Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 06 — WE MAKE PROGRESS!



Alright, a friend spoiled me that some­thing “awe­some and fan­tas­tic” would hap­pened in this week’s episode, so I was already kind of expect­ing some­thing along the lines of a kiss between Yuu­ta and Rik­ka just by tak­ing a wild guess. Still, it was quite a pleas­ant sur­prise regard­less because the large buildup and I was­n’t entire­ly sure that I was right.

It was nice to see that Rik­ka is final­ly open­ing up and break­ing out of her “shy lit­tle kid in regards to love” bar­ri­er, allow­ing the rela­tion­ship to have the first steps of healthy pro­gres­sion. I’ve heard peo­ple say “hur­rrr Yuu­ta’s so beta, he has­n’t made a move on Rik­ka”, but real­ly, I think the prob­lem’s most­ly all Rikka’s fault. Yuu­ta does want the rela­tion­ship to progress, but he cared about Rik­ka enough to not force things on her. But now that they final­ly got past the hand-hold­ing stage and into the more inti­mate “kiss on the cheek” stage, we may final­ly be able to see them be more open about being an actu­al cou­ple, instead of two child­ish love­birds that like to hide the fact that they’re a couple.



And with that, looks like Yuu­ta’s com­plete­ly A‑OK now with being a chu­u­niby­ou as long as it’s with his chu­u­niby­ou girlfriend.

I'm tired of hearing high school bratboys bragging about sex

The tub­by guy that’s freak­ing out reminds me of Wataru from Da Capo II. Los­er that’s fix­at­ed and inse­cure about his virginity.

You’re like 15, man. Cut it out.


Mori Sum­mer is still alive

Oho. What’s this…? It looks like Nibu­tani still suf­fers from chu­u­niby­ou, but does it on her own time and when no one’s look­ing. Either that or Mori Sum­mer awak­ened as a split per­son­al­i­ty and Nibu­tani’s try­ing to repress it.

Haha. Yeah right. There’s no escape, Shinka.

Nibutani fanservice a go go

Enjoy the fanservice

It seems like they ref­er­enced what every­one thought was going to be a love tri­an­gle dur­ing the first cour. I still love how that fell flat on every­one’s faces, by the way. 😛




As I’ve said in my pre­vi­ous post, the Chuu2 girls should stop mess­ing around the high edges of build­ings. They’re gonna fall over and die.

I think we need to show Rik­ka, Deko­mori, and Shichimiya these videos:

Where’s your fear­less­ness now?!

2 thoughts on “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 06 — WE MAKE PROGRESS!

  1. Like I said in my post, at least they are get­ting some­where with their rela­tion­ship… They can’t sim­ply force it, but I think it will progress with time…

    That reminds me, I won­der where Satone went off to since she is com­plete­ly absent in this episode. :p

    1. @chikorita157: Yeah, the lack of screen­time for Shichimiya is both­er­ing me. She deserves to at least be in the end­ing sequence with the oth­er girls. 😐

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