Rewrite and others coming up this week (probably)

Rewrite is coming back

Yeah, that’s right

I’m plan­ning on killing my VN back­log with­in the next few months, with the first tar­get being Rewrite, school be damned. My pre­vi­ous­ly-planned “Let’s Read” posts about it kind of fell by the way­side since school (ugh). I’ll prob­a­bly just do a full review of it lat­er this month, but maybe I’ll give an entire walk­through’s worth a shot, it all depends on how much free time I have. Rewrite just gets more and more engross­ing the fur­ther you get into it, and I’d real­ly like to fin­ish it up by the end of the month. As a per­son with an ear for Japan­ese, I must say I enjoy Amat­era­su’s trans­la­tion work of it as much as the VN itself. The Eng­lish dia­logue is pret­ty good and reflects much of the same “feel” of the Japan­ese dia­logue, most notably the fun­ny scenes. It’s hard to explain, but well, Amat­era­su’s awesome. 

Shida Kazuhiro = literally the best art

Also, expect a review of Hoshi­zo­ra no Memo­ria ‑Wish upon a Shoot­ing Star- either lat­er this month or after that. Mare’s not exact­ly a “Where’s Wal­do” type of deal on my blog, so it should be pret­ty obvi­ous I’m in wub with this VN. I might also do a splurge about the Lit­tle Busters! visu­al nov­el in one of the upcom­ing months — we need some­thing to bal­ance out all of that recent ani­me hype, after all.

Out­side of cur­rent post plans, I also plan on even­tu­al­ly get­ting through MuvLuv (all the way to Alter­na­tive), Gri­sa­ia no Kajit­su ‑LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- (i hurd from waf­fles its pur­ty gud), JPN­ing through some ran­dom UNiSON­SHIFT visu­al nov­el, and prob­a­bly get around to read­ing Sui­ka (which has been lay­ing around my com­put­er for god knows how long).

Lewd Loli

On the ani­me side of things, a friend of mine just rec­om­mend­ed Sekai Sei­fuku: Bouryaku no Zvez­da. It actu­al­ly looks pret­ty good. Appar­ent­ly the writer of that ani­me is known for writ­ing inter­est­ing light nov­els, so hope­ful­ly it ends up actu­al­ly liv­ing up to its ini­tial appear­ance. Expect a post about that too with­in the upcom­ing week or so.

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