Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui 12 — Final Impressions

Tastes bitter

Well, with this, a whole cour’s worth of Wata­mote has just been com­plet­ed. It’s sad to see it go for now, but I hope there will be more sea­sons adapt­ing the man­ga in the future.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed this series immense­ly and it’s def­i­nite­ly on my top favorites this year. Unlike oth­ers, I was expect­ing that to be the case, since I’ve read the man­ga before­hand and thor­ough­ly enjoyed it. Though, halfway through the ani­me’s run was where I was cut off from the man­ga, so the last half of the ani­me is basi­cal­ly leav­ing its own impres­sion on me.


Is stomp­ing on roach­es real­ly *that* weird?

I’m hon­est­ly quite impressed. Tomoko’s gone through some changes since this series start­ed. It isn’t a big leap like in oth­er shows such as Hanasaku Iro­ha, which was also a slice-of-life — here, the change is sub­tle, yet bril­liant. This is best shown in the some­what Book Ends scene at the end of the cour — in con­trast to the very first scene of the series, where she looks at the web­page detail­ing the def­i­n­i­tion of an “Unpop­u­lar Girl” and goes absolute­ly bonkers about it, here she just laughs off the very same web­page and says “it does­n’t matter”.

Her prob­lem still remains, but her out­look is def­i­nite­ly mod­i­fied. It seems to me that it sig­ni­fies that her chin is being held a bit high­er than it was dur­ing the series start. It’s not dras­tic, but it’s a start.

Pretty much what everything boils down to

I love it how human Tomoko’s char­ac­ter was through­out the show. She has many glar­ing neg­a­tive aspects to go along with her good, but I can nev­er bring myself to hate her because I’d feel non­hu­man. Even if you don’t relate to her prob­lem, any­one with half a heart and aware­ness of real­i­ty would sym­pa­thize with her char­ac­ter. Peo­ple like Tomoko exist in real life — shy and full of anx­i­ety — and peo­ple just write it off as some­thing that be eas­i­ly grown out of. 

The truth is, it’s not always the case. Things like anx­i­ety and shy­ness can be seri­ous issues, and peo­ple in real life suf­fer from the same issues as Tomoko. It’s easy to tell some­one to “have more con­fi­dence”, but do you real­ly think it’s so easy? Pfft. Easy or you, maybe. That igno­rant and “high and mighty” mind­set is what caus­es this sort of isolation.





Even when some of her actions and deci­sions were indeed very stu­pid, they just made me feel even more sor­ry for her. I’m proud that in the last few episodes, she’s been mak­ing a bit of a bet­ter effort in some areas even though she’s still been rather unsuc­cess­ful. It’s hard to see her fail, but it’s nice that she’s mak­ing a sol­id attempt, espe­cial­ly that pantsu inci­dent near the end of this episode (every­thing needs to be awk­ward for this poor girl). Whether she con­sid­ers it a fail­ure or not, I think gain­ing the friend­ly atten­tion of Imae-san is an accom­plish­ment with­in itself. There’s a ray of hope in everything.

With that, I’ll say, I’ll look for­ward to the ani­me con­tin­u­ing in the near future. For now, I’ll switch back to the man­ga so I can con­tin­ue to enjoy this awe­some series — at least until the OVA is released next year. It’s a very unique series that every­one needs to see in just about any form, pronto.

It doesn't matter

It does­n’t matter.”

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