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Being a student this quarter is not suffering

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As some of you might already know from my Twit­ter, this week already marked the start of Spring Quar­ter over at my col­lege insti­tu­tion. I’m tak­ing three cours­es this quar­ter: one art class, one Japan­ese lan­guage class, and one Japan­ese Ani­ma­tion class. I’m not a film major (though I admit that such a thing isn’t any­thing unbe­fit­ting for me), I’m major­ing in Graph­ic Design (get­ting both the AA and the BFA degree) and minor­ing in World Lan­guages and Lit­er­a­tures (Japan­ese) + trans­fer. My rea­sons for tak­ing Japan­ese Ani­ma­tion is sim­ple: I need­ed a class to fill up time and the 12-unit min­i­mum for Finan­cial Aid, and what bet­ter than a class that’s fun and inter­est­ing, and most impor­tant­ly, rel­e­vant to your hob­bies? It’s ani­me, yo. Though since it’s aca­d­e­m­ic, we’re not watch­ing any­thing mind­less like, say, some moe harem.

The best part of this [once a week] class is that most of its four hours is spent watch­ing fan­tas­tic and influ­en­tial ani­me films and dis­cussing the aspects of each film, such as the nar­ra­tive, how it relates to the con­text of the his­tor­i­cal peri­od, and the art form on a crit­i­cal and ana­lyt­i­cal lev­el. There’s a list of films we’ll watch over the course of the quar­ter on the class syl­labus they hand­ed out to us, and damn is it a good list, though I’ve already watched a hand­ful of them! The first day, we watched two seg­ments of The Cock­pit and Pan­da! Go, Pan­da! The Rainy-Day Cir­cus.

Along with the stuff I said I was going to get around to doing in Saku­ra’s birth­day post, I’ll most like­ly write about the films we watch in class at least once a week. Even though I already reviewed some of them, it’s nice to revis­it sto­ries every now and again and share updat­ed reac­tions. There are also essays to be expect­ed for this class, and I will most like­ly post them up on here too (with bold mark­ings of my name and class info so I don’t get rep­ri­mand­ed for pla­gia­rism even though it’s clear­ly my shit).

It’s a real­ly fun and engag­ing class, though of course there was clear­ly a Kill la Kill fan­boy among us in the class­room, who also annoyed me by call­ing a deep and real­is­tic char­ac­ter “flat and bor­ing” (but I digress). To be frank, I love all of my class­es this quar­ter! This is what col­lege is all about. Focus­ing on your major/minor and tak­ing class­es on sub­jects you love. Oh yeah, and debt, but that’s besides the point (and I’m still in junior col­lege for anoth­er year or so, I haven’t run into that much yet). Good thing about this quar­ter too is that it’s spring, it’s hot, and a bunch of cuties are run­ning around right now and holy shit I think I’ll will find time for a rela­tion­ship adad­fak.

2 thoughts on “Academic Anime Watching

  1. That’s awe­some! I wish my uni­ver­si­ty had more of a vari­ety of class­es (although I doubt they’d be on my degree plan) like that.

    And…I know what you mean, spring= cute girls in short-shorts jog­ging :3

    1. @Shikon: It’s a shame that uni­ver­si­ties stress the dan­gers of “over units”. God bless CCs for offer­ing class­es at cheap prices (with waivers… for free) so you can have all the enrich­ment you want with­out the fears of sac­ri­fic­ing your four-year degree over at Uni. lol 


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