Things I bought at Marukai Marketplace

Another place for my weaboo-ness

Image Cred­it: Kayoko from Uma­mi Map

Just thought I’d share some of my dai­ly Wapanese exploits on my way home from De Anza College.

I usu­al­ly come to this plaza to get a quick snack on my way home on the bus, usu­al­ly going to Marukai Mar­ket­place, Daiso, or Wing Stop. Depend­ing on how much I feel like spend­ing, I usu­al­ly get either a can­dy bar, pre-made ben­to lunch­es (in cas­es where I’m going to school with­out lunch), ready-to-go sushi, or a full meal at Wing Stop. The lunch I bring to school some­times isn’t enough to revi­tal­ize me for the entire day, and these snacks are bet­ter mon­ey spent than McDon­alds, hon­est­ly. One dol­lar for a one-way bus trip to heart dis­ease? No thanks.


BIG サンダー

Chocolate cookie bar goodness

I bought two Big Thun­der Choco­late Cocoa Cook­ie Bars, one for the trip home and one to munch at home. Since I was in a par­tic­u­lar­ly cheap mood, instead of the usu­al sushi box, I bought two pieces of spam musubi (poor man’s Hawai­ian vari­a­tion of sushi, yet very tasty) and gulped them down on the bus.

Big Thun­der’s actu­al­ly a pret­ty good can­dy bar (it looks kind of like a waf­fle to me) and is hard to find in Amer­i­ca (usu­al­ly ¥53 in Japan, I bought it at Marukai for ~98¢, and I think it’s over a dol­lar on online Japan­ese sweet ven­dors — price dif­fer­ence between Marukai and Japan are only about ~40¢ if I’m doing my math cor­rect­ly, so hah). It’s basi­cal­ly a milk choco­late-coat­ed cook­ie, and assum­ing that my taste-buds aren’t screwed up and I read the wrap­per cor­rect­ly, the cook­ie was cocoa-fla­vored. The cook­ie’s pret­ty thin com­pared to its Black Thun­der grand­dad­dy, but it had a nice tex­ture to it. I rec­om­mend it to you oth­er choco­late fans out there if you ever man­age to run into this gem.

Y Veltal!

Insert Awe­some BGM Here

Say hel­lo to my new Yveltal fig­ure! I actu­al­ly pre­fer Mit­suwa’s selec­tion of fic­tion­al mer­chan­dise since they have Kinoku­niya. It’s one of those cheap $10 fig­ures and was sold next to a bunch of One Piece and Super Mario Bros. gashapons. Now unlike Hong Kong, the Japan­ese are pret­ty damn pro at mold­ing, even with cheap materials.

Behold the Pokemon of Destruction!

It looks pret­ty good. The only prob­lem I have is that there’s NO way to dis­play it. It does­n’t have a stand of any kind… do they expect me to make it fly…?

I'm not even playing Y version, my sister is

They had a Xerneas fig­ure too, which I plan on get­ting next week. I’ll prob­a­bly post pic­tures of it on my Twit­ter or something.

2 thoughts on “Things I bought at Marukai Marketplace

  1. Oh man, that choco­late cook­ie bar looks AMAZING. I wish I had a store like that around where I live, but alas I do not D:

    Idk how many burg­ers I’ve eat­en since I’ve got into col­lege, I final­ly start­ed buy­ing light snacks as well to get me through. They’re cheap­er and also not so artery clog­ging XD

    1. @Shikon: Have you tried Yelp? There may be a sim­i­lar mar­ket with­in dri­ving dis­tance that you don’t know about. 😉
      It’s a good thing we’re both cut­ting back on fast food burg­ers. Nutri­tion class real­ly opened my eyes about what we’re putting into our bod­ies each and every day. lol

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