Fairy Tail x Rave Master

Oh my god... Elie. <3


Here’s one way to get me to watch Fairy Tail! I got­ta say… I real­ly miss Rave. That man­ga has to be one of my all-time favorite shounen man­ga series, and it’s a shame that the ani­me adap­ta­tion was can­celled before it got to the real­ly good bits of the man­ga. I love the fact that the orig­i­nal seiyuu from the 2001 ani­me reprise their roles as the Rave War­riors here. And they looked so good with mod­ern ani­ma­tion and their final­ized designs from the man­ga. Man, I *real­ly* want a reboot of the Rave anime…

As for Fairy Tail, I’ve read the man­ga and watched some episodes of the ani­me. I real­ly like the char­ac­ters, but every­thing else seems to be so… shal­low com­pared to Hiro Mashima’s pre­vi­ous work, which is dis­ap­point­ing. That isn’t to say that the OVA did­n’t inspire me to catch up with the series regard­less, if only for Wendy’s cute­ness and Nat­su’s badassery.


May you please give me this bug?”

How nos­tal­gic! Elie is as cute and bub­bly as she’s always been, think­ing every­thing is an insect and such.

I don’t think I’ve men­tioned it before, but I LOVE Hap­py’s voice. It’s always great to see Rie Kugimiya voic­ing a role oth­er than tsun­dere — type­cast­ing her as that arche­type has got­ten more than annoying.

I look all fancyswancy now.

Even though I’ve read the man­ga, I iden­ti­fy Haru most­ly with his orig­i­nal ani­me design. It might be because I saw the ani­me first, but his old ani­me design remind­ed me of those clas­sis PS1 RPGs I used to love.

But he looks just as cool here though and resem­bles what I would imag­ine to be a mod­ern depic­tion of a JRPG hero. Well, a JRPG hero that does­n’t look like a tool. (*cough*Japanese PS3 Nier*cough*)


True to Rave, Haru is a good Samar­i­tan and helps Nat­su dur­ing (what I assume) is one of his motion sick­ness episodes.

Also true to form, the per­son he ends up help­ing isn’t exact­ly your nor­mal per­son. Cue clas­sic Haru reaction.

This is why Elie is moe


Oh my god, Elie’s imper­son­ation of Tanchi­mo made me laugh so hard. 😛

Also gave me a heart attack. That was absolute­ly adorable.

My bug!

This is mine!

Oh yeah, I often for­get that there’s a Plue in Fairy Tail. I always hate it when peo­ple see some­thing from Rave and say “oh, it’s that car­rot nose thing from Fairy Tail!”. No, no, no. Plue orig­i­nat­ed from Rave!

They’re almost as bad as the peo­ple who think cer­tain char­ac­ters in Super Smash Bros. orig­i­nat­ed from there. Ugh. (Yes, there are peo­ple like that.)





Those are his boners

Those are his boners

Griff seemed extra horny here than he was in Rave. Con­sid­er­ing the amount of fanser­vice Fairy Tail sup­pos­ed­ly devolves into (from what I’ve heard), I’m not surprised.

Lucy’s pret­ty hot and so are her pink panties.

Expy showdown

Expy show­down!

Yeah, I got around to read­ing the man­ga ver­sion of this crossover too (I actu­al­ly haven’t heard of it until the ani­me ver­sion was released, fun­ni­ly enough…). I like it how the oth­er Rave War­riors get more screen­time in this ver­sion in com­par­i­son to the man­ga ver­sion, where they don’t appear until the very end.

Musi­ca > Gray, by the way.

Sounds like my wife

Speak­ing of crim­i­nals with “big boobs and dual-wield­ing weapons”, I’m pret­ty sure Elie’s boobs weren’t that big in Rave.

Also, threat­en Elie and Haru WILL mess you up.





…kind of why the Haru vs. Nat­su fight was sort of bull­shit. Haru should have won. Why did­n’t he use Rune­save to cut through Nat­su’s fire? He should have had Rune­save by this time, because he used Melforce.

I like Nat­su and all, but the Mage Guild in gen­er­al kind of lose their upper-hand with the Ten Com­mand­men­t’s Rune­save sword. He’s the god damned Rave Master!





