Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 08



Tomoko and Tomo­ki have such a cute lit­tle niece. Looks like she did­n’t inher­it the “exhaust­ed eye bag” gene.

In con­trast to the last episode, this episode picks up the awk­ward­ness again… hard. I was actu­al­ly twitch­ing — no, cring­ing — at Tomoko’s attempts at keep­ing up her “cool, pop­u­lar, not-sin­gle onee-chan” facade.

And people wonder why I...people are lolicons

Truth in Tele­vi­sion, scar­i­ly enough

Tomoko should check out Amer­i­ca’s child “beau­ty pageants”. Much more creepy and slut­ty-look­ing than Japan­ese pre­teens try­ing out fash­ion trends.


I’ll say, any red mark­ings that appear on your neck are prob­a­bly eas­i­ly mis­tak­en as hick­eys. I tend to scrub my neck real­ly hard, lead­ing to ran­dom peo­ple I don’t talk to often think­ing I got freaky with a girl the night before due to the ran­dom red marks on my neck (I’m a good boy, I swear).

Hick­eys aren’t… big and cir­cu­lar. Unless you want Kii-chan to think you’ve been mak­ing out with a dude that has a bad case of gigan­tism, Tomoko…

Sucky wucky all over.

In her mind: a good role model

Independence fuck yeah! America fuck yeah!

This is my life! I make my own decisions!”

This is Japan!


Now she just looks sexually abused.

Sto­ry of my life.

Can you say, Broken Pedestal?

Out of all the episodes of Wata­mote so far, this one has to be the most unbear­ably awk­ward. See­ing Tomoko’s attempts at por­tray­ing her­self as some slut­ty high­school queen to impress her niece was just so hard to watch, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing that seems to be the type of per­son she hates the most. I’m sure Kii-chan would have accept­ed her with­out Tomoko going to great lengths to build up a false image of her­self. Either way, it was hilar­i­ous, but.… jfavh­f­vahg, the spaghet­ti. Espe­cial­ly when Tomoko start­ed kneel­ing down to that umbrel­la boy when she was apologizing.

It went even deep­er when all her lies start­ed to catch up to her. Now Kii-chan’s admi­ra­tion has turned into affec­tion­ate pity, yet pity nonethe­less. Some­one give Tomoko a break. ;_;

End­ing this on a lighter note, the full ver­sion of the open­ing and end­ing themes are avail­able now.

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