Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 10



Wait a minute, that isn’t where an ani­me pro­tag­o­nist is sup­posed to sit. It’s smack-dab in the mid­dle and in the front of the class­room of the class­room! What gives?

…was what my reac­tion was, but then Tomoko pro­ceeds to lamp­shade it her­self. A whole sec­ond term of the school year of not being the main char­ac­ter. How beautiful.

(I loved how they tran­si­tioned into the open­ing in this episode — it was sim­ply perfect.)

Kick back and relax

(Things to ram­ble about: If they were able to use the Nico Nico Douga theme song as a ring­tone here… why did they have to resort to using a Bland Name Prod­uct three episodes ago?)

True to her per­son­al­i­ty, instead of tak­ing advan­tage of the fact that she’s sur­round­ed by peo­ple in the class­room, Mokoc­chi runs off to find a nice “alone spot” instead of eat­ing lunch in the class­room. Even though she wants to become pop­u­lar, she won’t take the ini­tia­tive because of her social awk­ward­ness and anx­i­ety. It’s real­ly depress­ing in this episode because there seems to have been a huge com­i­cal break; instead, it just focus­es on Tomoko being alone and depressed dur­ing her every­day school life. And we, the audi­ence, are wit­ness­ing the cru­el real­i­ty of the sit­u­a­tion — that the only moments when she’s hap­py is when she *is* alone.

Somebody give her a chair!

For­ev­er Alone

…of course, even her “alone spot” is tak­en away from her. Hon­est­ly, can you blame a per­son for being so pes­simistic when unlucky things hap­pen to them everyday?

Because of this, she skipped out on hav­ing her lunch — result­ing to her pass­ing out dur­ing Phys­i­cal Ed. After­ward, we see her, after school, arrang­ing the desks in the class­room in a des­per­ate attempt to recre­ate her old “alone spot” and fin­ish­ing her lunch from there. I mean… jeez, it’s a pret­ty down­right depress­ing sight. Give this girl a breaaaaaaaak. ;_;

This could be the one!

But wait! She scored a siz­able prize from a claw game in one shot (albeit from “kill-steal­ing”). Per­haps this is one thing that goes well for her in the episode, right?



Unfor­tu­nate­ly not. It fur­ther reaf­firms the fact that she’s alone.

I thought these were pretty good for a haunted house...

I thought these were pret­ty good ideas for a haunt­ed house…

Sometimes less is more


Or maybe not.


So what if Tomoko’s fan­tasies about her “Nichi­jou Cub” is rather low-scale com­pared to “pop­u­lar”? Doing mun­dane and bor­ing things is easy to stom­ach when you have oth­er peo­ple doing it with you. It’s per­fect­ly okay. The sad thing is, she can’t even attain such a lit­tle thing that would make her life a bit more tolerable.

Espe­cial­ly since, for once, she took ini­tia­tive and actu­al­ly sub­mit­ted a club appli­ca­tion form, actu­al­ly hop­ing for that fan­ta­sy to come true. As expect­ed? Club reg­is­tra­tion denied. Club descrip­tion is not… descrip­tive enough.



You real­ize just how real­is­ti­cal­ly cru­el Wata­mote is when they take out the com­e­dy and let Tomoko’s accursed life run its course.

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