Don't worry I still like you Lucy

She’s bet­ter than you in every way.”

Dat Bunny Suit

It’s Erza. The bat­tle’s been decided.

If only Julia and Erza actu­al­ly inter­act­ed in this episode. They’re both very, very scary alpha women, and I’m pret­ty sure Julia wrecked Ruby’s casi­no in a bun­ny girl out­fit as well.

Rampaging bunny girl

Haru just found some­thing scari­er than his girl­friend’s ton­fa guns. Much scarier.

Who the hell said Fairy Tail was a Rave remake?

Who was it that told me that Fairy Tail was like Rave again? Com­plete and utter bull. I mean, aside from the humor, I don’t see how Haru/Natsu and Lucy/Elie are any­thing alike. At least the for­mer two have hot­blood to com­pare, but the hero­ines? Very, very different.



Yeah, the humor def­i­nite­ly mesh­es togeth­er well. Not to men­tion, Griff gets the “Puff Puff” he’s been want­i­ng for over a decade.

Kickass heroines are always welcome!

Elie: Kick-Ass Mode On

And Elie gets to show us how awe­some she is with her ton­fa guns. Imag­ine if Elie went Ethe­ri­on on all the mooks + Big Bad? Where­as, Lucy does­n’t do jack shit with her Celes­tial Spir­its for the rest of the episode.

Now, I’m well aware that Lucy can be a use­ful char­ac­ter. But she’s pret­ty damn use­less *here*.


She plays with dolls? And she sports twintails?

Jeez, this Wendy girl is down­right adorable!


On top of that, she has a cool-look­ing move called “Ten­ryuu no Houk­ou”? This girl… is awesome.

Badass couple! ...TM

This is what I was wait­ing for: Let and Julia, the awe­some drag­on bat­tle cou­ple of the Rave War­riors. Julia nev­er appeared in human form in the ani­me, so I’m guess­ing she final­ly gets a voice here.

Ugh, this spe­cial keeps remind­ing me how dis­ap­point­ed I was that the Groove Adven­ture Rave ani­me did­n’t con­tin­ue into Let’s more awe­some sto­ry­lines. ;_;

Two Dragons and One Loli

Drag­on Slay­er teams up with the Drag­on Race? It sounds like a weird com­bi­na­tion, but in actu­al­i­ty, it’s perfection.

How is this not awkward

I’m sur­prised Musi­ca did­n’t com­ment on Gray’s nudi­ty until they were bat­tling against the coin mooks.

I like it how they end­ed up get­ting along well, though. Musi­ca always was one of those char­ac­ters that stuck true to the naka­ma trope and bond­ed through good ol’ fists.

Oooh boy

And the yaoi strip­ping ship­ping begins.

Get your minds out of the gutter.

Lucy goes commando

Forc­ing Lucy to go com­man­do? Damn.


The pret­ty girl does­n’t get to do any­thing the whole OVA and now you take away her panties?!

Spring returns to kick ass with Summer

Spring meets Sum­mer… or something

My absolute favorite part of the crossover was the final fight scene, where Haru and Nat­su set­tle their dif­fer­ences and start kick­ing the crap out of the OVA’s not-so Big Bad togeth­er. As a Rave fan, I enjoyed the fact that they played the first Groove Adven­ture Rave open­ing (But­ter­fly Kiss) dur­ing the team-ups.

It was like a Super Sen­tai crossover, only with less rain­bow overload.





Loli Slayer










You know, they real­ly should have paired up Julia with Erza. I guess they did­n’t want to sep­a­rate her from Let, which is fine and all, but… I want­ed her to destroy things togeth­er with Erza.



And now, for the dia­logue exchange that gave me a stroke:

Translation - Rave has romance and you don't!

Those two are our heroes, huh?”



Maybe I should hook up with Natsu


As any Rave fan should know, Elie more than just wants Haru and vice-ver­sa. I haven’t read Fairy Tail in a while, so I have no idea if there has been any indi­ca­tion of a future Natsu/Lucy pair­ing. Or romance in general.

At the very least, Elie’s com­ment made me smile.

This is a lot more satisfying than the manga version!

