Thoughts/Analysis on Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren so far (~Episode 05)

Let the cheek pinching commence!

Let the cheek-pinch­ing commence!

I got­ta say, if there’s any­thing keep­ing me from going insane from my ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble Pre-Cal­cu­lus class, it’s watch­ing the con­tin­u­a­tion of our ADHD-filled adven­tures with the “The Sum­mer of Far East Mag­ic Nap Club” when­ev­er I head home every week. Not only is it nice when you’re watch­ing a bunch of heart-wrench­ing crap (does­n’t even need to be ani­me) and are in need of some­thing extreme­ly adork­able to soft­en the impact in-between, it’s also a good way to soft­en the impact of stress in real life.

I don’t know if I men­tioned this dur­ing the first sea­son’s run, but damn do the char­ac­ters do a great job of car­ry­ing this ani­me. And this qual­i­ty is some­thing that’s played up a bit more this sea­son, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing that char­ac­ters oth­er than Yuu­ta and Rik­ka aren’t get­ting shoved out of the spot­light, which in my opin­ion, was one of the biggest flaws dur­ing the first season.


Episode 2

Yuu­ta and Rik­ka might be tak­ing their rela­tion­ship slow­er than “nor­mal” cou­ples, but I seri­ous­ly think he’s doing pret­ty good for a guy in love with a girl suf­fer­ing from chu­u­niby­ou, all thing’s con­sid­ered. Plus, I real­ly do enjoy see­ing whole­some ani­me cou­ples like Yuu­ta and Rik­ka. You real­ly don’t see much of those in ani­me any­more (what was the last one I saw… Tomoya/Nagisa from the Clan­nad ani­me?) — and mind you, my favorite ani­me cou­pling is Syaoran/Sakura from Card­cap­tor Saku­ra.

Two years worth of semen.” @ inside Yuu­ki Asuna, Sword Art Online

But seri­ous­ly, props to the char­ac­ters for going about their “con­tract” in their own way. Peo­ple express their love for their sig­nif­i­cant oth­er in dif­fer­ent ways, and hon­est­ly, that’s what makes each rela­tion­ship indi­vid­u­al­ized and spe­cial. I like that Yuu­ta and Rik­ka aren’t in a hur­ry to pounch each oth­er’s gen­i­tals, and are show­ing cutesy love towards each other.

Under­stand­ably, you may view it as beta, but it’s cute because it’s fic­tion. If this was real life, then yeah, I’d agree that not hold­ing hands after six months is a sign that some­thing’s hor­ri­bly wrong with the relationship.

No common sense

Also, I loved how every­one was sur­prised Nibu­tani returned to her old hair­style even though it’s in the open­ing and end­ing sequences. Peo­ple real­ly need to learn how to read in-between the lines. Sheesh.

Another god-tier Chuu2 appears

Episode 3

And here, our long-await­ed inter­lop­er that will sup­pos­ed­ly get between Yuu­ta and Rikka’s rela­tion­ship has arrived! Sophia Ring SP Sat­urn VII! Satone Shichimiya! But it does­n’t seem like she’s doing much inter­fer­ence. In fact, it very much seems like she sup­ports the love con­tract between Dark Flame Master/Jaou Shin­gan more than any­thing, though her close­ness to Yuu­ta clear­ly induces a jeal­ous reac­tion from Rik­ka. Plus, she’s adorable and sweet as all liv­ing hell. A great addi­tion to the Chuu2 brigade.

Melt in a sea of jelly

Melt in a sea of jelly.

Satone can get pret­ty clingy, but I don’t think she means any­thing bad by it. It real­ly feels like it’s part of her char­ac­ter to be touchy-feely with her friends.

That isn't the face of malice

While she may have feel­ings for Yuu­ta, I’m pre­dict­ing that they’re going for a “I Want My Beloved To Be Hap­py” angle with this whole pseu­do-love tri­an­gle thing. I sensed a bit of pain and hap­pi­ness with the way she looked at Yuu­ta after she found out that Rik­ka was in a rela­tion­ship with him.

