Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui 11

This episode tased like takoyaki

There’s just much to say about this episode… I don’t even know where to begin. Since I’m busy prepar­ing for my next col­lege quar­ter, I’ll keep this short and sim­ple. This is episode of Wata­mote left me with a very hap­py feel­ing. Not ha ha hap­py with its usu­al cringe com­e­dy. But more of a… I’m hap­py because the episode is hap­py kind of happy.

I’ll say it helps that the pre­vi­ous episode was down­right depress­ing, show­cas­ing Tomoko’s lone­ly school life. But here, a ray of light shines down on Tomoko. She gets a taste of what it’s like to actu­al­ly have fun at a school cul­tur­al fes­ti­val  and the episode ends off… with her being treat­ed to actu­al human kindness.


Here comes Megu­mi, the chair­man of the cul­tur­al fes­ti­val plan­ning. One of the *first* char­ac­ters in this ani­me to actu­al­ly detect Tomoko’s lone­li­ness and social isolation.

With a bal­loon and a hug, this episode ends on a hap­py note: Mokoc­chi’s smile.



Balloons are awesome, dude


Whether or not she knows it or not, she’s made a friend. And she feels very hap­py for once.

This episode felt real­ly pow­er­ful to me. Nico Tani­gawa real­ly knows how to pull our emo­tion­al strings in a whole vari­ety of ways. Get us to cringe at Tomoko’s hor­ri­bly awk­ward sit­u­a­tions? Check. Get us to relate to Tomoko’s iso­la­tion and inter­nal mono­logue, or per­haps feel sor­ry for her?  Check. Then give her a reward­ing chap­ter for once and make us, the readers/viewers feel extreme­ly elat­ed and moved? Check.

It’s pure genius.

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