The worst figurine of all time



Yeeeeeeeeah, the Euro­pean Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion of Brave­ly Default: Fly­ing Fairy total­ly isn’t worth being jeal­ous over. What was Square Enix think­ing when they decid­ed to bun­dle this mon­stros­i­ty among the oth­er good­ies? Could­n’t they have got­ten Fig­ma? Or maybe even Alter? Square Enix, here’s some advice: what looks to be equiv­a­lent to a Chi­nese knock-off isn’t worth the extra expense. Poor Euro­pean fans.

[SPOILER]If only they did Elise...

THIS is a fig­ure (now if only I could find one of Elise, then all would be swell).[/SPOILER]

So yeah, in oth­er news, I’m pret­ty hyped for Brave­ly Default: Fly­ing Fairy com­ing out in Amer­i­ca next month. I may or may not get it at launch depend­ing on my finances. I still haven’t bought The Leg­end of Zel­da: A Link Between Worlds yet, after all…

3 thoughts on “The worst figurine of all time

  1. Good lord, that fig­ure is hor­ren­dous. I’m glad the North Amer­i­can Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion does­n’t include that. Now I just hope the cen­sor­ship isn’t too bad as peo­ple make it out to be.

    1. @Daeya­mati: The cen­sor­ship is con­sid­ered minor in the grand scheme of things, but it’s def­i­nite­ly wreck­ing my purist OCD, haha. I don’t like it when char­ac­ter ages are raised/lowered, and of course, ton­ing down the cos­tumes is a shame (though, it isn’t as bad as the cos­tume cen­sor­ship Spir­it Cam­era received imo). *sigh* Nintendo.

      Well, at least we’re not get­ting that awful fig­ure and pay­ing more for it. LOL

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