FanimeCon 2014 Haul & Thoughts

FanimeCon 2014

This year’s Fanime was a live­li­er expe­ri­ence than usu­al, most­ly because half of the con­ven­tion cen­ter was­n’t destroyed under con­struc­tion for once and also because this year was the con’s 20th anniver­sary. The line to pick up badges went abnor­mal­ly fast this year — going by almost instant­ly. We got kind of screwed because we picked up our badges at the Clock­work Alche­my line, which is usu­al­ly the faster line, but got delayed for a few hours this year in com­par­i­son to the Fanime line (the line was­n’t long, but it took a while for the reg­is­tra­tion to actu­al­ly start up). Nev­er­the­less, we still got our badges faster than usu­al so we actu­al­ly got to do things dur­ing Day Zero, so it was all cool.

There weren’t many bad things that hap­pened this year. I met some pret­ty cool peo­ple, there were so many awe­some cos­play­ers, and I had loads of fun with my friends this year. I became com­plete­ly drunk at the hotel dur­ing the last night, which was pret­ty much the high­light strange­ly enough (I have nev­er got­ten that drunk before). You’d think the high­light would be hav­ing a ramen din­ner at Ramen Ten­ma with frig­gin’ LilyPichu (a friend of Mr. Lex), but I don’t real­ly give two shits about League of Leg­ends and bare­ly watch her chan­nel, so.

So, let’s go over the things I bought at Fanime this year (which isn’t much com­pared to last year — Card­cap­tor Saku­ra drained my wal­let) and also the token weird experience.

This year's treasure

I’ll get an actu­al cam­era someday.

Artist Alley man­aged to get a pur­chase from me this year: from the won­der­ful yuumei/Wenqing Yan (this print in par­tic­u­lar)! Mr. Lex intro­duced me to her cor­ner of the Artist Alley. Her art was lit­er­al­ly love at first sight — every one of her draw­ings are a blend of amaz­ing tech­niques and ideas, and there’s so much mean­ing behind all of them. It’s all just so breath­tak­ing, and as a stu­dent try­ing my hand at get­ting a BFA and pur­su­ing a liv­ing by being a cre­ative and expres­sive human being, she’s become my hero. She’s gen­er­al­ly a warm and adorable per­son as well — I saw a hand­i­capped per­son buy­ing her prints and she was help­ing him secure his bags onto his wheel­chair. HNNNNNNNNG. Exchanged a few words with her dur­ing my pur­chase, telling her how much I loved her draw­ings — seems very soft-spo­ken, but her art has a very com­mand­ing voice. She’s (hands-down) an amaz­ing and inspi­ra­tional artist. Def­i­nite­ly one of my favorite peo­ple as of the moment.

All I got this year at the Deal­er’s Hall were: Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca Movie The Rebel­lion Sto­ry Offi­cial Guide­book “Only You” and a bunch of THE iDOLM@STER clear files (and a Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca one) at Kinoku­niya’s booth in the Deal­er’s Hall. I regret not pick­ing up that Rebel­lion Blu-Ray (which includ­ed an awe­some wallscroll) and some more “clear­ance” items, but I still had a pret­ty bad hang­over from the night before (hence the hasty/rushed deci­sion), and end­ed up leav­ing the con an hour early. 

The road bumps whilst rid­ing on the Dou­ble­Tree shut­tle did not help me keep my food down. 

Any­ways, there was one strange expe­ri­ence I had dur­ing this Fanime year. Dun­no if it beats 2013’s Yaoi Bin­go, but…


The 18+ swim­suit con­test… what I expect­ed to be a bunch of awk­ward ama­teurs in lewd cloth­ing, which was most­ly a cor­rect assump­tion. And then all of a sud­den, towards the end: cue Mario music, Princess Peach comes onto the stage, takes off her robe, and starts doing some pro­fes­sion­al strip­per shit. I’m usu­al­ly a pet­tanko and ass man, so it was real­ly strange that I was actu­al­ly get­ting excit­ed. Hooooly shi­i­it, those moves. It was actu­al­ly real­ly fun­ny in hind­set, every­one else were a bunch of awk­ward amat­uers as expect­ed, but then that hap­pened.. We all joked about the swim­suit con­test being staged and that the ama­teurs had no chance of win­ning to begin with. A pro­fes­sion­al model/strip dancer is sure­ly a wor­thy invest­ment (she’s not a strip­per, but that’s what we were think­ing when we were watch­ing her move on stage!).

