Autumn 2013 Anime Leftovers

Have a loli, I mean lovely, winter

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Now that it’s Win­ter Break and I’ve escaped the hec­tic col­lege life for the time being, I can devote more time into the blog. Let’s give a round-of-applause to free time not being eat­en up by the PS3 and Pock­et Mon­sters X! That being said, here’s my updat­ed thoughts on the left­overs from the Autumn Ani­me sea­son. I’ve put Kyousogi­ga on-hold for the time being, so I can marathon it all at once the moment it’s fin­ished, in order write about this fan­tas­tic series in a sep­a­rate well-deserved post.

Kill la Kill’s pret­ty much near its halfway point, whilst Kyoukai no Kana­ta has one episode left to go. Let’s get this quick run-down started!

Kill la Fans

Kill la Kill

KLK does a good job with being hot­blood­ed and action-packed, and I real­ly enjoy that, but there’s lit­tle else to it. Sure­ly there’s a sto­ry some­where with­in the mys­tery float­ing around the death of Ryuko’s father, the scis­sor blade, the Kamui fam­i­ly, etc, but it’s not intrigu­ing enough nor is it any­where notably good enough to men­tion. Yet peo­ple are *singing* prais­es for this series and are alright with label­ing it as the sav­ior of anime.

Yeah, no.

Look, I can under­stand that it’s try­ing to do a hot­blood­ed and zany style in way that kicks log­ic to the curb like Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann, its tech­ni­cal pre­de­ces­sor. And arguably, it does it well. But hell, at least TTGL had a good and emo­tion­al sto­ry going for it that com­ple­ment­ed its bois­ter­ous and macho way of doing things. That’s why it was so endear­ing and mem­o­rable. I’ve been re-watch­ing quite a bit of Yuu Yuu Hakusho late­ly, and I must say it’s always a treat when an ani­me man­ages to be full of good action, while hav­ing a nice style/pace in both char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and plot at the same time. Some­thing Kill la Kill fails to accomplish.

Maybe now that Nui Harime and Sat­suk­i’s moth­er have been thrown into the fray, KLK might pick up with an actu­al engag­ing plot, but I doubt it. Is KLK a bad ani­me? No. But it sure as hell isn’t the sav­ior of ani­me. One can argue that ani­me does­n’t need sav­ing to begin with, but that’s a top­ic for anoth­er day.

Mind you, while I can’t sing prais­es that it’s a fan­tas­tic ani­me that deserves to be high­ly rat­ed, I do enjoy watch­ing it regard­less and enjoy the high adren­a­line it pro­vides. While it does­n’t have an engag­ing plot, it still man­ages to be fun at the very least — an aspect that a lot of cri­tiques tend to miss out on. You may not know it, but it’s an aspect that does mat­ter, and KLK suc­ceeds in pro­vid­ing a fun expe­ri­ence despite its short­com­ings. And it’s not with­out its good moments — Mako is pret­ty much my favorite char­ac­ter in this ani­me, and episode sev­en real­ly had her shine and stressed her fam­i­ly’s rela­tion­ship with Ryuko in such a touch­ing way. I can gen­uine­ly praise it for some­what hit­ting the mark on char­ac­ter devel­op­ment, even if it comes in weird incre­ments. I guess you could say that episode sev­en’s been my favorite episode in the series so far. 

A true dark fantasy would be a tan Azunyan

Kyoukai no Kanata

Oh boy, did this get bet­ter from my ini­tial impres­sion of it! While I still don’t think it’s wor­thy of any awards oth­er than the fan­tas­tic ani­ma­tion (and I mean fan­tas­tic ani­ma­tion, damn KyoAni!), it man­aged to dish out prop­er char­ac­ter devel­op­ment for the pro­tag­o­nists, and end­ed up being an engag­ing watch at around episode sev­en or so.

Real­ly, the only prob­lem I had with it was the typ­i­cal KyoAni impulse to insert moe along with the awk­ward humor pre­sent­ed in a series that I had expect­ed to be a *dark fan­ta­sy*. I haven’t read the orig­i­nal nov­el, so I have no idea if this was an idi­ot­ic mis­la­bel by var­i­ous ani­me sites or if KyoAni were adapt­ing it like a bunch of idiots or what… but this ani­me on it’s *own* terms is def­i­nite­ly not a dark fan­ta­sy because it was all over the place; appear­ing to be unde­cid­ed as to whether it was a cutesy com­e­dy or a seri­ous show. With a dark fan­ta­sy in mind, I fig­ured that the show was hav­ing a fuck­ing iden­ti­ty cri­sis or some­thing. Do you guys even know what a dark fan­ta­sy is? Because of this, I found myself hav­ing lit­tle moti­va­tion to keep up with the show dur­ing its run… but it was­n’t bad enough for me to drop either. What a pickle.

tl;dr False adver­tis­ing SUCKS.

Per­son­al biased griev­ances: While it was great to see non-Chu­u2 action scenes from KyoAni, I wished it were more rem­i­nis­cent of a Shaku­gan no Shana-done-right by KyoAni the way I imag­ined it.

Oh well. It end­ed up being a fair­ly watch­able ani­me in the end. I look for­ward to watch­ing the final episode. I’ll post a full review of the series will come once the final has been aired (like­wise for Kill la Kill and Kyousogi­ga once those series get around to finishing).

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