Parents Television Council Targets Adult Swim (RANT)

Round of applause for actual parenting... oh wait

Round of applause for actu­al par­ent­ing… oh wait

Par­ents Tele­vi­sion Coun­cil, a pro-cen­sor­ship advo­cate group, who are known to hys­ter­i­cal­ly bom­bard attacks on tele­vi­sion shows they deem inap­pro­pri­ate for chil­dren, has tak­en the lib­er­ty of tar­get­ing their lat­est attacks on Car­toon Net­work’s adult pro­gram­ming block, Adult Swim (known for its com­par­a­tive­ly more adult-ori­en­tat­ed pro­gram­ming, which includes some live-action pro­grams as well as min­i­mal­ly-cen­sored ani­me series like Space Dandy) for mov­ing its 9PM start time to 8 PM.


Car­toon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ has a long his­to­ry of mar­ket­ing explic­it ani­ma­tion to chil­dren. The network’s announce­ment that it is mov­ing this pro­gram­ming block to an even ear­li­er hour when chil­dren are more like­ly to be in the audi­ence is dis­turb­ing on a num­ber of lev­els. The net­work claims that they’re tar­get­ing adult males by mov­ing ‘Adult Swim’ to an ear­li­er hour, but in the process chil­dren are being thrown under the bus.

- PTC Pres­i­dent Tim Win­ter on PRWeb

The argu­ment they present here is that, by mov­ing these adult shows to an ear­li­er hour, the Car­toon Network/Adult Swim execs are allow­ing kids to be exposed to inap­pro­pri­ate programming.

But, my ques­tion is: why the hell aren’t the par­ents mon­i­tor­ing what their kids watch? It’s not like the tele­vi­sion set forces you to watch cer­tain TV pro­grams — if you don’t like what you or your chil­dren are watch­ing, you can eas­i­ly just change the chan­nel. Call me insane, but if I had chil­dren, and I felt that what­ev­er they were watch­ing was inap­pro­pri­ate, I’d fuck­ing make sure they would­n’t be able to watch it ever. It pains me to see how reliant these par­ents are in regards to using tele­vi­sion to take care of their kids for them, that they have the gull to bitch and moan over mature pro­gram­ming on tele­vi­sion because they’re not com­fort­able with it, and end up try­ing to ruin enter­tain­ment for oth­ers because they’re too lazy to get off their ass­es and turn the tele­vi­sion off!

It’s called ADULT Swim for a rea­son — this is equiv­a­lent to you catch­ing your son watch­ing porn on a porn web­site, and then com­plain­ing to the web­mas­ters about host­ing porn on a porn web­site and demand­ing that the porn should be tak­en down. And let me tell you, there are a LOT more inap­pro­pri­ate shows air­ing ear­li­er in the day on every cable tele­vi­sion sta­tion — heck, some of the shows air­ing on Adult Swim aren’t even exclu­sive to Adult Swim and air even ear­li­er on oth­er channels.

You chose to buy a tele­vi­sion set, you chose to pay for cable access, and you chose to allow your child access to media that may not be right for them. So don’t act as if you have no con­trol over what they’re doing in the house — you have plen­ty of con­trol, you’re just being a lousy par­ent. Media isn’t always healthy, espe­cial­ly for impres­sion­able chil­dren whose brains haven’t ful­ly devel­oped yet (which, by the way, does­n’t until they’re 25), but it’s almost incon­se­quen­tial if you’re actu­al­ly being a good par­ent. These irre­spon­si­ble nutjobs are one of the many rea­sons why human­i­ty can’t have nice things.

7 thoughts on “Parents Television Council Targets Adult Swim (RANT)

  1. I have heard about this in one of Alphaomegas­in’s videos and I think it’s ridicu­lous too. I think par­ents need to be respon­si­ble for their chil­dren instead of hav­ing sta­tions do it for them because they can’t do their jobs. It just like blam­ing vio­lence on video games because there is a shoot­ing or some­thing. Still, I don’t think chil­dren or even teenagers should watch or play vio­lent video games until they reach the age group the game or media is design for. Not to men­tion, there are parental con­trols on tele­vi­sion and video game con­soles, so there is no excuse.