But here’s the thing — lat­er that night, my friends and I split up on our way to the hotel, with one group tak­ing a car and anoth­er group tak­ing a shut­tle to the hotel, which we unfor­tu­nate­ly missed the moment we got there (what real­ly pissed us off was that there were peo­ple tak­ing the shut­tle to get to the Fair­mount — a five minute walk, real­ly guys?!). At that time, the shut­tle was lim­it­ed to one, and thus the wait turned out to be killer. We met a cou­ple of pret­ty friend­ly guys at the shut­tle line, which helped pass the time a bit. 

That’s when Princess Peach came up to one of those guys and puts her arm around him (now, we were just talk­ing about our expe­ri­ence at the swim­suit con­test, so it was a mild­ly amus­ing coin­ci­dence — every­one else tried not to laugh). See, the guy was hold­ing a box of piz­za. At this point, she has her robe opened up, show­ing her frontal regions in all their scant­i­ly clad glo­ry (she had a nice pair of boobs, but her face was that of the “street trash/bar” vari­ety of Viet­namese girl, which per­son­al­ly isn’t my thing), and was pret­ty much solic­it­ing him for a slice of piz­za. Hon­est­ly, we all knew he was­n’t going to get any­thing out of it besides a pat on a back and one large chunk of miss­ing piz­za — if it were me, I would hon­est­ly told her to screw off because 1) damn, what a sleazy move and 2) one slice of Piz­za My Heart piz­za is a real­ly huge slice off of a reg­u­lar piz­za. Not worth just giv­ing it away. But, of course, it depend­ed on how well these guys could han­dle being put in this type of awk­ward situation.

I dun­no, my friend over there bought the piz­za, so…”
“lol dude, she asked you.”

Was­n’t my place to butt in, but I was real­ly hop­ing those guys would have at least polite­ly told her to get food else­where con­sid­er­ing how classy she was about ask­ing for a slice. Fun guys to be around, but damn, no back­bone when put into an awk­ward sit­u­a­tion and the results real­ly show. Girl was an ass, pulled a sleazy move on some unsus­pect­ing nerd and took his food. lol 

Over­all, best Fanime week­end I’ve had so far since attend­ing became a tra­di­tion three years ago. There were way too many Kill la Kill and Shinge­ki no Kyo­jin cos­play­ers, which got very monot­o­nous to see, but there was this real­ly cute Code­name: Sailor V cosplayer… 🙂

9 thoughts on “FanimeCon 2014 Haul & Thoughts

  1. Of course, I need to go to an Ani­me con­ven­tion one of these days, but of course mon­ey is always an issue since the cost of plane tick­ets, hotel rooms cost mon­ey. Prob­a­bly will decide on that once I fin­ish my Grad degree and final­ly get a job as I do want to meet some of the Ani­me Blog­gers some­day. :p

    Talk­ing about The Idol­mas­ter, have you played the video games yet since you now have a PS3? I have played a good deal of 2 back in 2012 (also played a bit of Shiny Fes­ta and SP before I focused more on actu­al Vita games). I final­ly fig­ured out that Bandai Nam­co released anoth­er Idol sim­u­la­tor in the series, Idol­mas­ter One for All just over a week ago and decide to get it this week. Plan­ning to have a duo unit with prob­a­bly Iori as a leader and Takane.

    1. @chikorita157: — I can only imag­ine how expen­sive it is to go to a con­ven­tion from out-of-state. Fanime is only so afford­able to me because it’s local.

