GARO’s getting an anime series?!

Here’s a Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca par­o­dy of GARO’s episode pre­views to celebrate

I’m like, two months late on this, but I just heard that the live-action GARO fran­chise was get­ting its own ani­me that will air some time this year. I’m a pret­ty big fan of the series, and I always thought that the style of the series and the uni­verse itself was very fit for an ani­me series, so I’m pret­ty con­fi­dent that I’ll enjoy it as a fan. I hear it’s not going to be an adap­ta­tion of the first GARO though (which, hon­est­ly, was some­thing I was always hop­ing for), and instead it’s going to be a com­plete­ly orig­i­nal sto­ry tak­ing place in the same canon. I’m not all too wor­ried though — since the direc­tor for JoJo’s Bizarre Adven­ture and Shinge­ki no Kyou­jin is appar­ent­ly on-board with the project, so I’m actu­al­ly pret­ty con­fi­dent that it will (at least) be above aver­age even if it does­n’t turn out to be real­ly great. But we’ll see. I won­der what ani­ma­tion stu­dio will be in charge of it? Well, what­ev­er the stu­dio is, they bet­ter get JAM Project to do the theme songs again, as well as the orig­i­nal com­posers for the OST.

Very recent­ly and by coin­ci­dence, I men­tioned GARO in my Final Impres­sions post of Kyoukai no Kana­ta. Per­haps this is the ani­me that will fill in for my missed expec­ta­tions of that series? Prob­a­bly not, but regard­less, I do enjoy grit­ti­er demon-hunt­ing sto­ries in the vein of GARO and Ga-Rei Zero, so this might be up my alley either way. I’ve also did a gener­ic post about GARO’s first episode back in eighth grade or some­thing, but you prob­a­bly should­n’t read that since I was even worse back then than I am now.

Off-Top­ic: I just fin­ished the first episode of Chu­u­niby­ou Demo Koi ga Shi­tai! Ren today, and will be post­ing about it lat­er today.

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