Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】18

Sakura clearly loves Summer Festivals!

yo dawg das kawaii

As with many ani­me series that actu­al­ly extends to more than 12 episodes per usu­al, we *have* to get a fes­ti­val episode. And Card­cap­tor Saku­ra’s 18th episode is all about our cute pro­tag­o­nist and her family/friends tak­ing part in nat­sumat­suri (Sum­mer Fes­ti­val). By exten­sion, that means we also get to see Saku­ra dawn a cute yuka­ta and take part in sum­mer thrills. It’s a real­ly chill episode, along with a sur­pris­ing­ly chill Clow Card. I guess Clow Reed lost his sense of humor on the day he cre­at­ed it? Who knows. 😛

I pret­ty much love it when­ev­er Japan­ese sto­ries do a nat­sumat­suri seg­ment. Back when Pock­et Mon­sters was a respectable ani­me series, they had a nat­sumat­suri episode as well — one of the best filler episodes ever. And if you’ve ever read a visu­al nov­el, this set­ting is a pret­ty com­mon event for some awk­ward­ly cute romance depend­ing on the route you’re tak­ing. Da Capo II had this, def­i­nite­ly, and I vague­ly remem­ber CLANNAD hav­ing it too.


We get more of Saku­ra’s fore­bod­ing dreams at the begin­ning of the episode. Well, it’s not actu­al­ly fore­bod­ing, but rather pleas­ant, as is the rest of the episode.



Her expres­sions are con­ta­gious. <3

Pout Master Sakura

Card­cap­tor Pout Mas­ter Sakura

I think we all know Touya secret­ly enjoys induc­ing these reac­tions. Good job!

We Are Tomoyo

This is one of those times where Tomoyo acts as some­what of the audi­ence’s view­point char­ac­ter. At least for me. I agree, Saku­ra-chan is sport­ing that pink yuka­ta very well!

Yo-Yo Tsuri is her mortal enemy.

Yo-Yo Tsuri is her mor­tal enemy.

Things that Saku­ra is unskilled at that I can name at the moment:

1) Math
2) Yo-Yo Tsuri.

I won­der how Saku­ra would fare in “Bob­bing for Apples” and Monopoly? 😛

Yamazaki, STAAAHP

Yamaza­ki, STAHP

The best in-law relationship ever

At this point, Syao­ran is vying for Yuk­i­to’s affec­tions. But Touya obvi­ous­ly has a sixth sense for more than just ghosts. He *knows* this kid will even­tu­al­ly sweep his sis­ter off her feet. And Touya will have none of that. 😛 I real­ly want CLAMP to release omake shorts of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra’s “After Sto­ry” so to speak. Would be great fanser­vice to just to see these char­ac­ters inter­act again.

(I loved Saku­ra’s “I’m not impressed” face.)

Contrast this to Tomoko's summer.

Con­trast this to Tomoko’s sum­mer.

It's an easygoing day for Sakura

As I said, the Clow Card in this episode (The Glow) does­n’t cause any trou­ble at all and sub­mits pret­ty eas­i­ly to our Cardcaptor.

It’s as if all this easy­go­ing sum­mer fun is pre­lude to the next episode, where all of Saku­ra’s pro­cras­ti­na­tion of her sum­mer home­work catch­es up to her.

CLAMP, masters of the yukata

CLAMP, mas­ters of the kimono

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