      - Yes, I’ve actu­al­ly import­ed and have been play­ing 2 for quite a while now (it’s real­ly addict­ing to say the least). I also down­loaded the im@s chan­nel while I was at it, though I’m not plan­ning on spend­ing the $$ on any of the DLC expan­sions and Gravure 4 U any­time soon no mat­ter how tempt­ing it is. lol

      - Nam­co Bandai are mar­ket­ing genius­es. They’ve already released the first cat­a­logue for One For All. My mon­ey just can’t han­dle Nam­co’s idol sim­u­la­tions (and Tales costumes).

  2. Holy Shit! You’re a local in San Jose?! So am I and I attend Fanime every year! Except when my friends drag me to Ani­me­Ex­po in Los Ange­les. My impres­sion of Fanime was mixed this year, I liked the fact that lines where quick­er this year com­pared to stand­ing in line for 7 hours last year. But I had to stand in line for 4 hours to get into the maid cafe, missed the Lit­tle Kuri­boh pan­el and the Cos­play swim­suit con­test. 🙁 How­ev­er I attend­ed the Touhou pan­el, Home­front panel,figure col­lect­ing pan­el, Yugioh pan­el, both Van­guard Princess pan­els, and the two Q and A ses­sion pan­els from Gainax. I also took a ton of pic­tures of cute cos­play­er girls (except for one rude one).
    As for ani­me I watched K‑On the movie, Bay­o­net­ta, Fate/Zero, Gun­dam Uni­corn, Steins Gate, EVA, Dirty Pair, and Cutey Hon­ey. I bought four Nanoha art­books, a CCS poster, and a Vividred Oper­a­tion poster. I spent most of my time in the Deal­ers Hall and Game room when I was wait­ing for panels.

    All in all I had fun though. It woul­da been cool to meet you! 🙂

    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Well that’s cer­tain­ly a sur­prise! Attend­ing Fanime every year became a tra­di­tion for us, we did try to make an excep­tion for AX last year, but poor­ly planned finances put us into a bad motel and going to Fanime again. lol
      We near­ly thought we were going to the swim­suit con­test because they said they were at capac­i­ty, but for some rea­son start­ed to let peo­ple in when the show start­ed. Huh. Did­n’t go to the Lit­tlewKuri­boh pan­el, but I was trip­ping out when Lit­tleKuri­boh was five feet away from me at the Deal­er’s Hall, daaaaamn.
      Unlike like year, I did­n’t real­ly watch that much anime/dramas at the con besides a few eps of (eng) Nadia (would have loved to have seen The Hero Yoshi­hiko and the Demon King’s Cas­tle but plans changed… I could always watch it at home lol). Your haul is much bet­ter than mine, by the way.
      Yeah, it would have been nice to meet you too. Maybe next year? It’s a shame because we were at the Gam­ing Room quite a few times, though most of it I remem­ber being late at night.

  3. Sounds like a fun time…and that inci­dent with “Princess Peach” is cer­tain­ly a mem­o­ry you’ll have for­ev­er, whether that’s a good or bad thing XD A friend of mine who went to Fanime also said the line to get your badges was sur­pris­ing­ly short. Good to know they improved that.

    Have you ever thought about com­ing to Ani­me Expo? Since you go to Fanime, I’m assum­ing you live in Cal­i­for­nia, so AX would­n’t be too hard to get to. I go to AX every year if I can (just a month left till this year’s) so it would be cool to meet up there sometime =)

    1. @Yume­ka: Strange things hap­pen every year — I’d say it’s a good thing no mat­ter what, it makes every expe­ri­ence unique. xD
      We’d all love to go to AX! We were going to go to AX last year, but our finances took a turn for the worst and kind of affect­ed our last-minute-deci­sion Fanime trip. We’ll def­i­nite­ly go to AX one day, we already have a friend that knows a sweet route over to LA with­out all the smelly cows. And next time, we’ll deifnite­ly know bet­ter to plan it out thor­ough­ly so we would­n’t botch Fanime as back-up.

  4. That swim­suit-piz­za sto­ry made me laugh so hard LOL

    On a side note, oh jeez. If there were a lot of Kill La Kill cos­plays at Fanime, I can only imag­ine what it will be like at AX… The thought makes me shud­der a bit.

    1. @Daeya­mati: Just you wait, AX is gonna be crowed with Ryuuko’s and “Titans”.

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