Have a Happy New Years!

I realize this doesn't fit the season


Hope you guys are hav­ing a Hap­py New Years. Lack of time has kept me from post­ing a “12 Days of Ani­me” count­down like I did last year, but I’m still up to share some of my ani­me-relat­ed high­lights of 2013 all in one post.

Heart of Sword keeps on returning

Live-Action Rurouni Ken­shin sequel announced

As evi­dent in my review of the live-action Rurouni Ken­shin film, I very much enjoyed it and was glad to hear that there was a sequel in the works planned for 2014. There’s just so much mate­r­i­al in the man­ga left unadapt­ed, and while it’s a loose adap­ta­tion, it’s still a nice thought that the live-action movie series has high chance of fin­ish­ing the man­ga’s sto­ry, some­thing the ani­me failed to do. As a Rurouni Ken­shin fan, I appre­ci­ate the movie series for renew­ing inter­est in this all-time classic.

In a world where story is better than sex...

Steins;Gate: Lim­it­ed Edi­tion — Eng­lish Version

Seri­ous­ly! It’s always nice to see a visu­al nov­el that’s not a nukige (a.k.a. 100% porn nov­el) being trans­lat­ed and released to waters out­side of Japan. C’mon and pre­order it, guys! Heck, they might bring more STORY over to the Unit­ed States if STORY proves to be more mar­ketable than sex.

It might restore some of my faith in human­i­ty as well. 😛

It's Not My Fault I'm Not a Popular Trainer Class

Image Cred­it: ぜりーfrom Pixiv


Can you say, “best com­e­dy of 2013”? I was so hap­py when I heard that this strange dark-humored man­ga was being adapt­ed into an ani­me. Need­less to say, I end­ed up enjoy­ing the adap­ta­tion as much as the man­ga (the chap­ters that I got around to read­ing, at least) by the time it fin­ished air­ing, and I’m look­ing for­ward to a pos­si­ble sec­ond season.

Where's Waldo?

Re-watch­ing a bunch of clas­sics with my lit­tle sister

As much as I still enjoy ani­me, I do admit that mod­ern ani­me is miss­ing that cer­tain “some­thing” I enjoyed while watch­ing ani­me from those old-school days. This year I’ve been intro­duc­ing my lit­tle sis­ter to sev­er­al ani­me series from my child­hood, among them being: Pret­ty Guardian Sailor Moon, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and Digi­mon Adven­ture. She’s been enjoy­ing them quite a bit, and it’s pret­ty much anec­do­tal proof to me that some­thing does­n’t have to be brand spankin’ new in order for a kid to enjoy it.

I'm looking at that ponytail btw

Evan­ge­lion 3.3

I watched this dur­ing my Fanime Con 2013 week­end! The wait­ing peri­od between the releas­es of the Rebuild movies is always such an impa­tient time, but I always enjoy them when they come out… and then get tor­tured by the cliffhang­ers. 3.3 has one of the most inter­est­ing cliffhang­ers yet and know­ing I’ll have to wait a few more years for the next movie to come around real­ly makes me grumble.

That being said, I love it when­ev­er I see a series that orig­i­nat­ed before the switch to dig­i­tal ani­ma­tion being adapt­ed to a mod­ern ani­ma­tion for­mat, with­out los­ing the charm that made the art great, unlike a cer­tain oth­er series I know (note that aside from the crap­pi­er art, it’s also a com­plete­ly new fem­i­nine char­ac­ter which is pret­ty much the final nail in the cof­fin for me, but that’s a rant for anoth­er time).

I was the group's Kyouko that day

Fanime 2013

As always, Fanime Con was a fun expe­ri­ence for me and was a good time to just let loose and go crazy with my love for this hob­by. I already sum­ma­rized my expe­ri­ences with Fanime Con this year in these posts, so feel free to check those out if you haven’t read them yet.

All my want

Watch as the Eng­lish ver­sion denies us of Mado­ka costumes

Acqui­si­tion of a PlaySta­tion 3

Thank god I got it before the sale at GameStop end­ed. Along with it being region-free and hav­ing a bunch of cool PS3-exclu­sive JRPGs in its library (and the Tales of series!), I’m enjoy­ing Blu-Ray ani­me in glo­ri­ous 1080p. I kind of wished I can enjoy my Japan­ese RPGs in 1080p with­out fram­er­ate drops as well, but ya’ know, con­sole gam­ing… Always have to be in 780p for some rea­son. Why are con­soles so behind on the times? Well, at least the con­troller’s pret­ty sweet and the games are still fun oth­er­wise. If I ever man­age to mag­i­cal­ly con­jure up finances, I might import used copies of games like Mon­ster Hunter Fron­tier G in the near future.

You know, I always thought it was fun­ny… I nev­er liked Sony as a gam­ing com­pa­ny (I used to like Sega dur­ing its con­sole era and Nin­ten­do before they start­ed get­ting even more obsessed with inte­grat­ing gim­micks into every­thing), yet I own all of their pre-PS4 con­soles besides their hand­helds. If they did­n’t get such awe­some third-par­ty sup­port along with the whole “region free” thing, I’d prob­a­bly would­n’t even look at the PlaySta­tion. I would total­ly be a Sega guy if they did­n’t go out of the con­sole busi­ness. The Dream­cast? Hands down, best video game con­sole I’ve ever owned (Shen­mue, guys! Oh, and Jet Set Radio along with a bunch of awe­some dan­maku games).