So, what my ver­dict on this spe­cial? It’s a nice crossover, and is def­i­nite­ly a great treat for peo­ple who were fans of Rave and were sad that the char­ac­ters haven’t been ani­mat­ed in over a decade.

The skirt's flying up and she has no panties

*ene­my mode on*

For me, it made me absolute­ly want a new Groove Adven­ture Rave ani­me that adapts the man­ga all the way through. It’s hon­est­ly a real­ly good shounen series that you don’t real­ly see much of nowa­days out­side of One Piece and Hunter x Hunter, which share some of the same fol­low­ing traits as Rave. There’s plen­ty of adven­ture, tear­jerk­ing moments, romance, good char­ac­ter devel­op­ment, and an over­ar­ch­ing plot-line and goal. One of the bet­ter Drag­on Ball-inspired man­ga out there.

It just *needs* to be rean­i­mat­ed, pron­to. I will throw my mon­ey at A‑1 Pic­tures for it, god dammit! The char­ac­ters looked absolute­ly gor­geous here, and with the man­ga already fin­ished a long time ago, there’s no need for fillers to drag the qual­i­ty down.

Booty shake

I approve of this booty shake ED

Rave real­ly nev­er got the respect it deserved. I do enjoy Fairy Tail for what it is, but it just does­n’t have the same qual­i­ty as Rave for me. And I absolute­ly detest a good por­tion of its fan­base for obvi­ous rea­sons. I’m glad that this OVA renewed inter­est in the Rave series though, so much that I can dis­re­gard the crowd its attracting.

R.I.P. Lazen­by’s screen time in this blog post.

6 thoughts on “Fairy Tail x Rave Master

  1. This was inter­est­ing to read, I only watched a lit­tle of Rave Mas­ter years ago when it was on sci-fi but I remem­ber a lit­tle of it (I nev­er real­ly got into it).

    I also have nev­er watched Fairy Tail, although with all the fan-ser­vice pics I keep see­ing maybe I should…lol

    Yeah­h­hh, Elie’s boobs weren’t near­ly as big in Rave LOL. I always find that humor­ous when watch­ing anoth­er adap­ta­tion of an ani­me (like Win­ry in FMA Broth­er­hood for example).

    1. @Shikon: There was two main prob­lems with the Rave Mas­ter ani­me. 1) it had a severe­ly edit­ed dub, and 2) it nev­er fin­ished or went on to the real­ly good parts. You should give the man­ga a go, though I rec­om­mend a few episodes of the ani­me as well — it has an awe­some sound­track. The man­ga has some good Elie fanser­vice scenes as well. 😛 And on the plus side, it does­n’t detract from the story.

  2. I’ve seen a cou­ple of episodes of Rave back then and I’ve seen around 70+ episodes of Fairy Tail… I’m actu­al­ly just look­ing for time to watch and real­ly fin­ish both 😀
    hav­ing been able to get a glimpse of both series, I’m actu­al­ly plan­ning to watch this OVA but I’m still bat­tling myself whether I should fin­ish both first (or just at least fin­ish Rave) in order to ful­ly enjoy this OVA

    1. @-blacksheep: I def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend get­ting more famil­iar with Rave if you want to get the full feel of “ser­vice” from this spe­cial, so-to-speak. I def­i­nite­ly would­n’t have got the same feel­ing of adren­a­line from hear­ing But­ter­fly Kiss play­ing in the back­ground if I had­n’t got­ten close to the series before­hand. But it’s not need­ed, I sup­pose. On the Fairy Tail end of things, I think 70 episodes worth of knowl­edge is enough. Aside from the *pres­ence* of one or two char­ac­ters, there’s real­ly no plot spoilers.

      And if you’re plan­ning on fin­ish­ing Rave, remem­ber to read the man­ga for that since the ani­me nev­er finished.

  3. I love Rave Mas­ter back when I first watched it years ago, so I’ll watch this show. Though, it’s rather sad because I can’t see [spoil­er] Sieghart. He’s a real bro! [/spoiler]

  4. @Gun_Blazinsky: [spoiler]I want­ed to see Sieghart too! 😛 Since Fairy Tail has a Sieg looka­like, I guess Mashima did­n’t want to include him because FT fans would be con­fused. :/[/spoiler]

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