Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 01

Jao Shingan awakens!

Jao Shin­gan awak­ens once again!

Like its first sea­son, I’m treat­ing Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! Ren as a nice break from the more seri­ous stuff I’ll be watching/reading this sea­son. That isn’t to say I was­n’t emo­tion­al­ly invest­ed in the first sea­son, but at its heart I think Chuu2 is gen­er­al­ly sup­posed to be a fun lit­tle sto­ry full of dia­betes-induc­ing good­ness here and there, and obvi­ous­ly does­n’t aim to be an emo­tion­al roller coast­er in the vein of AnoHana or some­thing of that nature. Real­ly, the only con­flict I can see hap­pen­ing in Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! Ren relates to this char­ac­ter, but even then I don’t expect it to be too bad for Rik­ka (because Yuu­ta loves Rik­ka to DEEEESU death).

The point of it is to make peo­ple feel hap­py. Think of it as a palette cleanser for every oth­er show that opts to abuse its char­ac­ters from start-to-fin­ish. The first sea­son was great at being what it was try­ing to be, and I have no doubt that the sec­ond sea­son will do just as great, if not bet­ter, a job of doing the same. That is: being Hit­ting Your Wai­fu — The Ani­me.

daaaaw dat face


lucky mofo i swear


Isn’t that cute? Looks like they’re liv­ing with each oth­er now. But because our lit­tle chaste cou­ple here are, well, a chaste cou­ple, it’s noth­ing more than a car­ing boyfriend giv­ing his cute girl­friend a place to stay, rather than hav­ing ulte­ri­or motives com­mon in ado­les­cent teenage boys.

Thank good­ness, because I know quite a few peo­ple would com­mit sui­cide if our Chuu2 god­dess got tar­nished by the almighty physics-defy­ing ani­me slong. Includ­ing muah.

Remember to always hit your waifu, every morning

Non-stop Chu­u­ni Abuse!

It’s nice to see that good ol’ domes­tic abuse is still going strong in this series.

Remem­ber, guys, always make sure to hit your wai­fu every morn­ing. How could you say you love her if you can’t even hit her everyday?

buttmonkey gets the best hairstyles

What the fuck hap­pened to your hair?

(Who is this guy?)

10/10 points would tap

As the open­ing and end­ing clear­ly indi­cate, this new look for Nibu­tani is prob­a­bly just a tem­po­rary attempt at hav­ing a fresh start and she’ll prob­a­bly return to the ol’ brown and hair-clip shortly.

I’m won­der­ing if black hair is her nat­ur­al hair col­or though. Her cur­rent hair­style is sim­i­lar to the hair­style shown dur­ing flash­backs with­in the first sea­son (before high school, when she was Mori Sum­mer), but it was clear­ly brown then too. While I thought her cheer­leader look was rather, well, hot (Haruhi-tier), this look is still real­ly pret­ty, so I don’t real­ly mind either way.

Looks marriageable, even

Also, it’s very rare to see an ani­mat­ed sei­fuku abide to the way sei­fuku actu­al­ly look like. Dat skirt length.

chuuni sfx


hair is my favorite topic today

It’s great to know that we’ll prob­a­bly we more of Deko­mori’s ojou-sama hair­style this sea­son when­ev­er she’s being lit­tle miss sophis­ti­cat­ed fresh­man (well, for the most part, aside from the light/darkness spiels).

…It’s prob­a­bly the ani­me’s fault, but I feel like I have some sort of fetish for hair­styles after talk­ing about them for this long. Jeez.

clearly the best

By the way, Mjol­nir Ham­mer Twin­tails are still clear­ly superior.


That face is so adorable. I think I’m going to die of dia­betes before the end of this sea­son, holy shit.

Look at how hap­py she is.

It’s because she has friends now. “Nor­mal” ones.

Nibutani Purin


chuuni sentai rikkangers

Chu­u­ni Sen­tai Rikkangers!

It’s nice to see Yuu­ta get­ting in-touch with his Chu­u­ni side after the first sea­son, he’s not as embar­rassed by it as before and read­i­ly becomes the Dark Flame Mas­ter as the sit­u­a­tion calls for it. I love the con­ti­nu­ity there.













Battle couple

What’s “Arro­stire”?

Roasted couple

Well, damn. I guess Touka’s ladle = con­firmed for OP.



I sup­port­ed this pair­ing in the first sea­son, and this only reaf­firms my rea­son for ship­ping it even more.


You real­ly can’t blame any­one for think­ing scan­dalous things are hap­pen­ing at Yuu­ta’s house. Usu­al­ly when cou­ples decide to live togeth­er, the home becomes their love nest in every sense of the word.

You real­ly can’t explain it away as some­thing inno­cent. Leave a female and a male that love each oth­er in a house alone… and being teenagers, of course the guardians would go nuts.

super imouto

Luck­i­ly, the imouto saves the day. What’s this? The priest­ess has fall­en?! The world has frozen over!

Too bad this means they won’t be liv­ing alone now, but whatever.

Prelude to a love triangle

An inter­est­ing thing to note is that there’s a bit of fore­shad­ow­ing towards the end of the episode with Yuu­ta notic­ing some­one new has moved into the apart­ment where Rik­ka used to live. And I’ve already guessed who it is (to avoid spoil­ers, I’m going to assume that you haven’t looked into the source mate­r­i­al as much as I tried to do).



I was pret­ty sat­is­fied with this first episode: it con­tained almost every­thing I enjoyed about the first sea­son. Not that I was expect­ing any­thing oth­er­wise, but heck, any­thing’s pos­si­ble. For now, I’ll con­tin­ue watch­ing the crazy antics of the Chu­u­ni squad.

(P.S. I miss the fin­ger twirl and the ass shake.)

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