XY moe

Image Cred­it: 秋山さいふぁい from Pixiv

Pock­et Mon­sters X & Y + The Origin

As a long­time Pock­et Mon­sters fan, I have my fair share of prob­lems with the XY games, but I’m real­ly enjoy­ing the game­play itself so far, and I’m hav­ing a blast with all the fun fea­tures like play­ing with your mon­sters on Amie/Parley (my Nymphia is my baby) and dress­ing your Play­er Char­ac­ter up (why would you play as Calem? Ser­e­na gets more cos­tumes!). I think I’ll write a review about the games even­tu­al­ly, as I’ve clocked well over 200+ hours on the game. Yikes.

There was also the release of ani­mat­ed spe­cial, “The Ori­gin” — a thin­ly-dis­guised adver­tise­ment for XY coat­ed with nos­tal­gia for the orig­i­nal Red/Green video games — which I enjoyed sim­ply for the nos­tal­gia. As detailed in my review of it, I did­n’t think it was all that great out­side of that. But it was nice see­ing anoth­er ani­mat­ed take on the orig­i­nal games (and it was cer­tain­ly prefer­able to the cur­rent ani­me, which is now only a shell of its for­mer clas­sic self), like how there are var­i­ous man­ga inter­pre­ta­tions of the fran­chise. Hope­ful­ly this leaves room for any of those to be ani­mat­ed? Once you make one alter­nate con­ti­nu­ity in ani­mat­ed form, you can show­case a whole bunch of them with­out con­fus­ing peo­ple. Then again, the con­cept of “alter­nate canons” is too hard of a con­cept to grasp for the inter­na­tion­al fanbase.

I liek Mei

Image Cred­it: 瀬無あるは from Pixiv

I’m pret­ty sure there were oth­er sweet ani­me-relat­ed things that were notable to me this year, but I’m run­ning out of time and these are the first ones that come to mind right now, so I’ll just end it off here.

Have a great New Years, every­one! The upcom­ing Win­ter Ani­me sea­son is sure to be a enjoy­able one: I’m already plan­ning on watch­ing the sec­ond sea­son of Chu­u­niby­ou Demo Koi ga Shi­tai! and Pupa. I’ll prob­a­bly blog the for­mer episod­i­cal­ly like I did with the first just for the sake of con­sis­ten­cy, but in gen­er­al, I’ll con­tin­ue with my new con­gre­gat­ed through­out the New Year because it eats up less time and I feel it’s to-the-point. Plus, it’s much bet­ter than get­ting burnt out writ­ing episod­ic posts. I’ll also con­tin­ue my Card­cap­tor Saku­ra rewatch blogs that I’ve left hang­ing for quite some time as well as the Haruhi ones (hope­ful­ly). Until next year, guys… it’s only a day away. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Have a Happy New Years!

  1. I admit that I was a big Nin­ten­do fan back in the day, most­ly because it had Poke­mon and Super Mario Bro games… While we got a PS2 around 2004, I was­n’t a big Playsta­tion fan until the Playsta­tion 3, which I got as a high school grad­u­a­tion present and sev­er­al years lat­er, got 2 Japan­ese games (Idol­mas­ter 2 (which Nam­co still refus­es to local­ize) and Ate­lier Escha and Log­gy) for it and a good amount of local­ized games. Sad­ly, my 3DS has been col­lect­ing dust and only being used for Poke­mon most­ly because Vita has region free sup­port. I wish Nin­ten­do weren’t so arro­gant and final­ly get rid of the region locks so I can play Japan only games on it with­out import­ing anoth­er system.

    Tak­ing about Poke­mon, I apol­o­gize for the epic fail of a tour­na­ment since I did­n’t have enough inter­est­ed peo­ple and that Nin­ten­do decid­ed to delay Poke­bank, which I’m still angry about. Still, Poke­mon X and Y is still my favorite gen­er­a­tion and I do look for­ward to your review. As always, feel free to email me if you want to Battle.

    Also, Hap­py New Years

    1. @chikorita157: Yeah, one of the rea­sons why I liked the orig­i­nal DS was that it could play import games, so I did­n’t mind if games got crud­dy dubs or not, or if they were local­ized at all. I wished I could play the 3DS remake undubbed…
      As for the tour­na­ment, it can’t be helped if we did­n’t have enough peo­ple, so don’t sweat it. Yeah, I’ll sent you a bat­tle invite any­time you’re online and I feel up for bat­tling. =D
      Have a Hap­py New Year, man!

  2. You final­ly got a ps3!Congratz! I love my ps3, I’ve also recent­ly got­ten into the Tales of series and I’ve been lov­ing it, I played through Xil­lia and am now onto Ves­pe­ria (dif­fer­ent con­sole I know). Hap­py New Years to you as well! =D

    1. @Shikon: Hope you’re hav­ing fun with the Tales of series! Xil­lia has my favorite char­ac­ter (Elise). Be sure to get the sequel that’s being local­ized right now when that comes out — it’s actu­al­ly even bet­ter. Hope you’re enjoy­ing Ves­pe­ria too — even though you know you aren’t get­ting the bet­ter ver­sion (we nev­er got the PS3 ver­sion, which has more stuff). xD It actu­al­ly very good cast of char­ac­ters and the dia­logue is awe­some (the dub is A+ too), so I’m pret­ty sure you are.
      Have a Hap­py New Years too!

  3. Yeah I saw the ps3 ver­sion of Ves­pe­ria but it was Japan only =/ and yeah I can’t wait for Tales of Xil­lia 2!

    Also, Elize is best girl! =D

    1. @Shikon: Elise is def­i­nite­ly the best girl! There’s no def­i­nite­ly no debate about that. 😛

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