    1. @chikorita157: Irre­spon­si­ble par­ents, the watch­dogs, seem to love to put the blame on media for things they can eas­i­ly con­trol them­selves. Such as buy­ing a video game that’s named after a frig­gin’ felony (Grand Theft Auto) for their 8‑year old kids. It’s their respon­si­bil­i­ty to teach the chil­dren the dif­fer­ence between real­i­ty and fic­tion, and also to lim­it their access to mate­r­i­al that the chil­dren can’t han­dle; pay­ing atten­tion to the age rat­ings. The tools are all there for them to use, and they fail to make use of them.

  2. This is not as easy as you think.

    Kids these days can eas­i­ly down­load stuff from the inter­net. TV shows, movies, games, porn… every­thing. And you can’t mon­i­tor them 24/7. I’m pret­ty sure you also played with games or watched movies you should­n’t have, or if not you must be in the very lit­tle minor­i­ty. If I was right, your par­ents did­n’t pay atten­tion to what you are doing either. So yeah, it’s real­ly hard to watch over them. Also most par­ents are not adept in these kind of things (inter­net, games, parental pro­tec­tion, etc..) and maybe not even under­stand what you do/watch. For exam­ple, my par­ents thought that all “car­toons” are for kids. When I told them that’s not the case they were dumbfounded.

    Most kids are also clever enough to google “how to get around parental protection” 😉

    1. @bl@ck: Then don’t give them a com­put­er. Again, the par­ents are com­plain­ing about some­thing that’s ful­ly in their con­trol. Giv­ing an ele­men­tary school­er access to the com­put­er with­out mak­ing sure they’re only going to appro­pri­ate sites is already a frig­gin’ bad idea.

      If your child isn’t obey­ing your rules, then it’s a prob­lem with THEM and any whin­ing or moan­ing you do towards a tele­vi­sion sta­tion won’t make a dif­fer­ence because they’ll find a way to rebel against you either way. Same with video games — games are RATED and if you buy your kids these games with­out know­ing that they’re for old­er teenagers and adults, is it fair to com­plain to the video game com­pa­nies to have them abol­ished? Igno­rance should­n’t be rewarded.

      As for me, yes I’ve grown up watch­ing things I should­n’t have and play­ing games I should­n’t have, let alone porn, but that’s because I had ter­ri­ble par­ents (they were car­ing in their own ways, and I love them in my own ways, but they were with­out a doubt, bad par­ents). Right now, I grew up per­fect­ly ratio­nal (admit­ted­ly, with some prob­lems due to my shod­dy upbring­ing, but over­all I’d like to say that I’m a decent human being that’s try­ing to get over those obsta­cles), which either means I was dif­fer­ent from oth­er kids or these things par­ents com­plain about aren’t as bad as they seem if your child is bright enough to under­stand.

  3. Don’t mis­un­der­stand, I don’t think they are right either.
    Just want­ed to say that it’s real­ly hard to >prop­er­ly< look after kids.

    1. @bl@ck: Of course. Regard­less though, par­ents who at least try are bet­ter than noth­ing, and I would­n’t real­ly blame but upbring­ing too much on them. These par­tic­u­lar ones rely­ing on the tele­vi­sion and not doing any­thing to con­trol the tele­vi­sion them­selves are not what I’d call good.

  4. Amen! Preach it broth­er! I agree with every­thing you just said! Its like Dr. Phil once said “You aren’t going to be the only influ­ence in your child’s life, but you can be the BEST one”. Yes, stud­ies have shown that things like porn and vio­lence do have a slight neg­a­tive effect on kids but it also showed that par­ents can mod­er­ate the effects.

    The one thing that piss­es me off more is the fact that the rest of us have to suf­fer for the lousy par­ent­ing of oth­er peo­ple. I am a grown adult and if I wan­na play vio­lent video games or watch porn then that’s my right. I should­n’t be deprived because of lazy ass parents!

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