, but Yumiko and her route were far more enjoy­able for me personally.

    Over­all, I think there’s prob­a­bly a route for every­one in this VN and while one per­son might say that X’s char­ac­ter and route were sub-par, there’s going to be some­one else who loved that char­ac­ter and route more than any of the others.

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