Takanashi Rikka Kai: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie


Dark Flame Mas­ter’s Secrets of Kiss­ing 101” O3O

You’d think see­ing a Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai! movie would be some­what of a hyper expe­ri­ence. And yet there isn’t real­ly any­thing much to say about this film. I mean, aside from the real­ly amus­ing intro­duc­tion scene with Rikka’s “dream wed­ding”, and of course, the last bits of the film, I found myself almost being put to sleep while watch­ing… because it’s a recap of the first sea­son. Like, it’s not even a retelling of the sto­ry, it’s real­ly just Rik­ka recount­ing the events from the tele­vi­sion series in her head. I real­ly don’t under­stand how any­one could have thought a glo­ri­fied recap episode would be fit to be shown on the big screen, but hey, I’m not KyoAni. They might be genius­es and I might just be a moron who has no taste in cinema.

Pretty much the point of the film

These 10 sec­onds are pret­ty much the point of the film.

At any rate, if you’re a fan of Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai!, this movie might have been worth a watch if you were liv­ing in Japan at the time it was being screened in the­aters. It actu­al­ly flows into the sec­ond sea­son quite well — the wed­ding dream sequence gives us hints of the “Dark Flame Drag­on”, Rik­ka is shown get­ting kicked out of her apart­ment, and Satone actu­al­ly makes her first appear­ance here, arriv­ing at her des­ti­na­tion via Shinkansen. Oth­er than that, there’s not much to it, espe­cial­ly if you’ve already start­ed the sec­ond sea­son before this movie was even avail­able to fans out­side of Japan.

Alright, next up in line is my full impres­sion on Ren. Stay tuned.

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