Initial Thoughts on Autumn 2013 Anime!

Just partying all day

If you fol­low my Twit­ter, you’ll know that I’ve decid­ed to switch to a con­gre­gat­ed post­ing style for the rest of school year to keep my sched­ule from going out of con­trol. School, par­ties, Pock­et Mon­sters X (Japan­ese ver­sion, FC: 4656–6263-1690), and the PS3 all take a sur­pris­ing chunk of my time nowa­days. Ani­me blog­ging? What ani­me blogging?

Mind you, I’ve total­ly been keep­ing up with the autumn ani­me line-up along­side those activ­i­ties. Cur­rent­ly, the series on my watch-list are as fol­lows: Kill la Kill, Kyoukai no Kana­ta, and Kyousogi­ga. Now, as oth­ers have point­ed out, yes, I noticed that they all form the, um, KKK. But I’m no con­spir­a­cy the­o­rist! Besides, this was made in Japan and, well, howaito pig­gu go homu. 

(Speak­ing of KKK, I have yet to watch Kitakubu Kat­su­dou Kiroku…)

Good art style with disappointing animation

Kill la Kill

It’s not hard to tell that this series was direct­ed by Hiroyu­ki Imaishi, the man behind Fooly Cooly, Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann, and Panty & Stock­ing with Garter­belt. I hon­est­ly can’t see any­one who loves those shows, being peo­ple who end up hat­ing on this — it’s very much worth a watch. Need­less to say, I approve of the con­tent. The amount of insan­i­ty is def­i­nite­ly up-to-par with its oth­er Imaishi predecessors. 

My only com­plaint, how­ev­er, is the ani­ma­tion. Don’t get me wrong — the art style is amaz­ing and there are quite a few bits of great­ness that’s hon­est­ly just as good as when Trig­ger ani­mat­ed Lit­tle Witch Acad­e­mia. But it overus­es still-frames, and the instances of CGI usage is just so bad. You can say every mod­ern ani­me stu­dio is guilty of the lat­ter when­ev­er CGI is used — I’m sor­ry, but I don’t think the way ani­me com­pa­nies blend 3D into their ani­ma­tion looks good at all, and they should just stop. Oth­er than that, noth­ing in this show real­ly looks hor­ri­ble… an excep­tion being episode 4. I swear to god the ani­ma­tion in that episode was a throw­back to the bad ani­ma­tion in the fourth episode of Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann.

The episode was great, but holy crap, was it hard to look at. This is the ani­ma­tion peo­ple are claim­ing to be supe­ri­or to Fooly Cooly? Um, I’ll give you a big fat no on that one.

Glasses fetish reins supreme

Kyoukai no Kanata

It’s… OK, so far? I mean, for some­thing that’s based on a light nov­el that’s sup­pos­ed­ly dark fan­ta­sy, I find the small bits of humor to be extreme­ly forced and out-of-place. The show itself isn’t bad by any means, but I don’t see why KyoAni fans are all over it unless they love the com­pa­ny that much (I would­n’t be sur­prised). There’s a lot of intrigue in the char­ac­ters and set­ting, though, and I hope it impress­es me by the end of its run. 

One thing to note: I LOVE that Kyoto Ani­ma­tion’s final­ly uti­liz­ing their tal­ents for a series with action as one its gen­res. Action scenes by KyoAni will always be a treat to see, Chuu2 or not.

Rie Kugimiya 5ever


This is, quite pos­si­bil­i­ty, the show with the most poten­tial out of the bunch. There’s plen­ty of things to like about this show: the char­ac­ters are quirky and vibrant (true to the set­ting), and it has a seem­ing­ly com­plex, unique, and sur­re­al plot that leaves a lot of intrigue open from the very first episode (re-air­ing of the orig­i­nal OVA). The motifs and the plot made me think, and I think that’s pre­cise­ly the main thing that caught my inter­est in the intro­duc­to­ry episode alone. 

The ani­ma­tion is noth­ing to laugh at either — its eas­i­ly the best this sea­son. I may talk smack about Toei from time-to-time, but to be hon­est, when they real­ly put their efforts into their pro­duc­tions, they end up look­ing pret­ty sweet. Digi­mon Adven­ture is pos­si­bly one of the most styl­ish short ani­me films I’ve seen dur­ing my child­hood and the ani­ma­tion here is rem­i­nis­cent of that. Just, the explo­sion of col­or they use real­ly make Look­ing Glass Kyoto seems like a true wonderland.

It’s also a treat to hear Rie Kugimiya voice Koto. There’s always a refresh­ing feel­ing when­ev­er I hear her in a role that isn’t her being type­cast as a tsun­dere.

Next on my list is Pupa, if that ever gets around to being aired. I’m quite the con­nois­seur of squicky hor­ror ani­me and Pupa hon­est­ly looks very promis­ing in that regard. 

5 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on Autumn 2013 Anime!

  1. You think Kill la Kill is good with it’s almost non-exis­tent sto­ry while Kyoukai no Kana­ta is mere­ly OK? Kill la Kill is the kind of series I watch once or twice a month when I want some­thing to laugh at. The com­e­dy is hit or miss for me and the for­mu­la for the past few episodes have been painful­ly for­mu­la­ic. Even if that’s the point (I’ve heard it’s sup­posed to be par­o­d­ic) that’s no excuse or free pass for lazi­ness. Yet this series is being hailed as the Sec­ond Com­ing and the revival of ani­me. At best, I find it enjoy­able in small doses.

    I guess the same rea­son you don’t see why KyoAni fans are all over Kyoukai no Kana­ta is the same rea­son I don’t see why every­one is all over Kill la Kill.

  2. In the sec­ond sen­tence I meant to say the plot for the last few episodes has been painful­ly formulaic.

    1. @ani­me­va: I hon­est­ly think that both Kill la Kill and Kyoukai no Kana­ta are pret­ty over-hyped, though they’re both two dif­fer­ent shows in dif­fer­ent gen­res, try­ing to be two sep­a­rate things, which calls for me adjust­ing my stan­dards for them indi­vid­u­al­ly, if you will. For instance, Kill la Kill is sup­posed to be pumped with high-ener­gy, but I’m not fac­tor­ing that into Kyoukai no Kanata.
      @Wah­fuu: Not­ed!

  3. Oi Miko­to, try and watch Galilei Don­na and the Quar­tet redux when you get the chance. Quar­tet has light­ning turn­ing into drag­ons and some real­ly cool shots and Galilei Don­na is a qt sci­fi with a giant mech godl­fish. High­ly recommended.

    Glad to see you like Kyousogi­ga though as its my fav of the sea­son, its one of the most col­or­ful things I’ve seen.

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