In a way, she gives me vibes akin to Tomoyo from Card­cap­tor Saku­ra. And you know? I found it heart­warm­ing and admirable that char­ac­ters like her are will­ing to self­less­ly smile just by see­ing their loved ones hap­pi­ly enjoy­ing the rela­tion­ship that they want. I’m think­ing Satone will end up being one of those char­ac­ters for me in Chuu2.



Seriously, stahp before you kill yourself

These Chuu2 girls real­ly should stop hang­ing over the edge of the apart­ment com­plex. They’re gonna fall and die.

Episode 4

This episode was one of the high­lights for me, so far, because it’s so heart­warm­ing. Fol­low­ing the shades of char­ac­ter devel­op­ment between Nibu­tani and Deko­mori towards the end of the first sea­son, we get it full-force here when we’re shown that Nibu­tani real­ly does care about Deko­mori and vice-versa.

Yuri OTP

Soon­er or lat­er Deko­mori was going to find out that Nibu­tani was the real Mori Sum­mer, and it was nice to see that Nibu­tani isn’t cold-heart­ed enough to take advan­tage of Deko­mori’s fan­tas­tic idol­iza­tion of her, and instead returned to being Mori Sum­mer (some­thing she has clear­ly shown dis­dain over and assumed to do nev­er do) in order to make Deko­mori hap­py. And she her­self was pret­ty hap­py about doing it. For peo­ple who did­n’t like Nibu­tani before this episode, well, this episode prob­a­bly earned some points for her.


Even I cringed!

While the “friend­ship” did­n’t last long, I often head­canon that deep down Deko­mori still con­sid­ers Nibu­tani as the real Mori Sum­mer, but was able to move on with it and accept that Nibu­tani’s no longer with­in that “realm”. She was “rec­og­nized” by Mori Sum­mer and got a pic­ture of her, her dream’s basi­cal­ly been ful­filled, and thus she return to the love/hate bick­er­ing rela­tion­ship they had with each oth­er as Deko and Shin­ka. And hon­est­ly, I con­sid­er the teas­ing and such a form of friend­ship as well, espe­cial­ly in ani­me where every­one’s good at mask­ing their feel­ings and such.


Well, for the most part

Don't ask

Episode 5

Was this real­ly an episode about nap­ping? Man… I ques­tion why I love this ani­me sometimes. 😛

This isn't even her final form

Nev­er­the­less, it’s a great way to give Kumin some spot­light. Although she was nev­er nev­er a notable char­ac­ter for me to begin with. Sure, I don’t dis­like her, but I don’t real­ly love her either. She most­ly just there most of the time, with­out any real pres­ence to me. I did enjoy this episode though, and con­grats to her for get­ting her own episode.

Kyoto Ani­ma­tion should make an RPG, by the way. Every time I see the Chuu2 sequences, I always feel like I’m watch­ing a Tales game or Final Fan­ta­sy game being tak­en to even more epic proportions.

Kinect on the Wii...

Are they play­ing Kinect games…? But that’s a Wii…



This was prob­a­bly my favorite scene in the episode. It fur­ther sup­ports my claim that Satone’s real­ly play­ful­ly clingy and isn’t real­ly sup­posed to be a true roman­tic threat. Sure, she woke up next to Yuu­ta, gave him a “good morn­ing” nose-to-nose and made Rik­ka jeal­ous, but she play­ful­ly “gave it back” to Rikka.

It’s not very social­ly elo­quent, that’s for sure. But being social­ly awk­ward is basi­cal­ly a pack­aged deal with being a Chuun2, plus, at least she apologized.


MORAL OF THE STORY: Sleep paral­y­sis sucks.

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  1. So far, the 2nd sea­son has been very enjoy­able, but of course, the 4th episode was the most for the fact that Sanae went along with Shinka’s cam­paign just to spill out her chu­u­niby­ou self in front of the whole school.

    1. @chikorita157: The 4th episode was def­i­nite­ly the most fun with Shin­ka and Dekom­nori’s interaction.

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